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AC/DC: BON SCOTT’s Love Letters To Be Sold

Australia’s Melbourne Herald Sun has issued the following report:

Love letters from AC/DC‘s legendary singer Bon Scott to his former wife are to be auctioned.

Irene Thornton, Scott‘s wife from 1972-74, will sell the intimate writings of rock’s quintessential wild man in April.

The letters, written from 1973-75, are a glimpse of Scott the romantic and reluctant rock star.

They reveal Scott as a lovestruck, ambitious and, after AC/DC conquered the world, a lonely and confused man.

“There is 20-30 chicks a day I can have the choice of,” Scott wrote. “But I can’t stand that. Mixed up.” He’s also romantic. Pretending to be a friend of his, he wrote to Irene: “There is no one in the whole wide world he loves more. Bon is very lonely and he misses his beautiful young spouse with all his heart.”

He writes of drug use, heavy drinking and his disdain for rivals Skyhooks.

“I reckon we’d have to be the hottest band in the country at the moment,” he wrote in 1975. “The next album will tell.”

He also wrote of life on the road: “Got no booze, no dope and no body to play with except my own.”

Scott‘s letters, his shaving mirror and a vinyl test pressing of AC/DC‘s “Jailbreak” album will be sold at Leonard Joel, South Yarra.

Scott died, aged 33, of alcohol poisoning in London in 1980. Irene lives in Melbourne.


February 16, 2006 - Posted by | ROCK

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