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THIN LIZZY Guitarist Remembers PHIL LYNOTT

THIN LIZZY guitarist Scott Gorham recently spoke to about the group’s upcoming European tour.

“We’ve gone back to how THIN LIZZY started out, with two guitarists, bass and drums,” he said. “The tour is called 20/20 with one show for each year Phil [Lynott] has been gone. They are directly dedicated to our friend Phil.”

“Several musicians grew up in THIN LIZZY,” said Gorham. “Phil was the guy who took everyone under his wing. We always thought we knew what it was all about, but we didn’t.

“He showed us how you really write a song, how you really rehearse, how you really do a tour. He made it his business to know these things — he was a leader and a good bluffer!” Gorham also praised Lynott‘s kindness. He remembers: “We’d tour with a relatively unknown support band. These poor kids would be ‘LIZZY-chanted’ off stage. But he would go to their dressing room, gee them up emotionally and help them re-arrange their sets to get their thing across better.”



February 18, 2006 - Posted by | ROCK

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