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-Bam! Just like that we have a ton of reviews again this issue. Who
knew? :) – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-O.S.I. Releases FREE

Inside Out / SPV / Fusion 3=> New Release

Artist: O.S.I.
Title: FREE
Street Date: April 25th 2006

01. Sure You Will (3:46)
02. Free (3:20)
03. Go (4:16)
04. All Gone Now (5:13)
05. Home Was Good (5:03)
06. Bigger Wave (4:30)
07. Kicking (3:52)
08. Better (4:06)
09. Simple Life (4:00)
10. Once (6:34)
11. Our Town (3:20)

Bonus CD for Special Edition:
01. OSIdea 9 (3:33)
02. Set It On Fire (3:42)
03. Communicant (3:47)
04. When You’re Ready (demo) (3:09)
05. Remain Calm (4:08)
06. Old War (1:06)

Jim Matheos (guitar, keyboards, programming)
Mike Portnoy (drums)
Kevin Moore (vocals, keyboards, programming)

If there’s a sling or an arrow that could be directed against
progressive metal — or worse, a prog metal super group — it’s that
the work often turns out to sound like a loose-bolted, duct-taped
monster resembling the sum of disparate parts. This is not the case
with O.S.I.

O.S.I. or Office Of Strategic Influence released their first, self-
titled CD in February of 2003 — to this day it remains one of Inside
Out Music’s best selling titles. As with the first release, FREE
features the incredible musical talents of Jim Matheos (Fates Warning)
on guitar, Kevin Moore (ex–Dream Theater, Chroma Key) on vocals and
keyboards, and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) on drums. Present once
again is the now patented O.S.I. sound. However, FREE takes on a
slightly more matured and evolved style. You’ll still hear plenty of
crunch and drive from Matheos and Portnoy, but Moore’s often
melancholy vocal styling is somehow a bit more hardened and world-
weary. The recording also experiments with new sounds and an even more
unique use of the sonic space. Their complex blend of comfort riffs,
complex arrangements, and experimentation will be ambrosia to the
Dream Theater / Fates Warning fan base, but will also appeal to fans
of bands from Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd to Radiohead and Wire.

With the release of the second O.S.I. album FREE, Matheos and Moore
once again prove that they are amongst the most exceptional
songwriters of their field. Guest musicians on the album include
bassist Joey Vera (Fates Warning) and Portnoy.

People often describe music in terms of sonic imagery, audio visual
landscapes and atmospheric soundscapes. However it is rare to find
these terms as distinctively evident as they are on FREE, the new
album by the all star project O.S.I. (Office Of Strategic Influence).
Songwriter and keyboardist Kevin Moore was an original member of
progressive metal giants Dream Theater and since his departure from
the band his name has become synonymous with an ever expanding cosmos
of intriguing sounds and dark atmospheres. Moore’s O.S.I.
collaborator, Jim Matheos is one of the founding members and main
songwriters of Fates Warning, and like Moore he is a sound visionary
with a perspective that goes far beyond the limits of progressive
rock. O.S.I. is a foundation for these two exceptional composers, who
share an affinity for the extraordinary and who are travelling on the
same wavelength. Their second release FREE is augmented by guest
musicians, Vera and Portnoy, making it a line-up to make progressive
metal fans ecstatic.

As with their self-titled debut, the basic arrangements for the new
songs were done by Matheos, who then forwarded his ideas onto Moore
who in turn expanded upon them and allowed them to grow. “More than
with the first album I knew how O.S.I. should sound and how it
shouldn’t sound,” states Matheos. “Originally, our debut was planned
to be a solo album, and finally it ended up as something completely
unexpected. This time I concentrated on a particular result from the
very beginning.” Initially, Matheos worked on the songs in New
Hampshire, while Moore worked between Istanbul and Montreal. In
December 2005 both met with Portnoy in Connecticut to record the
drums. “It’s interesting that this time the differences between
original ideas and the final results are by far not as great as on the
previous album,” says Moore.

In searching for songs on the new album, which define the O.S.I.
sound, the listener instinctively gravitates towards “All Gone Now”
and “Bigger Wave.” These songs distinctly embody the stylistic range
of the entire album, which ranges from heavy to soft and melancholic
and deliberately crosses genre boundaries. “These two pieces in
particular feature the heaviest elements as well as the most
introverted moments, altogether offering a somewhat laid back feel,”
Matheos confirms. He goes on to talk about one of the more unusual
songs on the album, “The making of the song ‘Kicking’ was really very
interesting: Actually the guitar riff for that song was a smaller,
rather unimportant part of a completely different track. But Kevin had
a particular vision for this guitar part and he asked me to play a few
more chords in a similar way. From that he then created a whole new

Another track that could appear to be somewhat out of context with the
rest of the album, which almost didn’t make it, is “Our Town.” Based
around a guitar accompaniment that could really be compared to Pink
Floyd, this track sounds so pure and organic. “This song is almost
completely acoustic and without any programming,” Moore explains. “We
almost hadn’t taken it into consideration for the record because it
sounds so different in comparison to the other tracks. But in regard
to atmosphere it matches well with the rest of the album and rounds
things off nicely with its lyrics.”

A concert tour is all that is needed now to perfectly complement the
release of this highly original album. Fans have already been longing
for live dates since the release of the band’s debut. In closing,
Moore promises: “Though there are no concrete plans for a tour at the
moment we are doing everything to make this a real possibility.”

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***

Multi-Platinum Band Releases Powerful Album Influenced By Pain and
Loss On April 25, 2006

NASHVILLE, TN — Multi-platinum recording artists MercyMe are COMING
UP TO BREATHE on their fifth studio album, the follow-up to the Texas
sextet’s 2003’s gold-certified album UNDONE.

A powerful, 13-song collection, the music and lyrics on COMING UP TO
BREATHE were influenced by the band’s recent trials. MercyMe’s last
tour and album were both saddened when several people close to the
band died only weeks apart. “Recording our last record was intense
because of all the tragedy we were dealing with,” says vocalist/
lyricist Bart Millard. “When you’ve been together for 12 years like we
have, a loss for one of us is a loss for all of us. What made it worse
was that we had to go out on the road for almost two years and relive
that pain every night under the spotlight. It was emotionally

To record COMING UP TO BREATHE the band — Millard, drummer, Robby
Shaffer; guitarists, Mike John Scheuchzer and Barry Graul; bassist,
Nathan Cochran and keyboardist, Jim Bryson — sequestered themselves
at Allaire Studio in upstate New York with producer Brown Bannister. A
reaction to the recent losses, the album celebrates life and the small
joys that are brought into sharp relief by the loss of a loved one.
“The pain you feel makes you realize what important in your life,”
Millard says. “But in the end, the pain was ultimately liberating for
us because it pushed the band to make the record we’ve always wanted
to make.”

COMING UP TO BREATHE rocks harder than any of the band’s previous
albums and captures the spirit of the band’s elaborate stage show,
which includes a spectacular light show and gigantic LED screens.
“I’ve always said that if you only know MercyMe from our albums, you
not getting the whole story,” Millard says. “This album tells the rest
of our story.”

The title of the album’s irresistibly bouncy first single, “So Long
Self,” was inspired by a serendipitous moment at home. “I was watching
television and thought I heard someone say, ‘so long self.’ I thought,
‘what the heck does that mean.’ As I was reaching for the remote to
rewind my TiVo, I was thinking about what ‘so long self’ could
possibly mean and the idea of dying to live just hit me. It’s one of
the few times I’ve had the lyric before the song. Pretty good for a
song that started out with me misunderstanding someone saying ‘so long

With hits on both the Christian charts and mainstream A/C and CHR
charts, MercyMe’s music defies categorization. The band’s 2001 debut,
ALMOST THERE, was certified double platinum thanks to the popularity
of the poignant anthem, “I Can Only Imagine.” Since then, MercyMe has
released a string of gold-certified hits including two studio albums
— SPOKEN FOR (2002) and UNDONE (2003) — and the DVD MERCYME LIVE
(2004). Beyond the record sales, MercyMe has also earned awards from
the Gospel Music Association as well as the American Music Awards.

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Starwood/George Lynch News Update

[Note: This is taken from Marten Andersson’s latest Snake City Music
News e-mail newsletter. – Tim]

It’s been a while since I posted something on here. Sorry about that.
A lot of stuff have been going on and it has been nonstop for me for a
while but I would not have it any other way. After finishing the tour
with George Lynch (thanks guys, I hope you had as much fun as I did)
we did something like 26 shows in 30 days so it was pretty grueling! I
went straight in the studio and finished my bass tracks for the new
Starwood record. I am very proud of the new songs and my playing.
Lizzy is in there belting out his vocal tracks right now and
everything sounds amazing. I can’t wait for it to come out, this will
be a great CD.

We got an official Lizzy Borden Myspace page up and running, if you
care to check it out at .
Speaking of Lizzy Borden… We went to a party Friday night for the
movie “The Decline Of Western Civilization: The Porno Years.” Talk
about full circle but in a weird twisted different dimension type way.
(Thanks to Tom “Mr. Open Bar” Farrell at Hustler for hooking us up).

The George Lynch show in Thailand this Saturday (March 17) has been
called off. I guess I jumped the gun when I told some friends about
it. I will of course post any updates and upcoming shows on the
website, keep checking back or sign up for my mailing list to get news
by email.

Until next time, my best, always!


*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Z Records News

[Note: This is a compilation of a few different e-mails. – Tim]


Von Groove will unfortunately not be appearing on April 2nd due to
Mladen’s commitments for Universal Music. We where advised at 4 a.m.
GMT on Sunday March 12th that Mladen has to be in Halifax, Nova
Scotia, at the Juno Awards on April 2nd due to contractual reasons.

Mike Shotton has tried to find a stand-in guitar player but at this
late point it was felt with so little time to learn the set it would
be near impossible.

Von Groove fans can however rest assured that the band will attempt to
play in the UK during September, this is a promise from Mike who is
extremely disappointed to not be making the trip this time round.

A High profile act has already agreed to play and will be announced
Friday once contracts are completed.


We can confirm that we have secured the services of VAUGHN for April

We must thank Tony Marshall and Danny Vaughn for stepping up to play Z
Rock 06 so late in the day and confirming VAUGHN’s appearance on April

The full lineup now runs as follows…..

ENEMY OF THOUGHT [feat. Norm and Pete formerly of Contagious]


With just 10 days to go until Z Rock 06 we can now post the entire
rundown for the day. There will be a Z stall present and the usual
format that is associated with previous Z Rock shows. The venue will
open its doors at 12 noon with the concert hall opening its doors at
12:30 prompt. Our good friend Stevie E will compare the day’s event.

doors 12:30

mixed music from Z artists

1:35 – 2:20 – ENEMY OF THOUGHT
Featuring Pete and Stormin Norman formerly of Contagious, EOT are a
band to watch during ’06/’07 — not to be missed.

PA preview: Mitch Perry Project
signing session: Dante Fox

2:45 – 3:35 – CRIMES OF PASSION
Great UK act formed from the ashes of Deadline and Tikaboo Peak.

PA preview: Winterstrain
Signing session: Demon

4:00 – 5:00 – DANTE FOX
Currently recording their third studio release Dante Fox are well
known for their brand of AOR — make sure you check them out.

PA preview: Snakeryder
Signing session: Crimes Of Passion

5.25 – 6:25 – WINTERSTRAIN
Hailing from the northern Norway, Winterstrain have already received
critical acclaim worldwide for their own brand of prog hard rock,
guaranteed to blow you away.

PA preview: Von Groove
Signing session: Winterstrain

6:50 – 7:50 – DEMON
Demon have been around for some 25 years and are experts in
showmanship, a rare UK appearance not to be missed.

PA preview: Andersson Mills Project
Signing session: Tony Mills / Shy

8:15 – 9:40 – VAUGHN
Vaughn now hold the record for the amount of appearances at Z Rock.
This their third outing will be one to savour.

PA preview: Steelwind
Signing session: Vaughn

10:05 – ??? – SHY
A full-length set of 1 hr. 30 plus, need we say more — just what the
doctor ordered.

Venue closes 0.30 a.m.

Tickets are still available but people are advised to try and book in
advance to avoid disappointment….

The venue is The Limelight Club, Crewe, England on April 2nd 2006.
Doors open 12:30 and advance tickets are £22.50 or £25.00 on the day
if any are remaining.

Loud 1 01782 522378
Destiny 01489 603549
Limelight 01270 251929

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Ion Vein Update March 2006


Ion Vein main man, Chris Lotesto, issued the following statement, “We
have officially parted ways with the UK’s Now And Then Records who
have apparently gone under. What could have been a very promising
relationship ending up being nothing more than a complete joke! We
still have no idea what happened with our last album, REIGNING
MEMORIES, as the label would never divulge ANY information to us and
then dropped off the face of the earth. I guess they are out of the
business from what second hand information I can gather but the last
thing we expected was for them to turn out to be yet another useless
piece of music business shit. Oh well.”

The band has begun recording their third album at Rax Trax Studios in
Chicago, with producer, Neil Kernon, once again manning the helm.
Lotesto added, “We are very happy to be working with Neil again,
things are absolutely crushing so far! We have finally come into our
own with a much heavier, in-your-face sound that we hope will finally
shed all the comparisons and classifications. We will be searching for
a new label home once the recording is complete so there is no
timeframe at this point for a release date.”


The original members of the late ’80s Japanese metal band have
reunited and are now touring the US! We will be direct support for
them at Joe’s on Weed St. in Chicago, IL, on Wednesday, March 22nd so
don’t miss it! Tickets are now available via Ticketmaster.


Don’t miss this killer event featuring Morgana Lefay, Noctural Rites,
Eldritch, Biomechanical, Agent Steel, Ion Vein, Twelfth Gate,
Gracepoint, Mirror Black and Withering Soul, April 7 & 8 at Mr.
Kelley’s Music Box in Chicago Heights, IL!! Two day passes are $55 in
advance and single day walk-ups will be allowed. Check out for all the info, or .


Germany’s Gamma Ray will be making their only midwest stop on Friday,
May 12th, at the Rock in Maplewood, MN and we will be opening for them
along with Avian (feat. vocalist Lance King) and Miles Beyond. Tickets
are now available via Ticketmaster.


3/22 – Joe’s – Chicago, IL
4/8 – Mr. Kelley’s – Chicago Heights, IL
5/12 – The Rock – Maplewood, MN

See you on tour!
Chris, Russ, Chuck and Brian

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Marc Rizzo Of Soulfly On Tour

Rizzo Going On US Solo Tour Then Joins Soulfly On World Tour

Rizzo’s Solo CD COLOSSAL MYOPIA On Shrapnel Records

HOLLYWOOD — Marc Rizzo is one of the new breed of young guitarists in
contemporary bands and has built a substantial following through his
years of touring and recording with IL Nino and Soulfly. Recently,
Rizzo has stepped out with solo projects that reveal a phenomenal
command of the guitar. COLOSSAL MYOPIA unveils Rizzo to be a master
musician with deep musical roots in metal, classical and flamenco

COLOSSAL MYOPIA is a mixture of all the music that Rizzo listens to.
It’s a combination of Metal Nuevo Flamenco and Jazz. “I don’t really
listen to one type of music and I think my record showcases that,”
explains Rizzo. “It’s an all instrumental CD for music lovers that
want to enjoy pure music without all the politics and negative lyrical

Rizzo’s raw energy combined with the talent of a new-generation shred-
master is a much needed breath of fresh air to the instrumental rock
genre. Rizzo goes on to describe some of the music — “‘Colossal
Myopia’ is a song that I wrote while trying to combine heavy riffing
with flamenco buleria rhythms. ‘Introspection Of An Introvert’ is pure
shred metal, while ‘The Piñata Hits Back’ is Nuevo flamenco guitar
with salsa style percussion. This entire record is a total trip and
I’m glad to finally have put a record out that combines all the music
I love on one record. COLOSSAL MYOPIA is really just a look into my CD
collection, because I love listening to Paco de Lucia and then metal.
These styles were meant to be together.”

Tour Dates:

Marc Rizzo Solo

Apr. 5 – Harper’s Ferry – Allston, MA (Boston)
Apr. 6 – Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ
Apr. 7 – Vincent’s Ear – Wallington, NJ
Apr. 8 – Mexicali Blues – Teaneck, NJ
Apr. 13 – Jaxx – W. Springfield, VA
Apr. 14 – Tower in-store – Nanuet, NY
Apr. 15 – The Compound – Fitchburg, MA (tentative)


Apr. 21 – House Of Blues – Anaheim, CA
Apr. 23 – The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
Apr. 25 – The Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA
Apr. 26 – Midtown – Bend, OR
Apr. 27 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
Apr. 28 – Hawthorne Theatre
Apr. 29 – Big Easy – Spokane, WA
Apr. 30 – Big Easy – Boise, ID
Jun. 2-4 – Rock Am Ring Festival – Nürnberg, Germany
Jun. 9-11 – Download Festival At Donnington – Leicestershire, UK
Jun. 24 – Graspop Festival – Dessel, Belgium
Jun. 30 – With Full Force Festival – Löbnitz, Germany
Jul. 1 – Waldrock Festival – Burgum, Netherlands

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Metal Supergroup To Headline “Rock Star”

[Note: This is taken from the Toronto Star, ,
as it was posted there on March 16. – Tim]

First season of US show won by Torontonian J.D. Fortune

Former members of Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue have banded
together for the next season of “Rock Star.”

Supernova — featuring Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Metallica
bassist Jason Newsted and Gun N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke — will
use the popular reality TV show to find a lead singer.

INXS did the same thing last year to enormous success, choosing Nova
Scotia-bred J.D. Fortune to front the Australian band.

“Rock Star” talent scouts are currently auditioning hopefuls around
the world. The crew stopped in Toronto earlier this week where about
2,000 tried their luck. The show heads to Vancouver on March 23 for
more auditions.

Last season, 15 finalists — which included four Canadians — were
selected for the show, hosted by Dave Navarro and Brooke Burke.

The winner of “Rock Star” will record an album with Supernova.

The CD will be produced by Butch Walker, who’s written or produced
tracks for Avril Lavigne, Pink and Bowling For Soup.

Since his Motley Crue days, Lee has released three solo albums and
most recently starred in the reality TV show “Tommy Lee Goes To
College.” Newsted left Metallica in 2003 to form EchoBrain. He also
performed with Voivod. Since Guns N’ Roses split, Clarke has worked
with various artists including Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz.

The new season of “Rock Star” is expected to air this summer on

*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-Killer Metal Records Presents: Black Steel – HELLHAMMER

Killer Metal Records
released Dec. 2005

Australia produces very few Metal bands of any significance. Black
Steel, founded in 1999, played cover versions of Black Sabbath and
Judas Priest in the beginning and enrich the present Metal scene with
some stellar compositions of their own. First life sign was 2000 the
BATTLE CALL released in 2000, the initial 500 edition pressing sold
out rapidly. Support gigs followed for Deep Purple and Judas Priest.
The following year the metallic attack of “Destructor,” the title
track to their first full length album, landed a place on the German
Heavy, Oder Was!? magazine sampler METAL CRUSADE VOL. 4. With a
distribution of 40,000 copies the Black Steel name was spreading far
and wide in the international metal scene! The band consists of no
simple-minded boys, but rather experienced and seasoned musicians,
Jamie for example having worked with some legendary names in the
business such as Cozy Powell and writing credits for Brian May. Dave
Harrison’s prior band Allegiance toured with the likes of Pantera,
Slayer, Rob Halford, Machine Head, Anthrax, Sepultura and more.

HELLHAMMER, the second album of the band, was released as CD in
November 2005 on the Italian Label Steelheart Records. If you love
traditional/power heavy metal music with an emphasis on high calibre
musicianship, strong melody, double kick drumming, soaring vocals, big
choruses and dual guitar soloing which continues the creating of bands
like Accept, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, you should check out Black

100 strictly limited copies, hand-numbered in red vinyl! w/ lyric
inner sleeve – 15 EUR
900 strictly limited copies, hand-numbered in black vinyl! w/ lyric
inner sleeve – 12 EUR

Get your copy now!

Plus postage:

Europe 6 EUR / world sea 7 EUR
World air 12 EUR
(Registered plus 2 EUR)

Black Steel Web site:

More Killer Metal Records releases:


Killer Metal Recods
released 21.03.2005

For the recording of their fifth full length album THE VERMIN BREED,
After All teamed up again with producer Harris Johns at the
Spiderhouse Studio in Berlin. As the new After All material has grown
faster paced and more thrash oriented since the MERCURY RISING album,
After All chose Harris because of his recording experience with such
bands as Voivod, Kreator, Helloween and Sepultura. The new record
clearly displays the growth of the band, both live and in the studio.
The musical direction After All introduced on MERCURY RISING has now
been fine-tuned. That makes THE VERMIN BREED one sheer thrash attack.
After All signed a multi-album deal with German label Dockyard 1.
Killer Metal Records releases THE VERMIN BREED as a limited edition of
500 LPs on blue vinyl. The vinyl release will have exclusive artwork.
Street date is March 21st as well.

First 50 copies come with numbered and fully autographed 13 x 18 cm
band photo!!!

Get your copy now!

Prices plus postage!
LP 500 copies blue vinyl – 15 EUR


Payment possible by PAYPAL to

After All Web site:


Since the release of their debut album in 1995, After All — hailing
from Bruges (Belgium) — have continuously worked on a strong oeuvre,
resulting in eight critically acclaimed CD and vinyl releases so far.
After All’s sound is often described as thrash-laden, contemporary

Constant touring has provided the band with a strong live reputation
and a cult status in Belgium and Holland. In recent years, After All
shared the bill with such bands as Paradise Lost, Voivod, Saxon, Life
Of Agony, (hed) P.E., Tiamat, Therion, The Gathering, Anathema,
Tristania, Psychotic Waltz and Apocalyptica.

To promote the previous album MERCURY RISING, After All toured
throughout Europe in March 2003 as special guest of US metal veterans
Anthrax. In June After All embarked on a second European tour, this
time with Anthrax and Prong, and the band also played a couple of
shows as special guest of NWOBHM legends Angel Witch. To wrap up 2003
as After All’s most succesful year so far, the band hit the road once
again in November. There were a couple of shows booked with US masters
of metal Agent Steel, followed by yet another European tour supporting
US metalheads Overkill and Seven Witches.

Soldier – “Murderous Night” 7″

Killer Metal Records
released June 2004

Soldier started in 1979 in the upcoming New Wave Of British Heavy
Metal. After the contribution “Storm Of steel” to the first Heavy
Metal Records sampler the single “Sheralee” followed in 1982 on the
same label. In 2003 the band reappeared with the INFANTRYCIDE CD.

This is the second vinyl single of Soldier with the titles “Murderous
Night” and “I’m Taken In,” bringing back the original sound of the
NWOBHM into the new millennium! Many fans of the genre wait for this
effort eagerly! 500 strongly limited copies, handnumbered in red
vinyl! Get your copy now!

Price: 7 EUR plus postage



Payment possible by PAYPAL to

Jens Häfner
Wolliner Str. 1
D-26215 Wiefelstede

Jens Häfner, Raiffeisenbank Oldenburg eG, BLZ 280 602 28, Kto 502 524
BIC GENODEF1OL2 (all O are letters)
IBAN DE 93280602280502524900 (all 0 are numbers)

Get in touch if you want to buy multiple copies!

Out on Killer Metal Records in April 2006:

7″ Metalhead (D) heavy metal (traditional ’80s) from Germany

Traditional ’80s metal strongly influenced by the NWOBHM as well as
Judas Priest or Mercyful Fate!
3-song EP, 16 minutes playing time, limited to 1000 copies

Planned releases on Killer Metal Records in 2006:

7″ Conquest Of Steel (GB) – epic heavy metal from England
LP Ivory Night (D) – heavy metal from Germany
7″ Dragonheart (BR) – heavy metal from Brazil
LP Damien Thorne (USA) – WRATH OF DARKNESS; US metal (2nd LP from
CD Metalhead (D) – debut CD

Killer Metal Records – Bands:

After All –
Black Steel –
Conquest Of Steel –
Soldier –

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
Plus More!

Well folks,

Despite tons of red tape, and push-backs, THE HARDER, THE BETTER:
VOLUME ELEVEN, our newest in the series of extreme music compilations,
will finally be available April 1st! This awesome compilation of bands
will feature such extreme heavyweights including NYC’s Inhuman, US
national up-and-comer’s Nobis, as well as Milwaukee’s hardcore heroes
New Society Of Anarchists. Also appearing on the compilation will be
No Class Citizen, Bar Whore, Mary’s Cunt, Damn The Dawn, A.F.S.,
Draghead, Malon Mischief & Vigobonn, The Urie Circle, Timescape Zero,
Dead Envy, Rictus Grin, Savannah, Warfare, Solem Vow, The Cretins,
Head Sling, Noctophyle, U.S. Police State, Flee This Room, Heretics In
The Vatican, The Blissetts, Angry Minded, and Lost Soul!!! Visit
Turkey Vulture Records online to order!!! All these great bands will
be available on one CD for only $6.99 on April 1st!!! You can’t beat

We are now taking submissions for the next great compilation THE
HARDER, THE BETTER: VOLUME TWELVE. Bands interested please get in
touch with us or check out details at . It’s awesome exposure
for a small investment!

National up-and-comers New Society Of Anarchists will be hitting the
road this summer in support of their upcoming release FOR THE
FORGOTTEN! This promises to be their most awesomely brutal release to
date! 20 songs of hardcore adrenaline-charged anthems to get your
blood pumpin’ like a pitbull on crack! Check out New Society Of
Anarchists’ Web site at for
full details on their upcoming tour and new album to be released this

No Class Citizen will be hitting the road this May in support of their
upcoming release DRESS TO IMPRESS out on Turkey Vulture Records. The
tour will be hitting the midwest region of the US and promises to be
their best yet! If you’re in the area check out No Class Citizen at a
venue near you!! For tour dates and more info visit .

40 Oz. Fist has just completed the recording of their brand new debut
album LET’S FIGHT ABOUT IT which will be released on Turkey Vulture
Records this summer. The 10 song full-length is sure to please any
listener of heavy music. A unique blend of hardcore, punk, and meta
that is a must-have for listeners of extreme music worldwide! Be on
the look out for LET’S FIGHT ABOUT IT from 40 Oz. Fist coming this
summer from Turkey Vulture Records! Check out the 40 Oz. Fist Web site
at .

We’ll have more updates soon on Turkey Vulture Releases and artists


“The Staff”

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Salty Dog Vocalist Speaks; Posts Unreleased Demo Track

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx ( ),
vocalist Jimmi Bleacher explained why a Salty Dog (which recorded one
album for Geffen named EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY and featured future
American Dog frontman Michael Hannon) reunion tour fell through.

Says Jimmi, “I recently produced an Atlanta band called Buttonhook,
and through their management I was being offered a House Of Blues tour
in kind of a win-win situation. I thought it would be a good venue to
play so I called Mike, Khurt, and Pete. They all agreed. I wanted it
to be of the caliber that I knew it could be, so I immediately began
trying to get the band logistically together in California. I even
began to book shows on the west coast to fund process. We consulted
each other along the way, but it was proving too difficult to get
anyone on the same page. So other things came up, and I just let it
slide. If we would have continued the reunion, we would be leaving for
that tour next week.”

Jimmi also talked about his new music with bands such as MK Ultra (a
rare unreleased demo can be heard at ) and where he fits in with
today’s music scene.

“I doubt David Geffen would be interested either in what I’ve got to
say, even if I said it in a way with lots of pop hooks. What’s even
worse is all of my pent up aggression comes out when I perform and
even the guys I have played with wish I would tone it down sometimes.
I can’t be what I used to be, but I’m not someone else. I’m not sure
where my music is going to fit in.”

The entire interview can be read at .

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Kingcrow On Lucretia Records International

Dear friends,

We are proud to announce that the new album of the Roman progsters
Kingcrow, TIMETROPIA, will soon be published by the prestigious label
Lucretia Records International.

The band has just signed an exclusive contract with the Italian label,
which will distribute the album worldwide.

With TIMETROPIA, Kingcrow have created a true rock opera, a worthy
heir of great musicals such as “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Tommy”, “The
Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and “Hair.”

TIMETROPIA is a progressive metal album with a sophisticated ’90s
flavour, made up of elaborate compositions, “fluid” tracks in constant
evolution, and melodies sculpted by vocals interpreted with passion
and theatrics. It’s a prismatic and visionary David Lynch based
concept album, in the distinctive Kingcrow style, in which many have
seen echoes of Styx, Rush, Kansas, Queen, Queensryche and Savatage!

The band is currently completing the mixing process of the new album,
which follows the acclaimed 2004 release INSIDER ( ). The cover artwork by Fabrizio
Cerroni is available at the address .

The final tracklist is as follows:

1. A Perfect Life
2. Fading Out Part I

3. Out Of The Darkness
4. Realusion
5. Between Now And Forever
6. Fractured
7. Home
8. A Merry-go-round (Chemical Ecstasy)
9. Fragile Certainties
10. A Hitch-hiker
11. Turn Of Events In A Drawer
12. Fading Out Part I

The mastering process will be entrusted to the famous John Cuniberti
at The Plant Mastering Studios (Aerosmith, Metallica, etc.) in
California, and the album is expected to be released by May 2006.

Info and contacts:

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-Mortiis To Play Two Norwegian Shows

NOTODDEN, Norway — Mortiis has scheduled two shows in the band’s
native Norway to warm up for their upcoming UK tour.

Mortiis will play Det Akademiske Kvarter in Bergen on March 31 and
Garage in Oslo on April 10. Mortiis will headline both shows. The band
will also play later this month at Club Epsilon, Borås, Sweden, and
again in Asker, Norway, following the completion of the UK tour.

Mortiis’ UK tour with Gothminister and Deadfilmstar begins on April 19
in Nottingham, UK (see dates below), to coincide with the deluxe re-
mastered reissues of the early works FøDT TIL A HERSKE, CRYPT OF THE

Dates are as follow:

03/24/06 Fri. РClub Epsilon, Bor̴s, Sweden
03/31/06 Fri. – Det Akademiske Kvarter, Bergen, Norway
04/10/06 Mon. – Garage, Oslo, Norway
04/19/06 Wed. – Rock City, Nottingham, UK
04/20/06 Thu. – Bierkeller, Bristol, UK
04/21/06 Fri. – Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland
04/22/06 Sat. – Rios, Bradford, UK
04/23/06 Sun. – Agincourt Rock Venue, Camberly, UK
04/24/06 Mon. – TJ’s, Newport, UK
04/25/06 Tue. – Barfly, Liverpool, UK
04/27/06 Thu. – Waterfront, Norwich, UK
04/28/06 Fri. – Corporation, Sheffield, UK
04/29/06 Sat. – Underworld, London, UK
04/30/06 Sun. – Satans Hollow, Manchester, UK
05/12/06 Fri. – Club 3, Asker, Norway

For instant songs and remixes, visit

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Crucified Barbara Heats Up Scandinavia With In Flames, Sepultura

Sweden’s Crucified Barbara — whose debut album, IN DISTORTION WE
TRUST, will be released by Liquor And Poker Music on May 30 — just
completed a short Scandinavian tour during which they supported metal
legends In Flames and Sepultura. The trek wrapped up in In Flames’
hometown of Gothenburg on Saturday night (March 18).

“It was an amazing week together with In Flames and Sepultura,” says
vocalist/guitarist Mia Coldheart. “It was a dream tour, and the
response from their fans was great. Even the crews were really nice
and helped us out all the time even though they could have stayed
backstage relaxing, but no, they were on stage, carrying our stuff and
keeping an eye on things during all the shows. We can’t thank them
enough! We’re back home now, preparing ourselves for the upcoming
tours and trying to find time to work on new songs as well.”

Crucified Barbara will return to the road next month for a nine-show
tour of France. The quartet will also play select dates with Doro,
Sonata Arctica and Jon Oliva’s Pain prior to the summer festival

The North American version of IN DISTORTION WE TRUST will contain one
bonus track — a cover of Motorhead’s “Killed By Death” — as well as
music videos for each of the group’s three singles (“Losing The Game”
], “Rock ‘n’ Roll Bachelor” and “Play Me Hard”) that have been
released in their home country. For more information on the band,
visit .

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-David Gilmour’s ON AN ISLAND Is First CarbonNeutral® CD Release On
Columbia Records

Gilmour’s First Solo Album In 22 Years Debuts At #1 on UK Charts and
Is Artist’s First Solo American Top 10

Gilmour’s “On An Island” Tour Opens At Radio City Music Hall On April

NEW YORK — David Gilmour’s long-awaited third solo album, ON AN
ISLAND, the first CarbonNeutral® CD to be released by Columbia
Records, has debuted at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 best-selling
albums chart giving the artist his first American Top 10 honors
outside his work with Pink Floyd.

ON AN ISLAND — the first David Gilmour solo album since 1984’s ABOUT
FACE and the artist’s first studio recordings since Pink Floyd’s 1994
multi-platinum THE DIVISION BELL — has already hit the #1 spot on the
UK charts.

David Gilmour’s ON AN ISLAND is the first Columbia Records release to
be manufactured under environmentally responsible CarbonNeutral®
guidelines. CarbonNeutral® is an ecological initiative designed to
combat global warming through the restoration of the natural balance
of carbon dioxide in the environment. Future Forests, the founding
agency behind CarbonNeutral®, measures and reduces excessive carbon
dioxide in the environment, compensating exactly for the amount of CO
2 produced through unavoidable emissions — i.e., driving, flying,
manufacture, electrical production — through forestry sponsorship and
‘technology switch’ projects. The idea behind a CarbonNeutral® CD is
that the amount of carbon dioxide produced in the manufacture of the
CD is neutralized through reforestation — trees ‘breathe’ carbon
dioxide and ‘exhale’ oxygen — or the implementation of energy saving

CarbonNeutral® supporters include:

Alex James, Afrika Bambaataa, Ali G, Ant & Dec, Atomic Kitten, Ash,
Beth Orton, Billie Piper, Bush, Big Brovaz, Chris Lowe, Chuck Leavell,
Coldplay, Damien Hirst, Dave Stewart, David Gray, Davina McCall, Dido,
Dominic Monaghan, Donovan, Feeder, Foo Fighters, Gary Kemp, Gorillaz,
Gwen Stefani, Hugh Cornwell, Hybrid, Ian Brown, Jamiroquai, Jarvis
Cocker, Joe Strummer, John Barnes, John Moss, Jonathan Ross, Julian
Lennon, Karl Wallinger, Keith Allen, Kelis, Kevin Keegan, Kylie
Minogue, Lenny Kravitz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kylie, Lord Bath, Lulu,
Mariella Frostrup, Mark Chadwick, Massive Attack, Melanie C, Michael
Elphick, Misteeq, Murray Lochlan Young, Neneh Cherry, Orbital, Perry
Farrell, Pet Shop Boys, Pink Floyd, Sting, Richard Blackwell, Roger
Taylor, Roland Rivron, Rona Meacher, Rollo, Ronan Keating, Shaggy,
Shirley Manson, Simon le Bon, Sting, Stella McCartney, So Solid Crew,
Starsailor, Sugababes, Supergrass, The Doves, The Levellers, The
Strokes, Toploader, Tommy and Yorkie of Space, UB40, Yasmin le Bon,
Zane (MTV)

For more information on CarbonNeutral® projects, please visit .

ON AN ISLAND is a collection of songs and instrumentals that had its
genus in Gilmour’s critically acclaimed 2002 London Festival Hall
concerts. Gilmour has stepped out of his super-group to discover he’s
still at his peak — and he’s rightly pleased. “It’s my best and most
personal work,” he says. “Making it with my musician friends has been
a positive experience on so many levels.” And touring it this spring
can only take him to a new high.

The ten tracks on ON AN ISLAND, which has been produced by David
Gilmour, Phil Manzanera and Chris Thomas, are:

On An Island
The Blue
Take a Breath
Red Sky at Night
This Heaven
Then I Close My Eyes
A Pocketful of Stones
Where We Start

Additional performers on the album include David Crosby, Graham Nash,
Richard Wright, Robert Wyatt, Phil Manzanera, Jools Holland, Georgie
Fame, Caroline Dale, Guy Pratt, Willie Wilson, and, from Pink Floyd’s
earliest incarnation, Rado ‘Bob’ Klose.

Taking its title from Gilmour’s new solo studio album, coming out
stateside on March 7, the “On An Island” tour opens with two shows at
New York’s Radio City Music Hall on April 4-5, 2006.

“I’m very much looking forward to this tour and making music with the
great musicians in the band,” said David Gilmour. “I’ve had a
fantastic time making ON AN ISLAND and really want to perform tracks
from it, along with my more familiar repertoire. I’m rather hoping
that with this tour announcement people will believe me when I say,
honestly, this is the only band I plan to tour with!”

The David Gilmour touring ensemble includes guitarist Phil Manzanera
(Roxy Music and co-producer of ON AN ISLAND); keyboardist Richard
Wright (Pink Floyd); bassist Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, Roxy Music);
keyboardist Jon Carin (Pink Floyd); and drummer/percussionist Steve
DiStanislao (Crosby & Nash).

Lighting genius Marc Brickman, who has worked with Gilmour on many
Pink Floyd tours, has designed the lighting for the intimate venues
chosen for this tour.

David Gilmour North American Tour Dates:

April 4 – New York – Radio City Music Hall
April 5 – New York – Radio City Music Hall
April 9 – Toronto – Massey Hall
April 10 – Toronto – Massey Hall
April 12 – Chicago – Paramount Theatre
April 13 – Chicago – Paramount Theatre
April 16 – San Francisco – Oakland Paramount
April 17 – San Francisco – Oakland Paramount
April 19 – Los Angeles – Kodak
April 20 – Los Angeles – Gibson Theatre

-ASKA will play Club Monte Carlos this Saturday, March 25, in
Arlington, TX, with Fame 15, Live Wire, and KOE. The band will play
songs from its upcoming album over the PA before the show. According
to the band, MySpace users “are reminded to bring a printout of your
myspace profile page showing ASKA in your TOP FRIENDS LIST for $2 off
admission at the door.” See and for more.

-Evergrey’s new video for “Monday Morning Apocalypse” is available on
the German Yahoo! site at–Evergrey . (Or, you can
go there and search for “Evergrey.”) The new album MONDAY MORNING
APACOLYPSE is due out March 27 in Europe and April 4 in the US. The
band is set to tour North American with In Flames, Throwdown, and
Nevermore (see dates elsewhere in this section). Check out for all the latest.

-North American tour dates for In Flames/Throwdown/Nevermore/Evergrey:

5/6 – Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
5/8 – House Of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
5/9 – Planet Rock, Jacksonville, NC
5/11 – Bogart’s, Cincinnati, OH
5/12 – Piere’s Entertainment Center, Fort Wayne, IN
5/13 – Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI
5/15 – Granada, Lawrence, KS
5/16 – The Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO
5/23 – Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ
5/28 – The Beta Bar, Tallahassee, FL
5/30 – Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

More dates will be announced.

-Napalm Records announced Iron Fire will tour soon with Demon and
Seven Witches.

-Kamelot has confirmed the following dates on its upcoming North
American tour:

9/15 – Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
9/19 – Jaxx, Springfield, VA
9/20 – B.B. King’s, New York, NY
9/24 – Le Medley, Montreal, QC
9/25 – Imperial, Quebec, QC
9/27 – The Opera House, Toronto, ON
9/28 – Peabody’s, Cleveland, OH
9/30 – The Pearl Room, Chicago, IL

See for more.

-According to , Laaz Rockit will release an
official DVD in May. It will feature “rare old footage as well as new
live footage of the band along with other cool stuff.”

-Lacrimas Profundere has completed FILTHY NOTES FOR FROZEN HEARTS with
producer John Fryer (HIM, Depeche Mode, Paradise Lost, Cradle Of
Filth). The first single and video is “Again It’s Over.” Hype: “The
track is the perfect example of how a band should go about combining
the sounds of the rock guitar with an irresistable groove and a chorus
that sticks.”

-Check out for some YouTube
live clips of Loudness. The band’s last Japanese show before the
current US tour reportedly featured this set list: “The Battle Ship
Musashi,” “The Pandemonium,” “Jack,” “In The Mirror,” “The Winds Of
Victory,” “Cross,” “Crazy Samurai,” “Never Change Your Mind,”
“Exultation,” “Lunatic,” “Crazy Doctor,” “Crazy Night,” “Loudness,”
“The End Of Earth,” “S.D.I.”

-Mach 5 will perform at/compete in its “most scariest rock battle
ever!”, on April 3 at the 28th Annual WBCN R&R Rumble to be held at
The Middle East Club Upstairs in Cambridge, MA. Taxpayer, Scamper, and
Plan B will also play. See for more on the
venue. Mach 5’s MEET MACH 5 is out now on Lawless Records. Hype from a
Boston Groupie News review: “This CD has enough hooks, harmony vocals,
and three-chord nastiness to make anyone who craves a real rock
injection utterly satisfied.” See and for more.

-Jon Oliva’s Pain is scheduled to release its second album via AFM
Records in September. Check out for all of
the latest news and tour dates.

-Organizers of the Rock Of Ages 2006 festival, slated for July 28-29
in Seebronn, Germany, announced Vixen has been confirmed to appear.
The lineup now stands as: Twisted Sister, Uriah Heep, UFO, Asia, Andy
Scott’s Sweet, Fish, Gotthard, Vixen, Soul Doctor, and Evidence One,
with two more acts to be confirmed. See
for more.

-Uli Jon Roth has the following North American tour dates booked:

5/12 – Jaxx, Springfield, VA
5/13 – Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
5/14 – Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI
5/15 – House Of Blues, Chicago, IL
5/16 – B.B. King’s, New York, NY
5/19 – Bourbon Street, Concord, CA
5/20 – The Kennel Club, Sacramento, CA

See for more.

-Upcoming John Taglieri live dates:

3/22 – Stacatto’s Music Hall, Washington, DC
3/23 – House Of Blue @ Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (w/ Mile
High School)
3/24 – Jammin’ Java, Columbia, SC (w/ Spencer Rush)
3/25 – 315, Salisbury, NC (w/ Echo Mode)
3/27 – The Empty Glass, Charleston, WV
3/28 – Raymond Walters College, Cincinnati, OH (shows at 12:30 & 5:30
5/31 – The Stage House, Scotch Plains, NJ
4/6 – The Studio Bar Lounge, Cliffisde Park, NJ
4/12 – Grashooper Off The Green, Morristown, NJ
4/14 – Axis Lounge, Carlstadt, NJ
4/15 – Stone Tavern, Bernardsville, NJ
4/17 – Jessie’s Roadhouse, Merrick, NY
4/21 – Acoustic Cafe, Bridgeport, CT
4/26 – Heidelberg College, Tiffin, OH
4/28 – Hope College, Holland, MI

for details on how you can try to win free tickets to the March 25
show at 315 in Salisbury, NC. See , , and for more.

-Theatre Of Tragedy’s new video for “Storm” is available at . The new album is due out March 27
on AFM Records.

Thanks to Eric Corbin and Nathan Birk for help gathering some of this

by Tim Wadzinski (

-Longtime readers may remember the occasional contribution from
freelance writer David Lee Wilson, from Ian Scott Entertainment. We
haven’t run any of Mr. Wilson’s stuff in a while, but he just got back
in touch to let me know he’s now overseas and writing for an Egyptian
magazine called Egypt Today. Check out a few recent articles he’s been
involved with:

Deep Purple

Egyptian mummies

The mummy articles aren’t exactly about music, but any self-respecting
Iron Maiden or Gamma Ray fan should find them interesting! :) And
speaking of Maiden, next month Wilson informed me he’ll have a piece
on Paul DiAnno.

-Anyone else catch the premiere of the new season of VH1’s “The
Surreal Life” this past Sunday? Stars on this edition include Poison
guitarist C.C. DeVille and Whitesnake video vixen Tawny Kitaen, plus a
nubile young Playboy model, Sherman “George Jefferson” Hemsley,
Florence “Carol Brady” Henderson, the singer from Smash Mouth, some
wrestler dude I don’t know, and “transgendered celebrity” Alexis
Arquette. Mr. DeVille seems like he’s still a pretty funny guy, and
scenes from future episodes indicate Kitaen has some sort of meltdown
later on in the season. Could be a fun season to watch.

-Now in my current playlist: Tipton, Glenn – BAPTIZM OF FIRE (reissue)
(Rhino), Tyr – ERIC THE RED (reissue) (Napalm Records), Beautiful
Creatures – DEUCE (European version) (Perris Records).

*** REVIEWS ***
11 tracks, RT: 57:41
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
Sun Caged guitarist Marcel Coenen has taken a step away from the usual
shred album content with COLOR JOURNEY, an often exciting mix of
styles utilizing a number of respected guest musicians. Fans of prog
metal and virtuoso guitar playing will love tracks like the dramatic
shred in opener “Waiting” and the flowing changes in “Patron Saint”
but might find themselves scratching their heads at songs like the
maudlin ballad “That Moment” and grunge rocker “(V)erbal (D)efense
(M)echanism.” Marcel proves himself one hell of a guitarist on the
emotional “La Bella Mira,” Shrapnel-styled fretburner “New Race,” and
the jazz-flavored “Skill Factor.” The strength and weakness of the
album is the variety, especially the vocals; for example, on a track
like “Traumatized To The Bone” the death metal screech really detracts
from the overall effect of the piece. Still, Marcel is an impressive
player who deserves to be heard by a larger audience than what COLOR
JOURNEY will likely attract. – Neal Woodall (

5 tracks, RT: 22:56
[ ]
Whoa! Where did this band come from? The debut five-song EP from these
Brits looks and sounds like it dropped right out of 1986, and I mean
that as a compliment of the highest order. In a nutshell, Headless
Cross plays no-frills, meat & potatoes heavy metal that instantly
takes me back to my carefree leather jacket wearin’, tour T-shirt
sportin’, sneakin’-smokes-in-the-hallway high school days. These
blokes are obviously not interested in today’s trends; they’re
influenced by the trad-metal of yesteryear and the early Bay Area
thrash sound. In other words, these blokes are old school through and
through. One spin of the chugging “Elysium” and the pit-friendly
“Circle Of Madness” and “Testament Of The Deceiver” got me hooked and
bangin’ along, then “Blinding Sorrow” provided a nice acoustic-laced
break with a distinct “Fade To Black” feel before the piledriving
title track closed out the proceedings. Dave Silver’s snarling vocals
(which remind me a bit of Dave Mustaine’s youthful growl) and the
slightly underproduced sound (to be expected in a self-released indie)
gave me a nice, fuzzy retro feel. If these guys had been around 20
years ago, Megaforce, Combat and Metal Blade Records would’ve been
falling all over each other trying to sign this band. The five tracks
cruise along all too quickly and make me wish that this was a full-
length CD. I bet these guys must be pretty crushing in the live
setting as well. BURNING SANCTUARY is a highly impressive “rookie
card” release that lets the world know that British Steel is alive and
well, and it’s in good hands. Excellent! – Keith Abt

HUBI MEISEL – KAILASH (B+/B) Lion Music, 2006
12 tracks, RT: 62:43
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
Along with keyboardist and composer Vivian Lalu, Hubi Meisel may have
invented a new style of rock — New Age Prog Metal! KAILASH is Hubi’s
latest solo album of ethereal, introspective songs conceptually
surrounding a man’s spiritual voyage to Mt. Kailash in the Himalayas,
a destination thought by the Hindu and Buddhist religions to be the
holiest place on Earth. Opening with the excellent “Potala Palace,”
the mood is set for a journey of discovery. Hubi has certainly
enlisted the assistance of some excellent players, including
guitarists Jorge Salan (Mango De Oz) and Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged),
drummer Daniel Flores (Mind’s Eye) and bassist Johan Niemann (Mind’s
Eye, Therion). The music really is an interesting mix of keyboard
soundscapes, sound effects, precise musicianship and Hubi’s very
unique vocal style, a nice balance of elements found on songs such as
“Red Oracle,” “Kailash – Jewel Of Ice,” and “Wheel Of Life.” Everyone
plays at expected high levels and the production brings out the
quality of each musician. To my ears the vocals are mixed a bit high
and Hubi’s voice is so smooth it creates a certain uniformity
throughout the album, but with songs as dynamic and well written as
“Merdeka” (check out those guitar solos) and bonus track “Tigers Of
Everest,” KAILASH should find its way into the collection of prog fans
looking for something off the beaten path… – Neal Woodall

SEVEN WITCHES – AMPED (C+) Candlelight USA, 2006
9 tracks, RT: 40:30
[ ]
[ ]
Could Seven Witches be the USA’s answer to Annihilator? Sometimes it
seems as if mainstay guitarist Jack Frost is trying to tie Jeff
Waters’ record for most lineup changes within a band. AMPED is the
sixth Witches CD and Frost is already on his fourth lead singer
(former Hades screamer Alan Tecchio has now taken the mic stand
formerly held by James Rivera, Wade Black, and Bobby Lucas), fourth
bass player, and fifth drummer, by my count. Despite the constant
personnel changes, you could usually count on Seven Witches to provide
enjoyable (if a tad derivative) power metal that owed much to the
classic Judas Priest sound. With AMPED, however, Seven Witches seems
to be experiencing some musical growing pains as well. Gone are the
lyrical odes to mythology, history, and the anthems telling us how
gosh-darn cool METAL is, replaced by socially conscious songs covering
topics like violence against women (“Dishonor Killings”), bio-
terrorism (“West Nile”) and celebrities getting away with murder
(“Fame Gets You Off”). The music has gone through a similar
transformation; while still definitely in the “traditional metal”
mode, AMPED is a stripped-down affair compared to the slicker sounds
of the previous albums, coming off slower, crunchier and more
sinister. Tecchio’s warbly vocals, which worked fine amidst the thrash
mayhem of Hades, are a departure from the smooth Halford-isms of his
predecessors that may prove to be an acquired taste for some fans. As
for the tunes, they’re a mixed bag; some worked for me, and some
didn’t. “West Nile” opens the CD with a decent bang, and since I’m a
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fan I also appreciated “Sunnydale High,”
though I wonder if that show is well known enough overseas (where the
majority of the Witches fan base resides) to cut it in their Euro live
sets. “G.P. Fix” is a salute to motorcycles, complete with “revving
engine” intro, that should get the biker crowd pumping their fists,
but if you’ve heard Tecchio’s previous bike song (“Bloast,” off of
Hades’ DAMNATION album) it feels kinda like a retread. On the downside
(inside joke for any Hades fans in the audience), the ballad “Be,”
dedicated to Tecchio’s wife, may be a sweet gesture (and I hope it got
him laid) but it had me reaching for the skip button as it reminded me
too much of Twisted Sister’s “You’re Not Alone (Suzette’s Song).”
Frost’s now-traditional oddball cover song (there’s always at least
one per CD) honors Billy Idol’s “Flesh For Fantasy” this time, but I
never cared much for the original, so the word that comes to mind when
I hear this version is “unnecessary.” The bottom line is, will diehard
Seven Witches fans dig AMPED despite the directional shift, or will
they shit a traditional metal brick and throw the CD out the window
after the first airing? I truthfully liked the band better when they
were Judas Priest Junior and I didn’t like much of AMPED on my first
listen, but after several spins parts of it began to grow on me. It
may be a bit late but it looks like Seven Witches is finally trying to
develop a sound of its own. If Frost can keep this lineup together
long enough for it to really “gel,” then the next CD should find them
on stronger footing and we’ll look back on AMPED as their
“transitional” album. – Keith Abt (

SHINING STAR – ENTER ETERNITY (A-/B+) Nightmare Records, 2005
10 tracks, RT: 47:22
[ ]
[ ]
Wow, this little gem just came out of nowhere! Lance King seems to be
attempting to rival James Rivera for involvement in the most number of
projects at once, currently performing duties for Pyramaze, Avian, and
now, Shining Star. Signed to King’s Nightmare label, Shining Star
features the composition and axe talents of Brazilian Fabio Rocha,
drummer Juliano Collombo, bassist Kuky Sanchez and keyboardist Dinho
Zampier. What you find in spades on ENTER ETERNITY is excellent
songwriting, the music a cool synthesis of Balance Of Power, Yngwie
Malmsteen, TNT and Queensryche. The playing is solid but never self-
indulgent, the songs are the focal point and there are some absolute
killers here: check out the groove of “Dangerous Game,” the awesome
melodies in “Insomnia,” or the majestic theme of “Travel Through Time”
to hear what I’m on about. The sound quality is very good courtesy of
Balance Of Power producer Todd Fitzgerald and of course Lance’s vocals
are a highlight throughout. Highly recommended for fans of melodic
hard rock and metal, ENTER ETERNITY delivers the goods. Lance King
obviously has a great ear for bands who know how to write strong
songs, and I look forward to hearing more from him as well as the
other groups on his label… – Neal Woodall (

VENOM – METAL BLACK (B) Sanctuary, 2006
14 tracks, RT: 57:23
[ ]
[ ]
Ahhh, Venom. Dismissed as a bad joke by many, but beloved by many
more, this unholy trio of NWOBHM outcasts terrified parents and
clergymen worldwide and left some serious skid marks on the scene
during metal’s golden age with such classic platters as BLACK METAL
and AT WAR WITH SATAN. After countless breakups, reformations,
hiatuses, and reincarnations, bassist/frontman Conrad “Cronos” Lant is
the only original member in the current Venom lineup these days (METAL
BLACK features semi-recent recruits Mykkus and Anton; regrettably, the
press info enclosed with this CD neglected to inform me which guy is
the guitarist and which is the drummer!), but even with new blood in
the ranks, METAL BLACK certainly sounds Venomous enough to my ears. I
will confess that I haven’t paid much attention to these Satanic
footsoldiers since the late ’80s but Cronos apparently promised a
return to the band’s barbaric ’80s sound on METAL BLACK after a couple
of slicker, more experimental CDs. He’s obviously a man of his word,
because METAL BLACK contains 14 (!) blackened, old-school thrash metal
tracks that are about as subtle as a spiked wristband to the forehead.
No ballads or sell-outs here, kids; METAL BLACK comes roaring out of
the gate with the vicious “Antechrist” and doesn’t let up on the gas
pedal for the entire running time. Cronos is as raspy and evil as ever
on the microphone and the band sounds like they haven’t progressed a
bit since the late ’80s. (In case you’re wondering, I mean that in a
good way!) Fans will find all the Venom hallmarks here: endless foul-
mouthed odes to Satan, death, dying and darkness, set against a
pounding, dirty, punk-fueled musical backdrop that sounds like
Motorhead with a bad hangover. Listening to Venom is kind of like
standing in front of a locomotive that’s lost its brakes and could go
flying off the rails at any time… either you jump on board or you get
the f**k out of the way! Yeah, it may be dumb as a box of rocks but
it’s also undeniably catchy, adrenaline-powered, fun stuff. Crank up
tracks like “Regé Satanas,” “A Good Day To Die” or “Lucifer Rising” a
few times and I bet your hands will curl involuntarily into the
devil’s horn sign! Back in the good old days, my brother used to keep
his Venom records stashed in a safe place so our Mom wouldn’t find
them. Now it’s 2006 and I will probably keep my METAL BLACK CD in a
similar spot so my wife and three-year-old son won’t get their hands
on it. Some people just don’t “get” Venom. In other words, not much
has changed. Venom have come full circle (or should that be “full
pentagram?”) with METAL BLACK and I bet that their hordes of fans will
be welcoming it with horns raised. – Keith Abt (

*** OUT ***


March 23, 2006 - Posted by | ROCK

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