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TYPE O NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Symphony For The Devil (The World of Type O Negative)



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“The concert is spectacular; but it is the off-stage footage of the band which makes this DVD so compelling to watch. Gripping, hilarious and at times startlingly frank…this is a five-star effort.” Mick Stingley – (

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DVD trailer

This is the first live DVD of the legendary band Type O Negative. The live DVD features a concert at the Bizarre Festival in Germany 1999 and comes with 5.1 sound. This is the first time the band has let their fans have a look at what’s behind the stage. All bonus features have been recorded around the world and gives the viewers a fascinating overview across the musical work and the personalities behind this unique band.

The track listing for the DVD is as follows:

Live At The Bizarre Festival, Germany, 1999 (Dolby Digital 5.1/stereo):

01. In The Flesh
02. Cinnamon Girl
03. Waste Of Life intro
04. Too Late: Frozen
05. In Praise Of Bacchus
06. Kill All The White People
07. Cornucopia
08. Wolf Moon (including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
09. Everything Dies
10. My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend
11. Are You Afraid?
12. Gravity
13. Black Sabbath intro
14. Christian Woman
15. Love You To Death
16. Black No. 1

CD single:

SANTANA medley, approx. 6:00 minutes, featuring
01. Evil Ways
02. Oye Como Va
03. Black Magic Woman

DVD extras:

* over 30 minutes of “Behind the Scenes” material
* a previously unreleased interview (interviewer: Juliya), 30 minutes
* photo gallery of 40 pictures of the band members from birth til death, taken from the members personal photo albums
* commentary track with the band and Slitzy
* bios of the band members

Approximate running time: 2:15 hours


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