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Freshly Sold REVOLVER Magazine Signs Deal To Distribute Compilation CDs –

Image Entertainment, Inc., a leading independent licensee, producer and distributor of home entertainment programming in North America, has announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the U.S. hard rock/heavy metal magazine Revolver.

As part of the exclusive agreement, Image will create a series of Revolver-branded compilation CDs. The initial launch will consist of four CDs and is expected to reach retail stores in June.

Revolver is all about great hard rock music, and we are eager to extend this brand into CD product,” said George Steele, vice president of Image Music Group, a division of Image Entertainment, Inc.Revolver has a loyal following that will be excited about this CD series, and we’re sure that the CDs will also help Revolver build their publishing brand.”

“My main concern was finding a collaborator for the magazine who understood what the Revolver reader wants and expects from us, and who wouldn’t ask us to compromise that relationship just to sell a few compact discs,” said Tom Beaujour, editor-in-chief of Revolver. “We’ve definitely found that in Image Entertainment.” reported earlier on Monday (March 6) that Future US, publisher of Guitar World, Future Music and Future Snowboarding, acquired Revolver from Harris Publications for an estimated $3.5 million to $4 million.

Revolver, which has an unaudited 150,000 circulation ( had earlier reported the number as closer to 200,000, which is apparently incorrect), makes a “seven-figure profit,” according to executives familiar with the deal.

“We wanted to make a prudent acquisition that will add to our company,” said Steve Aaron, Future group publishing director.

Aaron believes five-year-old Revolver will also benefit from advertising synergies. “We can bring Guitar World‘s music instrument category — guitar and amplifier manufacturers — to Revolver and bring some of Revolver‘s record labels and nonendemic advertising into the guitar magazines,” explained Aaron.

Future is also planning to increase Revolver‘s frequency to monthly from 10 times yearly and create newsstand specials, DVD and video-on-demand content — which the company already produces for its Guitar World-branded titles — and possibly a Revolver awards event.

Beaujour, associate publisher Judd Silver and their staff (save for the art director) will stay on.


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