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The surviving members of ALICE IN CHAINS have tapped COMES WITH THE FALL vocalist/guitarist — and member of AIC guitarist Jerry Cantrell's touring band — William DuVall to sing lead vocals for the group on their upcoming European tour.

ALICE IN CHAINS recently reunited and have announced that they'll play some U.S. club dates and European festivals this spring and summer. Beyond that, however, the group does not have any set plans. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell told Launch that operating this way is nothing new for ALICE IN CHAINS. "We're gonna take it like we always did, and we've always kind of made it up as we've gone along," he said. "You know, if you were looking at how to really capitalize on this experience and really make dough and make it a profitable thing, a band might, you know, would come out with a singer, have a record ready and all that. But that's not where we're coming from with this thing. We're coming from the place of 'It feels good, and we're having a good time, so we'd like people to be a part of that.'"

Cantrell, bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney performed with DuVall and ex-PANTERA frontman Philip Anselmo on March 10 at a taping of the VH1 Classic series "Decades Rock Live!" Anselmo sang two songs with the group, while DuVall performed another two and dueted with HEART vocalist Ann Wilson on "Rooster".

This was only the second live show for ALICE IN CHAINS since 1996. The band members played at a tsunami relief benefit in February of 2005.

ALICE IN CHAINS vocalist Layne Staley died in April of 2002.

For a list of upcoming ALICE IN CHAINS tour dates, visit

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AEROSMITH Frontman On The Mend After Undergoing Laser Surgery

According to the Boston Herald, AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler recovering after undergoing laser surgery on his throat.

A "die-hard" member of the AEROSMITH fan club Aeroforce One by the name of Marge reportedly tracked down Tyler while he was trying on outfits at Riccardi on Newbury Street in Boston the other day and reports he's still whispering but managed somehow to out-talk her!

"He explained to me that he burst a blood vessel in his throat and had to have laser surgery to repair it," blogged the superfan. "He was wearing a groovy red scarf around his neck and I think I saw a scar when he was re-tying it."

AEROSMITH cancelled the remaining dates of their North American tour to allow Tyler — who recently turned 58 — time to heal his voice.

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GODSMACK Drummer Talks About ANOTHER ANIMAL Side Project –

Morley Seaver of antiMUSIC recently conducted an interview with GODSMACK drummer Shannon Larkin. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

antiMUSIC: The band has had great success with every release you've done. Is it difficult to think about if the record will live up to the lofty expectations of your audience while recording? Every band says, "No, we don't think about that. We just go in and write in." But somewhere in the back of your head, are you thinking, "Does this measure up?" or were you confident from the get-go?

Shannon Larkin: "It's one of those things. Everybody's different. Sully [Erna, frontman] doesn't ever seem to worry about it. He knows what's good and he's confident. He looks at the whole sign of the times and everything, I guess, but I always have that doubt behind my back, creeping up on me saying, 'Dude. If it doesn't sell, what are you going to do?' I'll have to get a job. And I don't want to have to go back to teaching drums for a living. But I'm 39 and I've been in this business for well over 25 years now. I just playing pretty young and haven't done anything else in my life. So I think I know what's good at least in my ears. And I'm not in a closet somewhere. I definitely keep up with what's new and fresh. Even if I'm old and I don't understand why kids like GOOD CHARLOTTE, I still know that they exist and they must be doing something right. Sometimes I think about it too much. And when it happens….you just have to believe in yourself and your band, you know. Because no matter how many millions of records you sell, it can all end tomorrow. I mean, I was in UGLY KID JOE and we got dropped. The band had a giant hit and then basically two flops and the label just said, 'See ya.' UGLY KID JOE made millions for Mercury/Polygram Records. We sold five million copies. And then the next records didn't sell and the label dropped us. And I lived through that. And that's a major label. And my first band was WRATHCHILD back in 1989, signed to Atlantic. We made two records and got dropped. Then we went to an independent label, changed our names and basically sold no records on this indie label and got dropped. That's probably why I have that insecurity that makes me think, 'Oh shit, I hope it sells.' And that's why Sully doesn't worry so much. Because he basically started the band and it's been a successful trip. But he actually know what it's like too because he was in a band that he played drums for that got signed and then dropped. So he had a little taste of it too. Tony [Rombola, guitar] and Robbie [Merrill, bass] are the ones…they're the golden boys. They got signed and never looked back and never failed. And come to think of it. Tony is the one who never worries or tips out about whether our record will sell or not. He's very confident and not egotistical or cocky, but just confident that as long as it's good at the end of the day, which we all believe our new record is, he's confident it will sell. He says, 'You know, we have a fan base. And even if only half of them buy it, we'll be OK at the label.' Because realistically if we went gold or something, the label would be very bummed out but they wouldn't drop us. But if we stiffed and sold 200,000 copies, you'd see how fast they'd turn on us."

antiMUSIC: It's been rumored that the band minus Sully has formed a side project. What can you tell us about that?

Shannon Larkin: "Yeah, it's called ANOTHER ANIMAL. And it has Whit Crane from UGLY KID JOE on vocals. My old buddy. I brought him back out. And he sounds better than ever. He sounds better than ever. Top shape. Top form. He's f*ckin' amazing, let me tell you. But I'm excited about the project. In fact, after this interview, I'm meeting with the head of the art department at Universal. She actually has a man by the name of Storm Thorgerson doing our record cover. He started a company by the name of Hipnosis, which was the company that did 'Dark Side of the Moon' and 'Wish You Were Here'. And to me, 'Dark Side' is the most iconic, but man, 'Wish You Were Here' is my favourite album cover of all time. So yeah, Lee Richards is the guitar player. Lee Richards was GODSMACK's first guitar player before Tony. He went on to leave the band because he had a kid. And that was before the band was signed. He went on to play in a band called DROPBOX. So he and Tony play guitar and Robbie is the bass player. I'm the drummer. And Whit is the singer. And we've already recorded the record in Boston. We have 12 songs, 11 of which will be on the record, and we'll keep the bonus track for Japan, Australia, that kind of thing. And the record will be mixed by Dave Fortman who is just finishing up the new EVANESCENCE record that he produced and mixed. He also did the first EVANESCENCE, the 15-million seller. He also did the new MUDVAYNE. And he also worked with SUPERJOINT RITUAL. So he's an ace and we're very proud…and ironically dude since you're a fan, he was the guitar player for UGLY KID JOE, back in the day. I thought that was so cool. It's a small world. And now he's a hot-shot A-plus producer. And he was my guitar player for five years. He's helping us out here to give us a killer mix. We have a definite advantage. Three of the guys are from GODSMACK. A major producer who is also a great friend. And a KILLER singer who has proven that his voice sounds great on the radio. And America loved it. We have a big head start. We're very, very excited. ANOTHER ANIMAL will come out near the end of summer."

Read the entire interview at this location.

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OZZFEST 2006: New Kick-Off Date Announced

The Ozzfest 2006 organizers have announced a new kick-off date for this year's festival tour: June 29 at the White River Ampitheater in Auburn, Washington — two days earlier than the previous start date of July 1 in San Francisco, California.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the June 29 Ozzfest opening-night lineup will include a performance by OZZY OSBOURNE, who will appear at a total of 10 shows on the entire tour. Tickets for the Auburn date go on sale on April 8.

The Ozzfest schedule is now shaping up as follows:

Jun. 29 – Auburn, WA @ White River Ampitheater
Jul. 01 – San Francisco, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheater
Jul. 02 – Sacramento, CA @ Sleep Train Amphitheater
Jul. 07 – Phoenix, AZ @ Cricket Pavilion
Jul. 08 – San Bernardino, CA @ Hyundai Pavilion
Jul. 11 – San Antonio, TX @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Jul. 14 – Kansas City, KS @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Jul. 15 – St. Louis, MO @ UMB Bank Pavilion
Jul. 16 – Chicago, IL @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Jul. 18 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Post Gazette Pavilion
Jul. 19 – Detroit, MI @ DTE Music Energy Theatre
Jul. 21 – Columbus, OH @ Germain Amphitheater
Jul. 22 – East Troy, WI @ Alpine Valley Music Theatre
Jul. 23 – Indianapolis, IN @ Verizon Wireless Music Center
Jul. 26 – Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavilion
Jul. 27 – Buffalo, NY @ Darrien Lake Performing Arts Center
Jul. 29 – New York, NY @ Randall's Island
Jul. 30 – Hartford, CT @ New England Dodge Music Center
Aug. 01 – Boston, MA @ Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts
Aug. 04 – Camden, NJ @ Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
Aug. 05 – Virginia Beach, VA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Aug. 06 – Bristow, VA @ Nissan Pavilion
Aug. 09 – Raleigh, NC @ Alltel Pavilion
Aug. 13 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Sound Advice Amphitheatre

Ozzfest 2006 lineup:

Main Stage:

OZZY OSBOURNE (10 dates only)


**Major main-stage band (rumored to be AVENGED SEVENFOLD) to be announced on May 23

Second Stage (non-rotating):


Second Stage (rotating):



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Launching his own record label and releasing an album's worth of material that had been in the can going on three years was imperative for former Pantera/ Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul.

Big Vin Records and the upcoming self-titled debut from

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"It's been a long road for me to get to this point where I feel I can move on in my life. And that's what I'm doing, man." — Vinnie Paul

Rebel Meets Rebel restored meaning to his life. The album is a dozen tracks of countrified metal featuring controversial country singer David Allan Coe and the guitar prowess of Paul's late brother, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

It has eased some of the pain Paul's been grappling with since his brother's onstage slaying at an Ohio nightclub in December 2004 (see "Dimebag Darrell, Four Others Killed In Ohio Concert Shooting").

"It's something that me and Dime really wanted to do a long time ago, but we were so busy with everything, we never could," Paul explained. "When Atlantic [Damageplan's label] passed on the Rebel Meets Rebel record because they didn't know what to do with it, I was like, 'I'm not gonna go shop this. This just fell right in my lap, and it's time for me to start this record label that I've been thinking about and, you know, put it all together.'

"It is a lot of work, trust me," he continued. "Getting on a tour bus and riding around the United States and playing for an hour and a half a night is a lot easier than this stuff. But it's fun to be able to learn both sides of the business."

There was also Dimebag's legacy to consider. His work on Rebel Meets Rebel isn't merely a footnote — it's yet another chapter in the life of one of the guitar's greatest advocates, Paul said.

"His guitar playing on this record is incredible," Paul said. "The cool thing about this record is, a lot of times when you're making metal, everything operates kind of like a machine. It's like chung, chung, chung — it's just power. And with this kind of record, it has a Rolling Stones vibe. Everybody can kind of cut loose, play what they want, and all the people really interact instead of it all kind of being one big gigantic tank moving in one direction.

"So [there was] a lot of freedom involved in making this record," Paul said. "And it gave me something to look forward to and to live for because I've never done anything without Dime. … It's been a long road for me to get to this point where I feel I can move on in my life. And that's what I'm doing, man."

Rebel Meets Rebel, which also includes Paul behind the kit and erstwhile Pantera member Rex Brown on bass, will hit stores May 2, as will "Dimevision, Volume 1," a DVD culled from footage Dimebag had shot with a camcorder over several years on the road and at home. Paul said there will be other "Dimevision" releases down the road — it's just a matter of sifting through the tapes and organizing the material.

"It's in the total spirit of the Pantera videos," Paul said. "I mean, he's the dude that pretty much — in my opinion, a lot of people's opinions — created 'Jackass.' He never got any credit for it, but it's him, his stellar guitar playing and just being the clown that he is."

Rebel Meets Rebel and "Dimevision, Volume 1" are only the beginning for Big Vin Records. Paul said he has about 5,000 demo tapes to listen to. "I haven't really heard what I'm looking for yet," he said. "I want something that's out there. I want something that's different."

For now, though, he's focused on Rebel Meets Rebel, the closest fans are going to get to another Pantera record.

"This record, when you put it on, there's a lot of fun there. And with Rex, it has our trademark [Pantera] sound. When the three of us get together and play, there's no other band that sounds that way. It's just us performing with a different singer, especially not only a different singer but a different genre totally," he said. "It's out there, but it's cool. I don't think hard-core country fans are going to like it. I don't think hard-core metal fans are going to like it. But I think anybody that listens to a wide variety of music will totally dig it. … I think all of our Southern roots really came together on it."

Even without Dime around to play guitar, Paul said there's a chance Rebel Meets Rebel could tour — so long as he can tap someone gifted enough to tackle the riffs. "I have a couple of people in mind that were really close to Dime and would be perfect for it," he said. "But we're just going to put out the record first and see how that goes. And then if the fan response was really, really good, I think it'd be fun to go play those songs live because they'd be killer songs live."

At the time of Dimebag's death, Paul said Damageplan had finished recording the band's sophomore disc — it sits in his house, mixed, but still needs vocals. The drummer said he has no intention of letting the songs collect dust. He's just not sure what to do with the tracks next.

"What we recorded was really, really kick-ass," Paul said. "With every band, their first record is kind of them getting settled, and their second record becomes the one that really blows up. Me and Dime just recorded all those songs ourselves. He played bass on them and guitar, and I played drums. We produced them together. They're really kick-ass. I really haven't decided what I want to do with them. I've thought about having a bunch of Dime's favorite singers sing on all the songs, which would be really cool. Or have Pat Lachman sing on them and have them be the [second] Damageplan record."

Paul said he's also looking forward to "Six-String Masterpiece: The Dimebag Darrell Art Tribute," which is being sponsored by Dean Guitars, "the kind of guitar my brother made famous."

More than 50 musicians and artists — including Marilyn Manson, Derek Hess, the Deftones, Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, Dave Grohl, Slayer's Kerry King, Moby, James Hetfield of Metallica, Billy Corgan, Audioslave's Tom Morello, Zakk Wylde, Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, Ted Nugent, Sum 41, and various members of Korn and Slipknot — were presented with a Dean Guitar and asked to paint it. The finished guitars will go on tour as a mobile exhibit, and next year they'll be auctioned off, with the proceeds earmarked for charity. One of the guitars even features the artwork of Kelly Clarkson.

"A lot of people went, 'How does she fit into this picture?' " Paul said. "True story: She used to wait on me and Dime at a comedy club in Fort Worth, Texas, back in the day before she made it on 'American Idol' and all that. So we didn't really know her, but we had met each other, and it was really cool that she did a tribute."

For more on the life of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, check out the feature "Remembering Dimebag."

— Chris Harris

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METALLICA Lend Voices To Another Cartoon Series

According to a posting at, METALLICA members James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have lent their voices to another cartoon series, titled "Death Clock Metalocalypse".

Brendon Small, known for the series "Home Movies", co-created "Death Clock Metalocalypse" about a Norwegian heavy metal band called DEATHKLOK. Although they rock to the top of the charts with gusto, they are also incredibly stupid and leave a path of destruction and mayhem behind wherever they tour. The new series will premiere in August on the Cartoon Network.

METALLICA have previously lent their voices to animated shows including "The Simpsons" and "Dave the Barbarian".

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GODSMACK Singer Had Rough Time While Recording New Album –

Launch Radio Networks reports: With new single "Speak" at or near the top of the rock radio charts, GODSMACK is off to a good start in 2006. But last year was a different story entirely for lead singer Sully Erna, who told Launch he had a rough time during the making of the group's fourth album. "I was in a very dark place in 2005," he said. "I was going through a lawsuit with my house that lingered for two years and, you know, me and my girlfriend were having problems, I came clean with her and told her about the cheating and the lying and the blah-blah-blah. That really put a lot of wear and tear on my life, because that was, you know, a lot for her to swallow. And the band in the meantime is writing their ass off and, you know, I'm sitting there with this dark cloud around me trying to get through the year."

GODSMACK releases its new album, titled "IV" (Four), on April 25.

The new GODSMACK effort follows up the band's 2003 disc, "Faceless", and 2004's acoustic EP, "The Other Side".

The group has yet to announce 2006 tour plans, although they will reportedly hit the road in late summer or early fall.

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BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Founder Selling One-Of-A-Kind Guitars

Eric Bloom, a founding member of BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, has announced the opening of, through which he is offering one-of-a-kind guitars, each interpreting a different BÖC song.

What makes these guitars unique is Eric's vision of "playable art." Working with master airbrush artist Phillipe Renaudin, Eric has created six one-of-a-kind guitars in Art Series 1 that look as good as they play. He will hand-deliver each guitar to the buyer at a BLUE ÖYSTER CULT concert of their choice, playing the guitar at that performance and pose for photos, autographing the guitar and handing it over to the new owner after the show.

Art Series 1 of 6 guitars will be followed by Art Series 2 in late 2006. Supremely collectible, these guitar can be played or displayed as one-of-a-kind original artwork.

Bloom is the original lead vocalist, guitarist and frontman of the legendary BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, who have sold over 14 million albums/CDs far, with several releases having earned gold and platinum status. Having played over 4,000 concerts in more than 35 years of touring worldwide, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT are still performing over 70 times a year.

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ACCEPT: ‘Metal Blast From The Past’ DVDplus To Include Demo Recordings

MVD and Drakkar Entertainment have announced the home viewing release of ACCEPT's "Metal Blast From The Past" for U.S. distribution on DVD.

Due on June 6, this DVDplus (double sided disc: DVD and Audio CD) captures the spirit of ACCEPT's early career with previously unreleased numbers, the Japan bonus track "Rich And Famous", and demo versions of five "Breaker" cuts. It also contains a video recording from Osaka, a visual document of the group's first Japanese tour, which proves impressively how enthusiastically the guys from Solingen were celebrated in the Land of the Rising Sun. Until now, this performance was only available on a double live LP, entitled "Staying a Life". There is also footage from their 1993 show in Sofia, broadcast by Bulgarian television at the time and documenting the comeback of a band which had split up a few years previously. For all those who want more, there are various interviews, a complete discography, a photo gallery and complete lyrics.

Live video Osaka 1985 includes:

01. Metal Heart
02. Breaker
03. Screaming for a Love-Bite
04. Up the Limit
05. Living for Tonite
06. Princess of the Dawn
07. Restless and Wild
08. Son of a Bitch
09. London Leatherboys
10. Fast as a Shark
11. Balls to the Wall
12. Outro (Bound to Fail)


01. I'm a Rebel
02. Balls to the Wall
03. Midnight Mover
04. Generation Clash
05. Protectors of Terror
06. Slaves to Metal
07. Death Row

"Special Event Tour '93" broadcast by Bulgarian TV includes:

01. Starlight
02. Slaves to Metal
03. Objection Overruled

Bonuses Include:

* "Behind the scenes" feature with video shots of sound checks, interviews, the life on tour, etc.

* "Audio Selection" feature with a minimum of two songs samples of every album ever released

CD includes previously unreleased audio tracks:

01. Rich and Famous (bonus track of the album "Objection Overruled")
02. Rocking for the Sun (recorded for the album "I'm a Rebel" but never released)
03. Morning Sun (recorded for the album "I'm a Rebel" but never released)
04. Run If You Can (8-track demo version for the album "Breaker")
05. Down and Out (8-track demo version for the album "Breaker")
06. Can't Stand the Night (8-track demo version for the album "Breaker")
07. Breaker (8-track demo version for the album "Breaker")
08. Burning (8-track demo version for the album "Breaker")
09. Writing on the Wall (acoustic version for the album "Death Row")

Check out the cover art at this location.

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Hail Metalheads!  Check out the latest from

Thank You for being such KICK ASS fans!  We were hit over 300,000 times in March!  We couldn't have done it without you!

In this issue…a review of the breathtaking DTO, the much-anticipated debut from the Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-Judas Priest)-led Beyond Fear…a review of the brilliant 21st Century Killing Machine, the full-length debut  from the awkwardly-titled (yet totally killer!) One Man Army And The Undead Quartet…a review of the highly-anticipated Seven Days Live DVD, the latest compilation from legendary Glam Metal titans Poison…a review the brilliant Modes Of Alienation, the mind-blowing debut from the acclaimed Joshua Craig/David Ellefson/Craig Nielsen-fueled The Alien Blakk…and a review of the impossibly infectious Just Like You, the major label debut from the acclaimed Loser, featuring Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie shredder John 5!

Be sure to check out legendary Shock Rockers Impaler as they invade a venue near you!


Fri. March 24 – STATION 4 – St. Paul, MN  Sat. March 25 – HAIRY MARY'S – Des Moines, IA  Sun. March 26 – CLUB ROXBURY – Omaha, NE
Tue. March 28 – DAVEY'S UPTOWN – Kansas City, MO  Wed. March 29 – ILLIF PARK SALOON – Aurora, CO  Thu. March 30 – BURT'S TIKI LOUNGE – Salt Lake City, UT  Fri. March 31 – THE COOLER LOUNGE – Las Vegas, NV  Sat. April 1 – ZEN SUSHI – Los Angeles, CA
Tue. April 4 – ON THE Y – Sacramento, CA  Wed. April 5 – ELBO ROOM – San Francisco, CA  Fri. April 7 – SABALA'S – Portland, OR

Visit for complete details

Plus…coming soon…reviews of the latest from…Bludgeon…Cannibal Corpse…Dog Fashion Disco…Faster Pussycat…Hirax…Judas Priest…Krokus…Manowar…Number One Common…Queensryche…Sevendust…Staind…Three Days Grace…Type O Negative…Wicked Wisdom…plus, much, much more!
Tired of not seeing your favorite band here?!  Tell us ALL about it…we'd LOVE to hear from you!

Stay Tuned!  Winter is almost over and the METAL is just starting to heat up!
Todd Newton
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Suite 3
Superior, WI  54880

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