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Press releases from DETRITUS

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Lord News (Dungeon)

[Note: We took this from . – Tim]

The story of Lord begins as Dungeon, 16 years ago in the Australian
outback. Formed by singer / guitarist Lord Tim, Dungeon rose to the
very top of the Australian heavy metal scene with both headlining and
supporting tours of Australia alongside the likes of Megadeth, Opeth,
Nightwish, Angra, Doro, Destruction, Nevermore, Edguy, Yngwie
Malmsteen, Mayhem and more, and international tours with Megadeth,
Skylark, Dragonland, Metal Church and Galneryus.

In 2003, Lord Tim released an album of personal songs which had been
written and recorded over the years, material which was either too
personal or inappropriate to contribute to Dungeon. As Dungeon was his
main project at the time, this album — Lord: A PERSONAL JOURNEY —
was strictly a side solo project.

Fast forward to 2005 and Dungeon has returned from their ground-
breaking world tour with Megadeth, a long tour which took its toll on
the inner workings of the band so much that it split the band in two,
prompting Lord Tim to finally put an end to Dungeon’s 16 year legacy
and reinvent Lord as a legitimate band with fresh and hungry players.

Lord combines the melody of ’80s hard rock icons such as Dokken, Harem
Scarem and Leatherwolf with the strong traditional metal impact of
Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and classic Queensryche. This musical
melting pot draws its fire from thrash elements such as Slayer,
Kreator, Megadeth and old Metallica, and the speed and technicality of
power metal’s Helloween, Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray.

This diverse range of styles is executed flawlessly by the blistering
guitar duo of Lord Tim and Mav Stevens, the fluid yet rock-solid bass
work of Andy Dowling and the blinding, double-kick attack of Tim
Yatras — an unrelenting metal assault tempered by lush multi-part
vocal harmonies and Lord Tim’s powerful soaring vocals.

Fans of Dungeon will immediately identify with Lord, who are
continuing with the same style of music and playing all of the old
Dungeon classic anthems at their energetic and entertaining live

Dungeon’s music will be forever etched into Australian metal history
but Lord’s journey has only just begun. With such a powerful
foundation and a driving hunger to take it even further beyond, Lord’s
future is bright as they proudly continue on with Dungeon’s legacy:
100% Pure Aussie Heavy Metal.

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Tickets Go On Sale This Week For 8th Annual New England Metal And
Hardcore Festival

WORCESTER, MASS. — Tickets will go on sale Friday, February 24 for
the 8th annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, which is set
to take place at the Palladium in Worcester, Mass., on Friday, April
28, Saturday, April 29, and Sunday, April 30. This year the event is
presented by ESP Guitars and Krank Amps.

Proclaimed in past years as one of the best American festivals
focusing on heavy music, the three-day show will host numerous metal,
hardcore, and metalcore bands along with a jam-packed vendor area
where fans can purchase hard-to-find CDs, T-shirts, and other music
merchandise. ESP Guitars will be giving away guitars and Krank Amps
will be giving away amps and even a half stack. These two great
companies will also be bringing you up close and personal with some of
the bands they endorse — so as we get closer to fest we will have
schedule of artist signings and other surprises.

“If you decide to go to only one fest this year, this should be it,”
says Revolver Magazine and calls it “…hands down,
the best metal fest in the world.”

The show will once again take place on two stages at The Palladium.
Bands that have already been confirmed for the festival are: Lacuna
Coil, Gamma Ray, DragonForce (first time EVER in America!), Arch
Enemy, Chimaira, The Black Dahlia Murder, Bullet For My Valentine,
Exodus, Cryptopsy, 100 Demons, A Perfect Murder, Alarum, Arsis,
Bloodline Calligraphy, Bronx Casket Company, Byzantine, Caliban,
Cattle Decapitation, Colin Of Arabia, Damnation AD, Dead To Fall,
Death Threat, Demiricous, Dying Eyes Bleed, Ed Gein, Embrace The End,
Folly, Full Blown Chaos, Goat Horn, God Forbid, Hate Eternal, Horse
The Band, Hypersolid, If Hope Dies, Immolation, Inked In Blood, Into
Eternity, Ion Dissonance, Ligeia, Losa, Mercury Switch, Necrophagist,
Neuraxis, Nodes Of Ranvier, On Broken Wings, Protest The Hero,
Ramallah, Righteous Jams, Ringworm, Sanctity, Scars Of Tomorrow,
Second Story Window, Shoot To Kill, Since The Flood, Skinless, Still
Remains, Suffocation, Sworn Enemy, The Acacia Strain, The Absence, The
Classic Struggle, The Miles Between, Torn Assunder, Trouble, Twelve
Tribes, Who Killed The Promo Queen, Wolf, xDEATHSTARx, and

More bands will be announced in the coming weeks. Talent is subject to

“We’ve been extremely happy with how this festival has grown over the
years,” said MassConcerts Booking Agent and festival co-founder Scott
Lee, “and this year the lineup is one of the most varied yet — a
great mixture of different styles of bands.”

The 8th Annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival is brought to
you by ESP Guitars and Krank Amps, teaming up to present the festival
this year; Prosthetic Records, which is sponsoring the 2nd Stage
upstairs, Revolver Magazine, the exclusive magazine partner and
creator of the official event program, Facedown Records which is
sponsoring the street marketing efforts, FUSE TV, Mazur PR and The
Syndicate. Vendors this year include Century Media, Trustkill,
Eulogy/Hand of Hope, Metal Blade, Red Rocket Records, and many others.

Friday tickets are $35.00; Saturday and Sunday individual day tickets
are $40.00. Three-day passes are $109.50. Tickets will be available at
all Strawberries Record Stores, online at, or by calling at (800) 477-6849.

The Palladium is located at 261 Main Street in Worcester,

Visit the festival Web site at or .

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Pain Of Salvation Frontman, Daniel Gildenlow, Asks Brother To Leave

Quote from the band’s Web site posted on 2/21/06:

We are sad to announce that Kristoffer Gildenlow is no longer a member
of Pain Of Salvation. After having been the band’s bass player since
1994, he has been kindly asked by the other members to leave the band.
The separation derives from growing difficulties to function together
as a band since Kristoffer moved to Holland a few years back.

The band’s own statement:

“We are a band who loves to play music together, and who values being
a real band rather than a project that functions on distance. Being a
tight unit welded together musically and personally is an important
part of the band’s soul; and constantly being decimated while
composing, rehearsing, and even recording, simply proved impossible in
the long run.

“Kristoffer has grown to become a tremendous bass player during the
years with Pain Of Salvation and it is with sadness that we now see
him go, but since this logistic situation will not change within the
coming years, we unfortunately see no other choice.”

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Mortiis: “Decadent And Desperate” Norwegian Single Features Brand New

Mortiis is set for a debut homeland single release when a special
version of “Decadent And Desperate” is released.

Taken from the seminal THE GRUDGE album, “Decadent And Desperate” is
released in Norway on Earache on March 6, 2006.

“Decadent And Desperate” comes in three formats, all including
exclusive non-album tracks. Both 7″ versions feature artwork including
two poster sleeves and the CD contains one post-Grudge song

“Decadent And Desperate” track listing

7″ MOSH 306
01. Decadent And Desperate (Album version)
02. Parasite God (live in London)*

7″ MOSH 306S
01. Decadent and Desperate (Album version)
02. Way Too Wicked (Absinthium Mix)*

01. Decadent and Desperate (Album version)
02. Underdog*
03. Gibber (Gibbering Idiot Mix)*

* denotes non-album track

Mortiis will be featured on an episode of the Norwegian television
show “Lydverket” on Wednesday, March 1.

The subject of the program is masks and images in rock music and
Mortiis’ prosthetic-enhanced frontman made the band an obvious choice
for the program. Noted for his unique image, the frontman of the same
name began wearing a full mask in 1994 as part of the full Mortiis
concept. “Lydverket” captures Mortiis years later as the concept has
evolved and Mortiis has begun removing the mask during live shows.

The “Lydverket” crew followed Mortiis for nine months, filming and
interviewing the band numerous times on tour in England and Norway and
at photo shoots.

“Lydverket” (Norwegian for “soundworks”) is Norway’s biggest and most
respected music program with an average of 150,000 viewers and airs on
the country’s largest channel.

The episode will also include Slipknot, Kiss’ first manager Bill
Aucoin, and Alice Cooper, among others.

This episode of “Lydverket” will first air on NRK1 on Wednesday, March
1 at 23.10 (11:10 p.m.) and will re-play on NRK2 Sunday, March 5.

Mortiis is currently working on new material. A follow-up to last
year’s THE GRUDGE is planned for this year.

For instant songs and remixes, visit

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-The Rock And Metal Mavens Of Domeshots Slay With Sophomore Effort
RECEPTION On Rock Ridge Music, In Stores March 21st

After touring nonstop for past two years in support of their debut
album SELF-TITLED, Domeshots took a break from life on the road to
record their sophomore effort RECEPTION. All songs on the album were
written and produced by the band which was recorded at Skyline Studios
in Oakland, CA in Fall 2005. The 12 track CD will be released on Rock
Ridge Music March 21, 2006. Look for Domeshots to rock a city near you
with tour dates throughout Spring and Summer 2006.

Danner Alexander (vocals), Jim Seishas (guitar), Eric Tamo (bass) and
Dave Criss (drums) are the amazingly talented foursome that make up
Domeshots. These guys are committed to living an unapologetic life of
metal on the road to greatness. Touring has been a big part of getting
their music out to the masses. The San Francisco natives have opened
for many heavyweights including Mudvayne, Taproot, Kittie, Papa Roach,
Five.Bolt.Main and Fingertight to name a few. Experiences on the road
as well as the crazy media obsessed world that we live in proved to be
the inspiration for many tracks on RECEPTION.

For instance the album’s first single, “OMG” was inspired by the so-
called “news” that floods the tabloids and television shows in this
day and age. Danner Alexander mused: “From Terri Schiavo having
bananas snuck into her from extreme religious groups (hence the lyric:
‘How much politics can you shove down my feeding tube?’) to Paris
Hilton releasing a statement to let the world know that she isn’t
friends with Nicole Richie anymore. So to that we say, OMG!” The
meaning behind the controversial track, “Bloodnose” was also pulled
from the headlines. “This song is a general commentary on our
awesomely successful Operation Iraqi Freedom. The 2nd verse opens with
‘I murder when I liberate. We call it liberate!?! Guilt….I’m wrapped
with Guilt,'” noted Alexander.

The press response has been positive and the fans have an unwavering
loyalty to the band and their music. From a band that has been
frequently compared to such notables as Faith No More and System Of A
Down, Domeshots have combined their diverse musical influences and
arisen from the metal flames as true individuals. RECEPTION promises
to grab the attention of new fans from press and radio alike. The sky
is the limit for this foursome. Tour dates will be announced soon.

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Metal Queen Management – Canadian Music Week News

Metal Queen Management Canadian Music Week (CMW) Festival Showcase


Metal Queen Management is proud to announce being a part of Canadian
Music Week. Only a few management companies in the history of the CMW
Festival have been able to have such talent to own an entire showcase
all their own — in one night.

With owning all four sets of the 40-minute shows at the Vatikan, Metal
Queen Management has definitely grown within the last three years.

MQM’s showcase for the night of Saturday, March 4th, 2006 at the
Vatikan features:

12am: Cryptopsy (Century Media Records)

11pm: Penetrator (Sonic Age Records)

10pm: Shatterpoint (Power Play Records)

9 pm: Warmachine (Nightmare Records)

MQM has coordinated four brilliant bands of artists under its
management in one showcase, also featuring MC Dave Blezard from Z103.5
and Miss Barbra Fisch deejays the event. Years of experience in
various aspects of the Heavy Metal side of the industry has given
Metal Queen Management an intuition for sourcing out the best bands
and working with them honing their craft, bringing each band to the
“next level.”

These bands have underlined their position at the very top of the
musical genre.


Sheer Entertainment all in a Saturday Night showcase!

Saturday, March 4 – The Vatikan, 1032 Queen Street West, Toronto

Sellout is expected. Purchase your tickets in advance.

Tickets — $15 — available at: (free shipping)
The Vatikan, 1032 Queen Street West, Toronto
Long & McQuade, 925 Bloor Street West, Toronto (see Jon Long for

Montreal extreme metallers Cryptopsy have been nominated for Favorite
Metal Artist as part of Canadian Music Week. The Indies, The 6th
Annual Independent Music Awards, will be hosted by the Trailer Park
Boys, and the awards will be presented at Toronto’s The Docks on March
1st at 7:00 PM. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster or .

Cryptopsy Meet & Greet on Saturday March 4, 2006 at 1:00 p.m. to 3:00

Steve’s Music Store hosts a “Meet & Greet” of Cryptopsy members Lord
Worm, Eric Langlois, Alex Auburn, Chris Donaldson and Flo Mounier
(extreme drummer extraordinaire) on Saturday, March 4 from 1:00 pm. to
3:00 p.m. in conjunction with The Metal Queen Management Canadian
Music Week Showcase.

Reinventing and redefining metal’s boundaries, Cryptopsy, are
recognized worldwide for infusing extreme music with awe-inspiring
precision, rabidly dynamic rhythms, and mouth-foaming viciousness. The
band’s viperous recordings and punishing live performance have
confirmed their place in music’s elite.

Canada’s Cryptopsy have toured the world and have seven releases in
their discography. They come to Toronto hot off touring 30 days in

Enter chance to win a signature bass head.

Don’t miss your chance to meet Cryptopsy at Steve’s Music Store!

Steve’s Music Store
416 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
(416) 593-8888

In conjunction with Pearl Canada and Sabian Cymbals, Long & McQuade
Musical Instruments is proud to present the new champion of extreme
metal drumming, Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy. This kicks off our “L&M
University” series of free in-store clinics. Flo will be up close and
personal with extreme drumming enthusiasts on Monday March 6 at our
Mississauga store, located at 900 Rathburn Road in Mississauga.
Showtime is 7 PM. No admission charge!

Get there early!!!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to watch Flo demonstrate the speed,
finesse and astounding technique that has catapulted this extreme
drumming phenom, and Cryptopsy to the top!

Check out Flo’s website …

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments
900 Rathburn Road
Mississauga, ON
(905) 273-3939

Metal Queen Management

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
-Overlorde Interviews

Upcoming Online Radio Interviews

On Thursday, March 2nd, tune in to hear Overlorde’s monster bassist
John “Kong” Bunucci live as he is interviewed on the VM Underground
radio show on Krush Radio. The show starts at 6:00 p.m. EST and Kong
will be calling in at 6:30 p.m. DJ Vic will be airing a song not
previously featured in Overlorde’s MySpace Music Player. The song will
be “Blackness,” which leads off with Kong on bass and, as described by
Cheryl of The Metal Gospel, “detonates at the end.” Tune in here: . And also check out the VM Underground Web
site at !

On March 15, 2006, Overlorde’s M.E. travels to the studios of The
Metal Fortress in the very metal Kingdom of Connecticut to join
Mistress Vivian for a live interview on-air and online. The show airs
from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. EST. See for
more. Tune in on-air at 91.7 FM WHUS Storrs, CT or online at .

New Interview Posted

The very cool new site ( )
has posted its debut interview. It is with Overlorde’s Mark “M.E.”
Edwards. This is a cool and different interview for sure, and has been
made more so by the inclusion of never before posted Overlorde photos.

At the bottom of the interview is a link to the Overlorde profile.
Read member reviews of RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT and be sure to also
post your own review! Read the interview at .


*** PRESS RELEASE #8 ***
-The Trews Take On SXSW!

Canada’s Hottest Rock Band to Kick Off The Release of Their First US
Album & US Tour Dates with Several Appearances at SXSW

As one of Canada’s top-selling rock bands, with two Gold records and
six “Top 10” singles, The Trews have set their sights on something a
bit larger for their new release—America. That’s right, starting with
two special performances at this year’s SXSW festival, the band is
about to take the US by storm with the release of their first American
album DEN OF THIEVES (produced by Jack Douglas) April 18th and a
series of tour dates that will have them criss-crossing the country
with friend and performer Will Hoge.

Heralded as Canada’s “hardest working band,” The Trews have shared the
stage with such esteemed artists as The Rolling Stones, The Offspring,
Evanescence and more and The Observer described their set “an
energetic 90-minute-plus set that most bands would be hard-pressed to

See for yourself what critics and fans are already raving about and
check out the Trews Wednesday, March 15th at SXSW for two special-
engagement performances!

Wednesday, March 15th
Brush Square*
“Canadian Blast SXSW Kick-Off Party”
3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

*Located between the Convention Center and The Hilton. This is an
invite-only event.

The TREWS SXSW Showcase
11 p.m.
618 W. 6th St.
*This event is open to the public, attendees must be 18 and older.

For more information about The TREWS, visit .

*** PRESS RELEASE #9 ***
-Serpent Rise Recording New Album After Eight Years

Serpent Rise, one of the oldest active doom metal bands in South
America is recording their new album during this last week of
February, after eight years of the release of GATHERED BY…, their
debut. The recordings are being made at Hurricane Studio with the
production of Sebastian Carsin (Enthroned).

The new full length will have six songs and an artwork made by
Jefferson Britto (My Threnody). As soon as the recordings are finished
the band will put a full track for download in their Web site, .

*** PRESS RELEASE #10 ***
-Band Name: Signs Of A Struggle

Music Style: thrash/metal

Sound File:

Description: melodic alternative thrash metal

Biography: SOS was formed about two years ago in Gurnee, IL. The band
consists of four members: Derek S. – bass, Tom A. – drums, Dean C. –
lead guitar, James D. – guitar & vocals…

In comparison to all the other bands out their gigging, they work
twice as hard!! They play as much as possible as many times as
possible and practice, practice, practice.

Currently, SOS is in round 2 of a Chicago Stations Bandemonium contest
(battle of the bands). Out of 69 bands it is down to 8 and they’re
still going strong!!!

*** PRESS RELEASE #11 ***
-Sleaze Roxx News

Sleaze Roxx has recently conducted several interviews, which can be
read at .

Among the latest interviews are:

Tangier’s Doug Gordon talks about writing new material with
Cinderella’s Tom Keifer.

Ampage’s Mark Mason remembers getting the boot from Ratt for doing too
many drugs.

Johnny Crash’s August Worchell talks about releasing rare demos and
the early days of WWIII.

Spread Eagle’s Paul DiBartolo tells why he has no interest in a
reunion with his old band.

Also don’t forget to enter the contest to win the brand new Poison DVD

*** PRESS RELEASE #12 ***
-The Band Axemaster Returns…

The power/thrash metal band Axemaster who found success in the ’80s
and ’90s with two albums released by Azra International Records and
two CDs released by Unisound Records is currently re-forming!!!!
Founding member Joe Sims (lead guitarist and main songwriter) has
joined forces with drummer Mike Hissam (formerly of Omen and
Belladona) to create a new version of the project that will continue
to be true to the band’s classic roots. A new CD is planned that will
feature some new songs as well as some past material (including the
signature songs “Crusades” and “Death Before Dishonor”). You can check
out some of the band’s past music at…

*** PRESS RELEASE #13 ***
-Z Records News


A special Z Rock 06 Promo night will take place at Maximes, Wigan,
this Friday with special CD giveaways and more. Doors open at 10PM
until late, for details call 01942 239717.


A special full track MP3 stream from the forthcoming Snakeryder album
is available at , check Hardlife out for


Be at the Z Web site 12 noon GMT, for some exciting news for Arabia

*** PRESS RELEASE #14 ***
-Official Planes Mistaken For Stars News

Belly Full Of News

Planes Mistaken For Stars ( ), recent Abacus
Recordings’ signees, are heading out on a short tour to road test some
new material they’ve been working on for their forthcoming Abacus
Recordings’ debut.

The band has chosen producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Minus The
Bear) and will begin recording in Seattle in mid-April. Due to the new
recording schedule, the band will no longer be able to make the
06/06/06 release date as originally planned. A new release date will
be set shortly.

Also, for those interested, the band has also changed booking agencies
both home and abroad. They are now represented in North America by
Susanne @ Flowerbooking and in the UK/Europe by Ed Stringfellow @ The
Agency Group UK.

Show details:

03/22/06 – Omaha, NE @ O’Leavers w/ Kingdom Of Magic, Scouts Honor
03/23/06 – Champaign, IL @ Canopy Club w/ Rainer Maria, Kingdom Of
Magic, Scout Niblet, Read Yellow
03/24/06 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar w/ Easy Action, Kingdom Of Magic,
Read Yellow
03/25/06 – Chicago, IL @ The Note w/ Kingdom Of Magic, Raise The Red
03/26/06 – Iowa City, IA @ Gabe’s Oasis w/ TBA

Show notes:

Champaign: 18+, Planes on stage at 8:45pm
Lansing: 18+
Chicago: 21+, LATE SHOW – Doors at midnight – Planes on stage around
1am, bar open until 5am.
Iowa City: 19+, 8pm doors

Planes Mistaken For Stars links: – official site – official myspace – official purevolume – official merchandise store – official band message board

-40angels, A Benefit For The Flight 93 Memorial Fund, takes place
Sunday, March 5, at The Underpass in Elmwood Park, NJ. The show is a
21 & over event with a $10 donation/cover, and will feature Sean
Faust, Josh Rifkin And Tuesdays All-Stars, Serin, a “special acoustic
set” from members of Slippery When Wet, and Buck 3 Eighty. All
proceeds from the event will go directly to the Flight 93 Memorial
Fund. See or contact Faust at for more information. See for more on the

-Angel Dust will hit the studio in March to record the follow-up to OF
HUMAN BONDAGE. This will be the first release with new singer Carsten
Kaiser (ex-Everflow). Rumors have been flying that band co-founder
Frank Banx would return to the band, but they’re not true. A new
bassist will be announced soon.

-Angtoria has finished recording its debut album GOD HAS A PLAN FOR US
ALL. The disc is expected out April 27 in two formats, a regular jewel
case edition and a digi-pak edition with a bonus track. Track list:
“The Awakening,” “I’m Calling,” “God Has A Plan For Us All,” “Suicide
On My Mind,” “Deity Of Disgust,” “The Addiction,” “Six Feet Under’s
Not Deep Enough,” “Do You See Me Now,” “Original Sin,” “Hell Hath No
Fury Like A Woman Scorned,” “Confide In Me,” “That’s What The Wise
Lady Said,” “A Child That Walks The Path Of A Man” (digi-pak bonus
track). See for more.

-Bang Your Head!!! 2006 festival organizers have announced Quiet Riot
is now confirmed to appear. Four more acts will be announced soon. The
festival takes place June 23-24 in Balingen, Germany. See for more.

-Beautiful Sin is a new band featuring Belgian vocalist Magali Luyten,
guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad (Pagan’s Mind), bassist Steinar Krokmo
(Pagan’s Mind), keyboardist Axel Mackenrott (Masterplan), and drummer
Uli Kusch (Masterplan, Helloween). The band’s debut should be out in
May on AFM, and hype has the group “described as a melodic metal band
and features Magali’s dynamical and charismatic voice.” The disc was
recorded last year in Belgium and Norway and was mixed by Tommy Hansen
at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark. The Web site is still under construction, but Kusch’s
site has details for now .

-Enertia is playing out and working on new material. According to a
post at its site, 13 songs have been written and titles include “Piece
Of The Factory,” “Do It Again,” “The Hardest Sorrow,” and “An Old
Fashioned Beating.” Another new song called “Demons Of Silence” can be
heard now at the band’s MySpace site, . The band hopes to hit the studio
this summer. See for more.

-Kamelot will release its first DVD, ONE COLD WINTER’S NIGHT, this
fall or winter. It features a live show originally filmed in Oslo,
Norway, with special appearances by Simone Simons, Sascha Paeth, Snowy
Shaw, and others. See for more info on the
DVD, the next album, and an update on a possible North American tour.

-Upcoming Mad Margritt shows:

3/3 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Greenville, SC
3/4 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Charleston, SC
3/10 – 3/11 – Gipsons, Douglasville, GA
3/17 – The Wild Wing Cafe, North Charleston, SC
3/24 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Charlotte, NC
3/25 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Marietta, GA
3/31 – 4/1 – The Office, Norcross, GA

See for more. has an article entitled “10 Top One Album Heavy Metal
Wonders” at . Some
notables include Queensryche’s OPERATION: MINDCRIME, Motley Crue’s
SHOUT AT THE DEVIL, Cinderella’s NIGHT SONGS, and Quiet Riot’s METAL

-Metallica’s next album is slated to be produced by Rick Rubin.

-Moonspell will release MEMORIAL on Steamhammer/SPV on April 25. Hype:
“MEMORIAL is, again, a ground-breaking album which shows not only that
the eternal spark of Moonspell’s creativity is at its maturity’s peak,
but that also recreates traditions and influences that have helped the
band to conquer their rightful place at the top of the Gothic Metal
scene in the Nineties.” Further hype: “The most famous and successful
Portuguese band ever presents us a work of the finest art where power
and soul flow together in a heavy, dark and atmospheric album, rarely
heard in today’s Gothic Metal scene. MEMORIAL is a feast for the
senses, food for thought and a light for the soul. MEMORIAL is
something you will like to hold on to and to remember forever.” Track
list: “In Memoriam,” “Finisterra,” “Memento Mori,” “Sons Of Earth,”
“Blood Tells,” “Upon The Blood Of Men,” “At The Image Of Pain,”
“Sanguine,” “Proliferation,” “Once It Was Ours!,” “Mare Nostrum,”
“Luna,” “Best Forgotten,” “Atlantic” (bonus track on limited edition
digi-pak). The band’s lineup consists of Fernando Ribeiro on vocals,
Pedro Paixão and Ricardo Amorim on guitar and keyboards, and Mike
Gaspar on drums.

-Obsession has a new song posted at .

-Tad Morose hopes to find a singer to replace Urban Breed sometime in
March, because the band is slated to play two gigs this spring: the
Gothenburg Metal Festival in Sweden and Karmoygeddon Festival in
Norway. “The work on the new album continues and we are all very
excited about getting a new singer in the band,” Christer “Krunt”
Andersson recently said. See for more.

-This Saturday, March 4, John Taglieri and band members will appear on
Ocean County College’s Viking Radio, on The In-House MILF’s show from
noon – 1:30 p.m.; tune in locally at 96.5 WOCC or on-line at . Upcoming shows:

3/1 – The Grasshopper Off The Green, Morristown, NJ (w/ Edgar)
3/2 – Oliver Shakewell’s, Allentown, PA (The Talk Show!! w/ Doug
3/3 – Zig’s Bar, Alexandria, VA
3/4 – The Stage House, Scotch Plains, NJ (w/ Doug Mackie)
3/9 – Oliver Shakewell’s, Allentown, PA
3/10 – Cafe Arabica, Morristown, NJ
3/14 – Cleveland’s Tap Room, West Caldwell, NJ
3/16 – JP Ryan’s, Jersey City, NJ
3/17 – Ambrosia, Morris Plains, NJ
3/21 – Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ
3/22 – Stacatto’s, Washington, D.C.
3/23 – House Of Blue @ Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
3/24 – Jammin’ Java, Columbia, SC
3/25 – 315, Salisbury, NC
3/26 – TBA
3/27 – The Empty Glass, Charleston, WV
3/28 – Raymond Walter College, Cincinnati, OH
3/30 – PJ Ryan’s, Jersey City, NJ
3/31 – The Stage House, Scotch Plains, NJ

See , ,
and for more.

Thanks to Joe Paciolla, Tommy Rehn, Simon Fauteux, Eddie Smith,, and Eric “WPOS” Helgeson for help gathering some of
this information.

by Tim Wadzinski (

-A friend called me out of the blue last week asking if I knew anyone
who had material from a long-defunct Chicago band, because his company
is interested in possibly reissuing it now. (Forgive the “Gene Simmons
Talking About Future Projects” impersonation here, but I can’t mention
the band name.) I actually had some stuff from this band, so I dug it
out and gave a listen. I was then inspired to open up the Detritus
archives and rifle through my collection of local Chicago rock ‘zines
and newspapers from roughly 1989-1992, things like the Chicago Rocker,
Windy City Rocks, and CAMM (Chicag Area Metal Monthly). I was
initially depressed to find all these relics from my college years are
now starting to yellow and get brittle… Ugh. But then I was pretty
pleased with the trip down memory lane. Man, all the bad hairdos and
intricately ripped jeans! Wow. And the band names — Sok-N-Wet, Nikki
Foxx (a band, not a chick), Sgt. Roxx, Cherri Rokkett, Wee B. Toyz,
and Whyte Rock, to name just a very few — were so fun in all their
misspelled glory. I think there was another one called City Trickx,
which doesn’t even make sense. (I wonder if rock writers wore out the
“X” keys on their typewriters back then…) Ah, good times.

-Anyone see the Glenn Tipton press release two weeks ago? His 1997
solo album BAPTIZM OF FIRE is being reissued by Rhino Records, and the
press release really played up the contributions of the now-deceased
rhythm section of bassist John Entwistle (The Who) and drummer Cozy
Powell (ex-everybody). Thing is, Powell only played on three tracks on
the album, and Entwistle one. Nothing like a little over-hyping, eh?

-I found a fantastic new Chicago band name in this month’s Illinois
Entertainer: Flesh Melons.

-Now in my current playlist: Rhapsody – LIVE IN CANADA 2005 – THE DARK
SECRET (Magic Circle Music), Various – HOLLYWOOD HAIRSPRAY VOL. 5
(Perris Records), Venom – METAL BLACK (Sanctuary), Canvas Solaris –

*** REVIEWS ***
DEGREE ABSOLUTE (C) Sensory, 2006
10 tracks, RT: 57:16
[ ]
[ ]
I have always had a strained relationship with “progressive” metal
bands. On one hand I definitely admire the massive amounts of study,
expertise and instrumental dexterity that must go into creating music
within this genre, but on the other hand I have yet to hear a prog-
metal album that has truly blown me away, or even held my interest all
the way through. (Symphony X’s THE ODYSSEY probably came closest.) I
have little patience for the epic-length instrumental jams and endless
noodling which seem to be part and parcel of the prog-metal
experience, so most of the time I find such CDs to be a test of my
endurance rather than a pleasant listening experience. (At this point
half of the Detritus readership is probably saying “This guy is an
idiot!” isn’t it?) Anyway, obviously I generally prefer my metal to be
a bit more “meat and potatoes,” therefore the self-titled debut from
this American three piece (vocalist/guitarist Aaron Bell, bassist Dave
Lindeman, and drummer Doug Beary) is not something you would normally
find on my musical menu. If bands like WatchTower and latter-period
Fates Warning make you salivate, however, then you’ll probably get
more out of Degree Absolute than I did. I do like the opening track
“Exist” (even though it runs about two minutes too long), Bell’s
smooth vocals are easy on the ears, and there are some guitar riffs
and other bits and pieces scattered throughout the album that piqued
my interest temporarily, but as a whole the CD didn’t leave much of an
impression on me once it was over. Instead of thinking, “Hey, that
song has a cool solo,” or “I like the chorus in that track,” my mind
would wander during these songs, to the point where I found myself
wondering why the song “Pi” only runs 3:09 rather than the expected
3:14 (get it?) or what inspired the odd title of “HalfManHalfBiscuit”
(sic). I’ve probably listened to this disc at least a dozen times now,
but even after all that time I still couldn’t quote you a lyric from
this CD if you put a gun to my head. Am I too dumb to understand this
album, or are these guys simply a little too pretentious? You make the
call. (Given the fact that there’s an 11-minute song called “Ergo Sum”
on this album, I pick the latter.) If you’re a fan of the genre,
you’ve probably already decided that I’m a tool and you’ve made up
your mind to buy this album, so you can feel free to bump my rating up
to a “B” or even higher. Meantime, I’ll be in the corner listening to
some Overkill and Lizzy Borden if you need me. – Keith Abt

Disc 1: 9 tracks, RT: 61:40
Disc 2: 7 tracks, RT: 53:24
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
Those who are most familiar with Roine Stolt through his work with
Kaipa, The Tangent, and The Flower Kings will likely be puzzled by the
sound of WALL STREET VOODOO, as Roine has moved away from his usual
prog rock stylings to create an ambitious but flawed album with roots
in ’60s and ’70s rock. “The Observer” is a good example of the tone of
the album, with somewhat depressing lyrics and a sound reminiscent of
Steely Dan. Bluesy playing is evident throughout, with several tracks
reflecting a late ’60s vibe calling to mind bands like Cream and The
Grateful Dead. Honestly I can’t get real excited about songs like
“Everyone Wants To Rule The World” or the bizarre inclusion of Joni
Mitchell’s “Sex Kills” but there is enough well constructed music here
to keep fans of Roine happy. Side 2 opens with the fairly bland “The
Unwanted” (complete with annoying processed vocals), but that’s
followed by the catchy “Remember,” funky “Everybody Is Trying To Sell
You Something,” and the easy pace and optimistic lyrical content of
album closer “People That Have The Power To Shape The Future.” At
close to two hours in length, WALL STREET VOODOO runs way too long and
could have easily been edited for more impact, but if you enjoy
Roine’s music and bluesy rock with social commentary you’ll find some
interesting things here. – Neal Woodall (

*** OUT ***

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