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SAVATAGE guitarist Chris Caffery has announced via his official web site that he will no longer be utilizing the services of drummer Jeff Plate (METAL CHURCH) for his solo project.

“To avoid any conflicts whatsoever [Jeff and I] had a talk about things,” Chris writes on his web site. “The best thing for both of us right now is for him to focus on his new endeavors and for me to focus on my new CD.

“I will be announcing the studio replacement for the drums on my new CD this week. As for the gig in the band. I will obviously need someone eventually. My upcoming touring schedule is blank at the moment because my main focus is making sure this new CD really comes out special.

“However I do wish to talk to anyone interested in working with me. As of now the drum position in my band is 100% unoccupied.

Jeff and I are very close, there is no reason to flame or speculate on things further then what you read. We are still in two other bands together and plan on working on many other things in the future. Long after any of the music, there will be friends and Jeff will always be one of mine.

“I want to thank him for kicking ass on my last few CD’s and on the ‘Faces’ tour…I also want to wish Jeff, Mark Wood and METAL CHURCH a successful 2006.”

Chris Caffery‘s new solo release, entitled “Pins and Needles”, is tentatively expected before the end of the year.


March 20, 2006 - Posted by | ROCK

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