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The ‘Original’ IRON MAIDEN Resurfaces! –

Luke David of the U.K. newspaper Metro has issued the following report:

For 30 years they kept quiet while one of the most influential heavy metal bands enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame.

But now, in a story that resembles a sketch from rock spoof “Spinal Tap”, a group claiming to be the original IRON MAIDEN has released its first album.

“Maiden Voyage” is collection blood-boiling songs recorded on a beaten-up tape recorder in the 1970s.

Left in an attic for three decades, the songs were all but forgotten until a fan found them and sent them to former lead singer, Paul O’Neill.

Mr. O’Neill, 54, was so impressed he digitally remastered the tracks and pressed the album with £2,500 of savings. The father-of-three now hopes the CD will re-launch their rock careers.

Mr O’Neill claims IRON MAIDEN pinched their name — conjured up by a cleaner — after meeting their guitarist at a gig in London.

He said: “We were all sat around one day, desperately trying to think up a name, and this old lady cleaner walked past us and said, ‘What about IRON MAIDEN? That’s a good name,’ and we looked at each other and said, ‘Yeah! The rest is history.”

Mr. O’Neill, now a Cambridge office worker, said: “We didn’t want to kick up a fuss about the name because we felt proud they were using it. They even looked like us.”

The more famous IRON MAIDEN, of Leytonstone, East London, gave their blessing to the CD, providing they change their name to THE BOLTON IRON MAIDEN. Proceeds from “Maiden Voyage” will go to cancer charities in memory of the band’s guitarist, Beak, who died of the disease in 1976.

Click here to view a scan of the original Metro newspaper article (original publication date: January 30, 2006).


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