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LACUNA COIL Frontwoman Has No Interest In Pursuing Solo Career

Mick Stingley of Metal Edge magazine recently conducted an interview with LACUNA COIL frontwoman Cristina Scabbia for the cover story of the magazine’s May 2006 issue, available on the stands now. A few excerpts from the chat follow:

Metal Edge: What is your opinion about “Karmacode”?

Cristina: “I’m totally, totally excited! Of course, every band, every musician is always excited about the new record because it’s the freshest thing you’re doing. But especially after three years after the release of ‘Comalies’ we were really looking forward to releasing new material. We can’t wait to play the new songs live, we absolutely adore them and I think we’ve matured a lot. It’s maybe a bit obvious to say, but over the last three years, what LACUNA COIL around the world facing different cultures and hearing different kinds of music… it’s just a stupid example, but when you play a festival you have a chance to check out new bands and discover different scenes and sometimes hear a new instrument of something you haven’t heard before that you like the sound of — all those inputs are really important and if you are able to elaborate on them with your personal taste, the end result can be very good. I’m totally happy about ‘Karmacode’, which is the perfect balance in between what we were and what we’ve become, or evolved into, without really changing who we are.”

Metal Edge: How does being Italian figure into your music? Is LACUNA COIL the new voice of Italy?

Cristina: “I’m totally proud of it; I’m totally proud of being Italian. If you look at Italy and Milan, we have good food, art, beautiful architecture, a rich history — we have it all! (laughs) We don’t miss out on anything! I don’t know… I will always be Italian and my friends and parents are here and even when I go out for so long, I will always come back because this is my roots, you know? Growing up in Milan… the city is the fashion capital because of all the designers and runway shows are here, but it’s not like everyone on the street is so fashionable or super-into fashion. Yes, Dolce & Gabbana is here, and Versace, but I always liked to personalize my style. I love to change my look and style — I can be sporty the same way I can be sexy — I love different clothes and I’m not affected by fashion any more than any other girl in the world. And the guys in the band are the same, most of them were skaters. I don’t think they dressed Versace! (laughs)”

Metal Edge: How have you changed [since the band’s early days]?

Cristina: “I think I have evolved as a singer. I like it. I do what I can do: this is my voice. I sing from my heart. That is me and this is my personality, so I think I grew up pretty well. (laughs) But I don’t take good care of my voice (laughs). No way! I don’t do that at all. I talk a lot. I have a lot of friends and when I go out I talk and when I come back I am without voice because I talk all the time — I talk too much! (laughs) I do not smoke, so this is good, but I don’t really like cigarettes. When I’m on the road it’s a little bit different in the way that I discovered this drink which takes care of the vocal cords. It’s really simple, because it’s tea with ginger, honey and lemon juice, so you can drink this and it’s pretty good to repair the vocal cords. It’s not that I’m a freak and won’t talk with you or the fans to save my voice, because I don’t really care. I don’t warm up, though. (laughs) You should probably ask Andrea, because he took vocal lessons and he knows how to warm up the voice, but I don’t because I’m too lazy to do that! (laughs)”

Metal Edge: Let’s expand on that: what are your best and worst qualities?

Cristina: “My worst qualities? Okay, worst: I’m lazy! (laughs) I’m really chaotic — I mean, if you look at my room, it’s like – a mess! I’ve been collecting all the gifts I’ve gotten from the fans all over. I have a room… like I never throw anything away. I have a lot of stuff in my room, so I’m really, really messy! (laughs) I can’t think about bad points about me! Honestly! (laughs) But good points? I’m very open and easy as a person, which is a quality of being, in a way, half masculine and half feminine in that I’m an easygoing person. Being in a band, especially with five men, when you’re on the road- I don’t complain if I don’t have a shower every day. I’m not picky with the food; I’m not acting like a diva or rockstar. I can’t stand musicians acting like a rockstar — I think they don’t have a great attitude at all.”

Metal Edge: History has shown that female-fronted bands end up losing singers to solo careers. Will you always be with LACUNA COIL, and what hopes do you have for the future?

Cristina: “No. No way. Not my case. I’m just ready to swear… because I don’t like it. I was on my own, and I didn’t really like it. I really, really love the team play (laughs) team game- I really love to go around with the guys and to share the time on the road with. I think it’s great to be in a band, and to be a part of this band. But, no, no, no, no way! You will not see, like, a solo Cristina album at all. No, no! Lame! No! (laughs) But I hope that everything will be successful and realize at the same time, we don’t feel any pressure. We are still enjoying ourselves and having a good time so I can only hope it will continue like that. It’s always a risk- you can never know if people will like the album the same way you do; but right now, at this moment, we are very happy… and taking it easy. (laughs) I just hope it will continue like that. I think we will see what happens very, very soon.”

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