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Motorhead Classics to be Reissued

Press release: Motorhead is rightfully regarded as a legend. More than 30 years of turning fans’ eardrums and brains into a bloody pulp will do that. Iconic vocalist/bassist Lemmy wouldn’t have it any other way.

Three of Motorhead’s most important albums — 1983’s ‘Another Perfect Day,’ 1986’s ‘Orgasmatron’ and 1987’s ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ — are now getting special treatment. Two-disc deluxe expanded editions of each are being released via Sanctuary Records on March 28, 2006. Supplemental bonus tracks include single B-sides, live versions and rarities. The liner notes include essays, previously unseen photos and images of memorabilia. These reissues were prepared with the assistance of the Motorheadbangers Fan Club.

The track listings are as follows:

Disc 1 – “Back At The Funny Farm,” “Shine,” “Dancing On Your Grave,” “Rock It,” “One Track Mind,” “Another Perfect Day,” “Marching Off To War,” “I Got Mine,” “Tales Of Glory,” “Die You Bastard” and “Turn You Round Again” (single B-side).

Disc 2 – Live At Manchester Apollo – June 10, 1983: “Back At The Funny Farm,” “Tales Of Glory,” “Heart Of Stone,” “Shoot You In The Back,” “Marching Off To War,” “Iron Horse,” “Another Perfect Day,” “(I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man,” “(Don’t Need) Religion,” “One Track Mind,” “Go To Hell,” “America,” “Shine,” “Dancing On Your Grave,” “Rock It,” “I Got Mine,” “Bite The Bullet” and “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch.”

Disc 1 – “Deaf Forever,” “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” “Ain’t My Crime,” “Claw,” “Mean Machine,” “Built For Speed,” “Ridin’ With The Driver,” “Doctor Rock” and “Orgasmatron.”

Disc 2 – “On The Road” (live 12″ single B-side), “Steal Your Face” (live 12″ single B-side), “Claw” (alternative version) – The Kerrang! Wooargh Weekender, Live From Caister, Great Yarmouth – October 13, 1984: “Stay Clean,” “Heart Of Stone,” “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” “Metropolis,” “Killed By Death,” “Ace Of Spades,” “Steal Your Face,” “(We Are) The Road Crew,” “Motorhead,” “Bomber” and “Overkill.”

Disc 1 – “Rock ‘N’ Roll,” “Eat The Rich,” “Blackheart,” “Stone Deaf In The USA,” “The Wolf,” “Traitor,” “Dogs,” “All For You” and “Boogeyman.”

Disc 2 – “Cradle To The Grave” (B-side 12″ single “Eat The Rich”), “Just ‘Cos You’ve Got The Power” (B-side 12″ single “Eat The Rich”) – Live At Monsters Of Rock, Castle Donington, UK – August 16, 1986: “Iron Fist,” “Stay Clean,” “Nothing Up My Sleeve,” “Metropolis,” “Doctor Rock,” “Killed By Death,” “Ace Of Spades,” “Steal Your Face,” “Bite The Bullet,” “Built For Speed,” “Orgasmatron,” “No Class” and “Motorhead.”

‘Another Perfect Day’ found Lemmy and drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor being joined by former Thin Lizzy and Wild Horses guitarist Brian Robertson, who had replaced “Fast” Eddie Clarke. Robertson and Taylor then left the band and Lemmy recruited guitarists Phil Campbell and Wurzel (real name: Mike Burston) and former Saxon drummer Pete Gill. ‘Orgasmatron’ was the new lineup’s first full album (after having recorded four songs for the ‘No Remorse’ compilation). Gill left and Taylor returned for ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll.’

Motorhead is one of the most musically distinctive and influential bands rock music has ever produced, and ‘Another Perfect Day,’ ‘Orgasmatron’ and ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ prove it in spades — the ace of spades!

These three new releases are the follow up to 2005’s 2 CD deluxe editions of Bomber, Overkill, Iron Fist and Ace of Spades.


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