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SKID ROW Featuring PHIL LYNOTT, GARY MOORE: Collection Of Early Recordings Due This Month

Hux Records has announced plans to issue a collection of early recordings from SKID ROW, the band featuring legendary guitarist Gary Moore (not to be confused with the late ’80s/early ’90s hard rock group by the same name). Entitled “Live and on Song”, the set features all four sides of the two ultra-rare singles the band released in 1969. These were only ever released in Ireland, on the independent Song Records label. Phil Lynott (later of THIN LIZZY) was the vocalist on the A side of that first single. It is his earliest and rarest recording. The B side was sung by Gary Moore, who also handled vocal duties on the A side of the second single. Also included on this CD is the group’s powerful live show, recorded in London by the BBC in 1971. This recording captured the band at the peak of their improvisational powers as a concert act.

“Live and on Song” (view cover here) track listing:

Song Records singles, 1969

01. New Places, Old Faces (3:22)
02. Misdemeanour Dream Felicity (4:30)
03. Saturday Morning Man (4:08)
04. Mervyn Aldridge (4:10)

BBC Live In Concert, 1971

05. Christian Blues Brother (13:30)
06. Felicity (16:35)
07. Pretty Girls (2:48)

“Live and on Song” is scheduled for release on March 27.


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