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Interview with Rudy Sarzo





Interviewed by Brian Rademacher
Date: December 28th, 2005

You were born in Cuba. Do you remember anything about your life there?
Actually I was a fetus first, then I was a baby when I was born Ha-ha. Actually, I remember a lot. I was ten and half when I left. My formative years I lived in Cuba.

How was the culture there at the time?
Not only the culture… the Cubans in Miami have a tendency to say things in Cuba were a such and such way. I was telling my parents that. We are talking about the fifties and sixties everything in the whole world was a different way, not just in Cuba. I think it reflected that era and it was just the way the society was. I was born in 1950, left in 1961, and basically the same things as far as society and culture goes were happening in the US and Cuba, except for the revolution when Castro came in. A lot of Cubans left when Cuba became a communist country. But Cuba is pretty much what Puerto Rico is to US today, almost like an extension of the United States.

At what age did you start playing bass?
I dabbled in guitar but never really heavily played… (I played) more melodies. There were a lot of instrumental bands in those days like The Ventures. Then The Beatles came in, and then more ‘vocal’ groups became popular. Nobody wanted to play bass so I became the bass player.

Did you have teaching class or were you self-taught?
I was self-taught. It took me a couple years for someone to be kind enough to show me how to tune the guitar. (Laughing) I had this record… it was a double record called, “Learn How To Play The Bass With THE VENTURES.” It was like a tutorial, it would play one track and explain the song, and the next track would be the same but with no bass and you would play along with that. So that is the closest thing to getting a bass lesson for me. Back then, don’t forget there were no digital tuners or videos. Nowadays you can go to Guitar Center and load up on instructional videos.

What was the first garage band you were in?
Oh boy, I was in so many. I first started playing with a makeshift bass. It was an acoustic guitar with only four strings. We really didn’t have a name for that band. The very first band I can remember… I was in a band called The Era of Good Feeling, it morphed itself into Sounds Display, and after that, there were a lot more like Mango, Sylvester, and more.

When did you start playing bass cradled in your arms?
I played a lot of clubs in Miami. It was a good way to hold your craft. When you play clubs in Miami you would play 45 minutes on, 15 minutes off – six sets a night. After a while, you basically have to find ways to entertain yourself playing the same songs over and over again. My way was to see how fucked up I can hold the bass and play it. That was a challenge to me (laughing), so I found a way to keep myself awake… because after a while you’re looking out the window and its daylight. Basically, it’s about having fun and having a good time – that’s R n’ R.

Did you ever want to sing lead vocals?
(Laughing) oh yeah, I did for just a short while I was a lead vocalist. I was in a really bad glitter rock band called Cock. We had a porno set and it’s the seventies. It was like porn meets glitter. It was so bad that after we did the tour, I wanted to play bass. So my brother had a band, they were going to play a party, and the singer was not available so I said, you know what… I’ll do it, I’ll sing. It was old Bowie and I did it, and I had a blast. It was cool.

Did you have a dream during the beginning of your career?
No. Anything that has happened in my career is well beyond my dreams.

Did you have family support?
Absolutely, I had incredible family support. But I would say most of the musicians I worked with their families supported them in some way financially or emotionally.

Did you record anything before joining Quiet Riot that was released?
My first actual release was “Speak of the Devil” with Ozzy… even though “Metal Health” and “Speak of the Devil” were released at the same time. I made a point to let Quiet Riot know I was still playing with Ozzy Osbourne. I was not officially a member of the band Quiet Riot. I was asked to come in and play on a couple of tracks. They actually had a couple of bass players. There was not an official bass player. The first day I went in there to record the session Tony Cavazo was in there. We did “Thunderbird,” “Slick Black Cadillac” and three other tracks. So there were two or three songs already in the can when I went in there to do the session. One was “Metal Health” and “Don’t Wanna Let You Go” which were recorded by Chuck Wright.

When you first met Randy Rhoads what was your impression?
I saw him play before I met him. I have a book called “Off The Rails” and the publisher at the time, Cherry Lane, suggested a subtitle “Off The Rails – My Adventures In The Land Of Ozz”. One of the reasons why I chose Cherry Lane was not only because my relationship with John Sticks the publisher but also his relationship with Randy. He was the editor of ‘Guitar World’ and he knew Randy pretty well. I knew the book was going to be a labor of love. But it also happened that Cherry Lane also has the sheet music for the ‘Ozzy / Randy’ catalog. So when Sharon Osbourne found out the book was going to be hitting the street on September 14th, they put a ‘Cease and Desist’ order and applied pressure. After many communications between Cherry Lane’s lawyers and the Osbourne lawyers, it finally came down to Sharon writing me a very nasty letter and putting an ultimatum on Cherry Lane that if the book was published, she (Sharon Osbourne) was going to pull the catalog. So the contract was released… right now I have another deal in the works and it’s still going to come out – Thank God! Also, the Editor in Chief at ‘Guitar World’ contacted me because they are putting together a tribute to Randy. It’s the whole issue and they will be using some excerpts from the book.

What was your feeling about Kevin DuBrow’s attitude?
All I can say is that all the problems I had in the eighties, reared their ugly heads in the nineties. That is why we are not playing together anymore.

Were the bass lines more difficult in Ozzy’s band compared to Quiet Riot?
I grew up playing progressive music so I would say the most technical music I have played would have to be the last tour I played with Yngwie Malmsteen. I would say that because of him being a guitar player it balances the guitar lines on the bass. It was a beautiful challenge.

What was the most memorable experience in playing for Ozzy Osbourne?
Every single moment!

Let’s move onto Whitesnake. What was you impression of that band?
I had a blast. It was a great band with a great bunch of guys. It was a blessing and a privilege to be a part of the whole thing.

They only released one album “Slip of the Tongue”?
With that configuration yeah, we only did “Slip of the Tongue” because we were not in the band. Tommy Aldridge and I were asked to play on that record but we turned it down. For me personally, I knew at the time about the friction between John Sykes and David Coverdale. Whitesnake was the opening act for Quiet Riot in 1984 and I got to experience it first hand. So I was not about to leave a situation, even though I did not regard it as a good situation, just to go into another bad situation. I opted not to join the band at the time. I am not saying this out of any disfavor to either David or John, they are both great people as well as great musicians, but there was something about their personalities in the same band that didn’t work. So when John wasn’t in the band anymore, I felt it could be a good situation to be in.

You played with Yngwie Malmsteen during 2004 on The Attack Tour. How was it working with him?
It was great. I had a blast it was all good.

Moving from band to band… is it more challenging for you?
Moving from band to band is not a decision of choice. To be honest with you, I wished personality-wise everything worked out with Quiet Riot; because once you reach a certain level of success, the chances of making it happen again are very slim. So when you go from a big situation to the unknown, it’s pretty risky. The reason why I left Ozzy: emotionally I didn’t want to be in the same band without Randy. It was very hard to carry on without him when the crash happened. With Quiet Riot, I had to leave the band because of the conflict of personalities we had in the band. With Whitesnake, David broke up the band. He told us that was the last tour the second day we got off tour in 1990. We were pretty much forewarned of the future of Whitesnake. Then I went back with Quiet Riot in 1997 and with Kevin DuBrow not showing up to the gigs after the seventh time, and being sued by promoters and so on, we couldn’t afford to keep the band. It was decided by everybody in the band to say, hey it’s over and carry on. Now with Yngwie, I was asked to do the tour, so I did. In the meantime, I got a call from Ronnie James Dio to come and play on the record. Then again I was on a tour with Yngwie and I was not about to get off the bus and go in the studio with Dio. I have to fulfill my commitments to Yngwie. I have been with Dio now for a year and half and we are getting ready to work on the new record.

You have been a writer, a songwriter, a bassist and did a solo album plus a DVD. What was the most fun?
Anytime you do an instructional video, you want to give as much knowledge as you can. It is basically teaching with no one in the room (laughing). You imagine that imaginary student that is right in front of you – that universal student. You take it from there. It’s a little strange but it is something that once you get the hang of it, you just go and do it. Playing live – nothing beats that. Writing the book is like doing homework, while all the other kids are playing baseball in the yard, and you are in your room doing homework. Basically, that is what writing a book is all about. You make a commitment to start it, you finish it and once it’s done, it’s out of your system. Everyone who has read it has been very pleased with it. It was to make sure that everything that was in the book did justice to Randy’s memory. That was it. It’s a book about Randy (Rhoads) and a book I wish the Osbournes had written, but they didn’t. So someone had to and I took upon myself to do it.

You have just joined Ronnie James Dio for the upcoming tour. What drew you to Dio?
It’s like it never stops. We just got off tour a few weeks ago and we go back out in March. We also did a DVD back in October and it will be release in 2006.

Working with so many musicians, who was the biggest impact musically in your life?
Overall, everyone has some kind of impact. But I would say that overall it has to be Randy Rhoads. Randy had a definite major impact on me. He was so eloquent. He carried himself so well. He was an example not only to the fans, but to everyone he came in contact with, as far as friends and people he worked with. Besides Randy, I would have to say Steve Vai. Steve has a lot of those elements in him. He is a guy who is organized in his life and career. He knows how to prioritize things.

What does the future hold for Rudy Sarzo?
I don’t know (laughing) – I guess just keep doing what I have been doing in the rock ‘n’ roll style. It’s all about playing music and fulfilling your dream. That must have been some dream. But actually, it’s beyond a dream. I am a guy who has been very blessed.

I appreciate the interview Rudy.
Thanks very much Brian!


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JUDAS PRIEST: ‘Essential’ Two-CD Collection To Arrive In April

Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings will release the two-CD set “The Essential Judas Priest” on April 4.

JUDAS PRIEST rocketed out of the tough steel town of Birmingham, England, more than three decades ago, and the 34 songs collected here form nothing less than the very backbone — the pure essence — of heavy metal. This uncompromising style of rock ‘n’ roll has earned a remarkably loyal fan base worldwide and no other band defines heavy metal better than JUDAS PRIEST.

The core of vocalist Rob Halford, lead guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing and bass guitarist Ian Hill worked with several drummers in the earlier years, with longtime current member Scott Travis rounding out the definitive lineup due to his incredible power and versatility. JUDAS PRIEST knows that what matters is the music, and its ability to blend unforgettable melodies with atomic-bomb power has never been equalled.

All the songs on “The Essential Judas Priest” are the complete original studio album versions featuring the Halford/Tipton/Downing/Hill axis — from the 1976 landmark “Sad Wings Of Destiny” through the astonishing 2005 reunion platter “Angel Of Retribution”.

The track listing is as follows:

Disc 1:

01. Judas Rising (“Angel Of Retribution” – 2005)
02. Breaking The Law (“British Steel” – 1980)
03. Hell Bent For Leather (“Hell Bent For Leather” – 1979)
04. Diamonds And Rust (“Sin After Sin” – 1977)
05. Victim Of Changes (“Sad Wings Of Destiny” – 1976)
06. Love Bites (“Defenders Of The Faith” – 1984)
07. Heading Out To The Highway (“Point Of Entry” – 1981)
08. Ram It Down (“Ram It Down” – 1988)
09. Beyond The Realms Of Death (“Stained Class” – 1978)
10. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin” (“Screaming For Vengeance” – 1982)
11. Jawbreaker (“Defenders Of The Faith” – 1984)
12. A Touch Of Evil (“Painkiller” – 1990)
13. Delivering The Goods (“Hell Bent For Leather” – 1979)
14. United (“British Steel” – 1980)
15. Turbo Lover (“Turbo” – 1986)
16. Painkiller (“Painkiller” – 1990)
17. Metal Gods (“British Steel” – 1980)

Disc 2:

01. The Hellion (“Screaming For Vengeance” – 1982)
02. Electric Eye (“Screaming For Vengeance” – 1982)
03. Living After Midnight (“British Steel” – 1980)
04. Freewheel Burning (“Defenders Of The Faith” – 1984)
05. Exciter (“Stained Class” – 1978)
06. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) (“Hell Bent For Leather” – 1979)
07. Blood Red Skies (“Ram It Down” – 1988)
08. Night Crawler (“Painkiller” – 1990)
09. Sinner (“Sin After Sin” – 1977)
10. Hot Rockin’ (“Point Of Entry” – 1981)
11. The Sentinel (“Defenders Of The Faith” – 1984)
12. Before The Dawn (“Hell Bent For Leather” – 1979)
13. Hell Patrol (“Painkiller” – 1990)
14. The Ripper (“Sad Wings Of Destiny” – 1976)
15. Screaming For Vengeance (“Screaming For Vengeance” – 1982)
16. Out In The Cold (“Turbo” – 1986)
17. Revolution (“Angel Of Retribution” – 2005)

“The Essential Judas Priest” liner notes were written by respected veteran rock journalist Geoff Barton.

Sony Music‘s Legacy Recordings divison has issued the best-selling, critically acclaimed “Essential” series of compilations from many of the greatest popular-music recording artists in history.

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LACUNA COIL: Final ‘Karmacode’ Artwork Posted Online –

The final cover art for the much-anticipated new LACUNA COIL album, “Karmacode”, has been posted online at

Asterik Studio (TRAPT, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, THE USED), the Grammy-nominated design firm, handled the package design and layout. Their objective was to create a world that would reflect the album’s theme and title. Andrea Ferro (male vocals) describes the meaning behind the album’s unique title: “When it came to coming up with an album title I wanted to combine one ‘old’ word that is spiritually connected with another that offers a link to our more ‘modern’ times. If there were an actual translation of ‘Karmacode’ it would be something like ‘spiritual DNA and the message behind it.’ The title attempts to balance our modern, overwhelming, self-centered, fast-paced lifestyles and the desire we all have to live a more spiritual, more compassionate and more fulfilling life.”

As previously reported, “Karmacode” is scheduled for release on April 4 via Century Media Records. The highly anticipated follow-up to the group’s acclaimed commercial breakthrough album, “Comalies”, was produced by Waldemar Sorychta and LACUNA COIL in Germany and Italy while the album was both mixed by Ronald Prent (RAMMSTEIN, H.I.M., IRON MAIDEN) and mastered by Darcy Proper (STEELY DAN, PORCUPINE TREE, R.E.M.) at Galaxy Studios in Belgium.

Due on March 6 in the U.K., the “Our Truth” single will be available in three formats. The regular CD will include “Our Truth” and an acoustic version of “Unspoken”. There will also be a digipack version of the single featuring “Our Truth”, “Swamped”, a remix of “Our Truth” and a brand-new non-LP track, “Without a Reason”. The final version will be a double-sided picture disc containing “Our Truth” and “Without a Reason”.

LACUNA COIL will be teaming up with ROB ZOMBIE for a North American tour beginning in March.

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DORO: ‘Warrior Soul’ Track Listing Revealed

German hard rock singer DORO (ex-WARLOCK) has completed work on her new album, “Warrior Soul”, due on March 27 via AFM Records. The CD will be issued in a regular version (featuring 12 songs) and a limited edition, containing two bonus tracks.

“Warrior Soul” track listing:

01. You’re My Family
02. Haunted Heart
03. Strangers Yesterday
04. Thunderspell
05. Warrior Soul
06. Heaven I See
07. Creep Into My Brain
08. Above The Ashes
09. My Majesty
10. In Liebe Und Freundschaft
11. Ungebrochen
12. Shine On
Bonus Tracks:
13. Angel In The Dark
14. 1999

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THE MERCY CLINIC Perform At EMG PICKUPS’ 30th Anniversary Party: Photos Available

THE MERCY CLINIC, the new San Francisco Bay Area-based band featuring former DAMAGEPLAN frontman Patrick Lachman, guitarists Brian Harrah (PROFESSIONAL MURDER MUSIC) and Josh Stinson (DRIST), bassist Steed Najera (TRIPLE SEVEN), and drummer Bevan Davies (DANZIG, COMES WITH THE FALL, JERRY CANTRELL), performed at the EMG Pickups‘ 30th anniversary party at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California on Saturday, January 21. Check out pictures from

As previously reported, THE MERCY CLINIC recently uploaded a brand new demo track, entitled “Masochist”, at this location (MP3).

THE MERCY CLINIC, who are currently unsigned, have demoed over an album’s worth of material, including such cuts as “Numb” (mp3), “Drag Me Under”, “We’re Only Human”, “The Day the Sun Refused to Shine”, “Let It Burn” (mp3 clip) and “Can I Become Me?” (mp3 clip).

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Deb Rao Interviews Black Label Society Part 1: Bass Player John “JD” DeServio

Black Label Society are one of the top bands in music today. BLS spent most of 2005 on the road touring nonstop in support of their lastest album “MAFIA” on Artemis Records. “Mafia” is Black Label Society’s strongest album to date, featuring the hit singles “Suicide Messiah”, “Fire It Up”, and “In This River.”Black Label Society have recently changed their line-up on the Fall Mafia Tour. Bass player John “JD” DeServio re-joined BLS, replacing former bass player James Lomenzo of White Lion fame. JD ,as the BLS fans know him, played bass with BLS in 1999 on their first World Tour. JD has recently added a new spark to the already stellar line-up of musicians in Black Label Society.

John “JD” DeServio bass playing adds a very special energetic groove to the driving rhythm section , which also includes Craig Nunenmacher on drums and helps fuel the heavy, skull-crushing sound that has been Black Label Society’s trademark.

JD, who hails from New Jersey, and now lives in California, is no stranger to the Metal Scene. In the past, the established musician has performed with Ritchie Kotzen, Lita Ford, and Drill. He met Zakk Wylde in a club in Jersey when they were kids. In a recent interview that I conducted with Zakk and I asked him what makes Jersey musicians so great. Zakk replied,” It must be something in the water.”

Welcome To The Society, as BLS bass player John “JD” DeServio, talks about re-joining BLS for the Fall Mafia Tour, his musical influences, future BLS Recording and Touring Plans, and life in one of the greatest bands in music today, Black Label Society.

KNAC.COM: Hi JD, How are you? Happy New Year! In 2006, you re-joined Black Label Society. How does it feel to be back with BLS? You did an excellent job on the Fall Mafia Tour, by the way.

JD: Happy New Year everybody! It’s great to be back in BLS, it’s definitely home. The fall tour was jammin for sure.

KNAC.COM: Now last time you toured with BLS was in 1999 right?

JD: Yeah, I did the first tour. We went to Japan, Europe and the US. It was killin even then!! Now is leaps and bounds further.

KNAC.COM: Now who are some of your bass influences, who inspired you to become a musician?

JD: When I was in 3rd grade a buddy of mine showed me a picture of Kiss. That was it for me! I loved horror movies and music so this was everything.

KNAC.COM: At Ozzfest last summer, Iron Maiden was one of the headliners. Black Label Society also performed on the main stage. Did you get to see any Ozzfest shows last summer?

JD: I didn’t get to see Ozzfest last year. When they were here, I was touring.

KNAC.COM: Are you a big Iron Maiden fan? Is Steve Harris one of your bass influences?

JD: I was a huge Maiden fan growing up. Steve was my first huge influence on the bass . I actually met him when I was 15. He signed a shirt I had made. (I drew the Killers cover on a concert tee) and I thanked him for making me switch to my fingers.

KNAC.COM: You have performed with so many great musicians before you re-joined BLS. You recently performed with Ritchie Kotzen in South America and Spain. How do European audiences differ from American audiences?

JD: European audiences are similar to us. The Asian audiences are way different. They check it out way harder than just going nuts.

KNAC.COM: You actually got to perform with Lita Ford in 1990, opening for Motley Crue on the Dr. Feelgood Tour. It must have been insane.

JD: The whole Lita thing was an experience to say the least. Sharon (Osbourne) was managing her at the time so Zakk got me an audition. I was a kid hangin out with Ozzy and Guns.’N”Roses. It was insane!! Touring with Motley Crue was cool, but they were going thru detox at the time. Arenas rule!!!

KNAC.COM: What was your reaction to the Motley Crue re-union? Have you seen the new tour yet?

JD: I haven’t seen Motley since then.

KNAC.COM: Before you joined BLS, you were actually in a band called Drill. Drill had a very industrial sound, compared to Black Label. Who did you tour with during that period? What ever happened to Drill?

JD: Drill was a great experience as well. I learned a lot about sounds and loops and using electronics. We had a girl lead singer. Her name’s Lucia. She had awesome screams and presence. Totally hot!! We toured with Stabbing Westward and Marilyn Manson as well as other bands.

KNAC.COM: Do you think the record company could have supported the record more?

JD: We spent well over a year making our second record that never came out. A&M went under or some shit and we were done. It definitely could’ve done something if it would have come out at the time.

KNAC.COM: Do you see a trend in old school metal returning?

JD: I think the kids today are starting to go back and check the masters that came before them. There were so many great guitar heroes years ago. I always kid Zakk. He’s the last one left. He wins by default.

KNAC.COM: What bands do you like to listen to today? Are there any that you would like to tour with?

JD: Gorillaz Gorillaz are pretty funky. I like all kinds of music, metal, hip-hop, classic rock, jazz. If it’s good I dig it. I think Velvet Revolver would be a good match for us.

KNAC.COM: In a interview that I conducted with Zakk I asked him why there are so many great Jersey musicians? Zakk replied,”It must be something in the water.” How did you meet him?

JD: We met in a club back in Jersey when we were kids. Music’s always been our common bond. I heard this dude rippin some shit and I was like “damn, this dude’s burning! “We jammed in the basement of the place and been brothers ever since.

KNAC.COM: Zakk recently got inducted into the Hollywood Rockwalk. Are you excited for him?

JD: The Hollywood Rockwalk induction was awesome! So proud of my buddy.

KNAC.COM: Do you have a website that the fans can visit?

JD: My website is coming soon. Hopefully before I die!

KNAC.COM: Do you have a favorite 2005 gig with BLS?

JD: My favorite gig was Nokia theatre in NYC.

KNAC.COM: What has the highlight of your career been so far?

JD: I’ve had a lot of great moments so far. Hopefully the best is yet to come. Playing MSG was amazing.

KNAC.COM: In my opinion, “Mafia” should be album of 2005. How do you compare “Mafia” to past BLS albums? What is your favorite tune off of it?

JD: I like Mafia as well. Suicide Messiah.

KNAC.COM: Will Black Label Society release a new album this year?

JD: Right now we’re in the studio recording the next record.

KNAC.COM: BLS had such an active touring schedule last year. Are there any future BLS touring plans in the works? Will Black Label Society perform at Ozzfest again this summer?

JD: I think we start in May through November. Ozzfest for sure.

KNAC.COM: During the past Fall Mafia Tour, BLS performed a special tribute to the Dimebag Darrell Abbott. A song called “In This River.” Did you know Dime?

JD: Unfortunately I only met Dime once in 93. I talked to him on the phone with Zakk a couple of times. He was one of a kind.

KNAC.COM: How do you feel the music industry has changed since your early days in metal? Is it harder for bands to establish themselves, and develop a following?

JD: The industry sucks nowadays. Years ago it was more about the music. Now it’s such a corporate business.


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Classic Rock Updates

Hey Everyone!! 

Just a quick note!!  We have an AWESOME interview from one of the best hard rock singers to ever take the stage!! 

Mr. Ian Gillan from Deep Purple talks in-depth about the bands new album Rapture of the Deep.  This is an insightful and honest interview with a true rock star! 
Read it here:

Also, CRR has scored an audaince with Queen + Paul Rodgers singer…. Paul Rodgers.  It is a short read but it is a good one!!  It will show up late next week!

Lastly, The Classic Rock Revisited Auction is a HUGE hit.  Autographed Items from Triumph, Sammy Hagar, Paul Rodgers, Foghat, Judas Priest, Jethro Tull and Glenn Hughes all end on SATURDAY so get your bids in NOW!!!  The race is on!
Bid Here:

A big rock n roll THANK YOU to all who have BID.  In the words of OZZY, “WE LOVE YOU ALL”

Keep on rocking and more is coming in Feb!!!

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TYPE O NEGATIVE: ‘Symphony For The Devil’ DVD Trailer Available

A trailer for the upcoming TYPE O NEGATIVE DVD, entitled “Symphony for the Devil (The World of Type O Negative)”, has been posted online at this location. The DVD is due in Europe on March 20 via SPV. The track listing for the disc is as follows:

DVD: Live At The Bizarre Festival, Germany, 1999 (Dolby Digital 5.1/stereo):

01. In The Flesh
02. Cinnamon Girl
03. Waste Of Life intro
04. Too Late: Frozen
05. In Praise Of Bacchus
06. Kill All The White People
07. Cornucopia
08. Wolf Moon (including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
09. Everything Dies
10. My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
11. Are You Afraid?
12. Gravity
13. Black Sabbath intro
14. Christian Women
15. Love You To Death
16. Black #1

CD single:

SANTANA medley, approx. 6:00 minutes, featuring
01. Evil Ways
02. Oye Como Va
03. Black Magic Woman

DVD extras:

* 33 minutes “Behind the Scenes” material
* a previously unreleased interview (interviewer: Fuse TV‘s Juliya), 30 minutes
* gallery, containing 40 (personal) pictures
* commentary track
* bandmembers’ biographies
* four animated menus

Approximate running time: 2:15 hours

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ROB ZOMBIE: ‘Educated Horses’ Track Listing Revealed

ROB ZOMBIE have set the tentative track listing for his new album, entitled “Educated Horses”. The follow-up to 2001’s “The Sinister Urge” was recorded at Los Angeles’ Chop Shop Studios with co-producer Scott Humphrey and will include 11 tracks — including an acoustic number called “Death of It All”, “Seventeen Year Locusts” and the album’s first single, “Foxy, Foxy”. A March 28 release via Geffen Records is expected.

“Educated Horses” track listing:

01. Sawdust in the Blood
02. American Witch
03. Foxy, Foxy
04. Seventeen Year Locust
05. The Scorpion Sleeps
06. 100 Ways
07. Let It All Bleed Out
08. Death of it All
09. Ride
10. The Devil’s Rejects
11. Lords of Salem

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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s SIXX Steps Up Fundraising Efforts With ‘Running Wild In The Night’ –

Just two days after receiving a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame with his band, MÖTLEY CRÜE, Nikki Sixx announced “Running Wild in the Night”, a fundraising initiative through Covenant House to help at-risk youth on the streets of California and around the world. “Running Wild in the Night” will be a creative arts program, with an emphasis on music, to enable Covenant House to help homeless and displaced young people discover and nurture their talents. Sixx has already raised close to $40,000 by selling personal items, autographed merchandise and memorabilia through his website

“Having experienced life as a runaway myself, I wanted to do something to help kids put in this position through no fault of their own,” said Nikki, who admitted that music was perhaps the single most important factor in saving him from that situation. “I want to raise awareness and funds to create a creative arts program, with an emphasis on music, to enable Covenant House to help young people discover and nurture their talents like I did through rock & roll.”

George Lozano, Executive Director of Covenant House California said, “Having someone like Nikki associated with Covenant House is great — he’s passionate about what he does, he’s passionate about the cause, he can relate to the youth in our program and they can relate to him. He’s a great role model for these kids.”

Sixx will continue his efforts for “Running Wild in the Night” by auctioning off a custom, personalized Harley Davidson motorcycle online and teaming up with outside manufacturers to donate musical instruments, musical software and computer equipment to Covenant House creative arts programs designed to promote healing and growth for homeless and displaced young people. He is also planning to donate a percentage of the proceeds from a recent lawsuit victory with Vans Corporation and a portion of proceeds from his forthcoming book, “Heroin Diaries”, which chronicles his drug addiction. Sixx adds, “A lot of kids on the streets are addicted to drugs, I know what it’s like, and I know they can help themselves by finding a Covenant House in their area.”

Covenant House provides services to homeless and runaway youth in 21 cities, 15 in the U.S. Last year it provided services to nearly 78,000 youth. Since 1972, the agency has been supported almost entirely (85%) by private contributions. Thousands of young people have survived the trauma of street life and have turned their lives around through Covenant House California‘s continuum of care. Programs in Hollywood and Oakland include crisis intervention and access to shelter, job and life skills training, drug treatment and other services to help youth leave the street, find work and become independent adults. Youth in need anywhere in the U.S. are encouraged to call Covenant House‘s toll-free NINELINE at 800-999-9999 for immediate assistance and referrals. For more information, including how to become a donor or volunteer, contact Covenant House California at 866.COV.DOVE, or visit Donations are welcome at or at

Rock’s most notorious bad boys, MÖTLEY CRÜE have sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, documented their quintessentially decadent lifestyle in their best-selling 2001 autobiography and soon-to-be feature film, “The Dirt”, and had one of the top-grossing tours of 2005, with all four original members reuniting to play before an estimated one million people in the U.S. Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx first joined forces in 1981, their albums generating such iconic singles as “Smokin’ in the Boys Room”, “Girls Girls Girls”, “Dr. Feelgood” and “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”. As one of the most indulgent bands in history, their reckless lifestyle eventually took its toll, and they disbanded in 1999. With their reunion six years later, MÖTLEY CRÜE released the double-platinum “Red, White & Crüe” and spent most of the year on the road for their “Carnival of Sins” tour, whose next leg extends into 2006.

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