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GODSMACK Singer Had Rough Time While Recording New Album –

Launch Radio Networks reports: With new single "Speak" at or near the top of the rock radio charts, GODSMACK is off to a good start in 2006. But last year was a different story entirely for lead singer Sully Erna, who told Launch he had a rough time during the making of the group's fourth album. "I was in a very dark place in 2005," he said. "I was going through a lawsuit with my house that lingered for two years and, you know, me and my girlfriend were having problems, I came clean with her and told her about the cheating and the lying and the blah-blah-blah. That really put a lot of wear and tear on my life, because that was, you know, a lot for her to swallow. And the band in the meantime is writing their ass off and, you know, I'm sitting there with this dark cloud around me trying to get through the year."

GODSMACK releases its new album, titled "IV" (Four), on April 25.

The new GODSMACK effort follows up the band's 2003 disc, "Faceless", and 2004's acoustic EP, "The Other Side".

The group has yet to announce 2006 tour plans, although they will reportedly hit the road in late summer or early fall.


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