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ROB ZOMBIE Says New Single’s Sound Is Not Influenced By Record Company –

ROB ZOMBIE has lashed out the people who have suggested that his new single, “Foxy Foxy” (view video here) is an attempt at a more commercialized sound in order to appease his record company.

Said Zombie: “Let me set the record straight. Most things don’t bother me, but this does. In response to people inplying that ‘the record label made me write ‘Foxy Foxy’ in order to to sell more records or whatever.’ That is total bullshit. The record label never has and never will make me do anything. If you hate the song, fine, but I am the one responsible for you hating it. Not the label. So blame me.

“It’s funny how nothing ever changes. I remember the first tour for ‘La Sexorcisto’, fans were screaming ‘You suck!’ ‘‘Thunder Kiss ’65’ is gay!’ ‘You sold out!’ Then guess what — the same thing happened on the next record… ‘‘More Human Than Human’ is gay!’ ‘You guys suck now!’


“I do what I do, same as I always have. If you don’t like it, well, then don’t listen to it.

“What can I tell ya?”

ROB ZOMBIE will perform “Foxy Foxy” on NBC-TV‘s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Wednesday, March 15. The track comes off the singer’s new album, “Educated Horses”, which is scheduled for release on March 28 via Geffen Records. The follow-up to 2001’s “The Sinister Urge” was recorded at Los Angeles’ Chop Shop Studios with co-producer Scott Humphrey, who had previously worked with Rob on the platinum hits “Hellbilly Deluxe” and “The Sinister Urge”. Other musicians contributing to the CD include Josh Freese (A PERFECT CIRCLE, VANDALS) and Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE).

Zombie is now gearing up for the “Educated Horses Tour”. The tour is scheduled to start March 17 in Jacksonville, Florida and hit 27 cities before concluding five weeks later in Mesa, Arizona. Joining Rob on this tour will be guitarist John 5 (ex-MARILYN MANSON), longtime bassist Rob “Blasko” Nicholson and drummer Tommy Clufetos (ex-ALICE COOPER, TED NUGENT). Support acts on the tour will be LACUNA COIL and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE.


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