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ROB ZOMBIE Slams Internet ‘Haters’

J. Bennett of Decibel magazine (web site) recently conducted an interview with Rob Zombie. An excerpt from the chat follows:

Decibel: Have you ever gone onto a message board to see what people are saying about you?

Rob Zombie: "I have a couple of times, but that's bad news. I'm just baffled by how things function these days – not because I don't understand it, but because when I was a kid, everything was about why you liked something. You were obsessed with it, and you couldn't wait to get more. Now there's like this subculture of haters – people who wanna complain about everything and tell you why it's wrong. It's just such a bummer. And it seems like the more someone's a fan of something, the more they act like that. I don't get it. If you don't like something, why would you ever waste two seconds talking about it?"

Decibel: A lot of it has to do with the fact that people have total anonymity online.

Rob Zombie: "Right – that's the whole thing. You can be totally spineless. It always cracks me up when you see someone complaining on a message board all the time, and you get a mental picture of that person. And then they post a picture of themselves and you're like, 'This is the guy telling everybody how it should be done?'"

Decibel: And of course they live at home with their mom.

Rob Zombie: "Literally. All the Internet stuff is the same silly discussions kids have been having for years, but the only difference is that now it's posted for the whole world to see. When I think back to the dopey conversations I had with my friends when I was 14, I thank god no one could read them on the Internet. What the fuck did we know about anything? [Laughs] It's like, if mom's still calling you for dinner, please don't comment on anything."

Decibel's entire interview with Rob Zombie can be found in the magazine's May 2006 issue.


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