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They are taking music to people by heeps and bounds

      They are taking music to people by heeps and bounds

      Riddhi Parekh
      Tuesday, February 07, 2006  23:34 IST

            Until this British band was formed, the name Uriah Heep was more famous as a character from the Charles Dickens classic David Copperfield. Today, the name instantly brings to mind images of classic rock –  long hair, torn jeans, guitar riffs et al.

            The band, slated to hit Mumbai on the first day of the One Tree Music Festival on February 10, is celebrating 20 years of playing with the current line up that includes Mick Box, Lee Kerslake, Trevor Bolder and Bernie Shaw.

            This isn’t Uriah Heep’s first show in Mumbai – they performed here in 1984. Mick Box, the only member to have been with the band, says, “There was only one bass drum in the whole of Mumbai at that time! There are many bands that might have refused to play, but we made the most of it anyway.”

            According to Box, what sets Uriah Heep apart from other bands of that era is that unlike Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, they have five vocalists, not one. Uriah Heep is proud of its history, “We didn’t just tour the safe countries like US and Europe. I couldn’t believe we were the first band to play in Russia in December 1983. We have never hesitated doing shows in non-commercial regions like the Czech Republic.”

            He feels that music is a very powerful medium and Heep’s policy is that if people cannot come to the music, they take the music to people, hence the 48 countries of touring.

            Having toured since the 1970’s, Box explains how different things are today. “There have been instances of our on stage pictures being posted online even before we reach home from the venue,” he says.

            He also explains that Uriah Heep isn’t the kind of band that simply comes and plays to an audience. “We try to make the audience a part of our show. At the end of the day, it’s all about the people,” he says.

            Box says that it is important to not have “tunnel audio vision” and as things have moved on by leaps and bounds, he listens to all kinds of music today, ranging from Canada’s Tea Party to the rock songs by the Stereophonics, and System of a Down!

            So what should this generation of rockers expect this Friday? They will surely be playing the classic songs that people have loved over the years, including songs from albums like Raging Silence, Sea of Light and Sonic Origami. “Hopefully everyone will leave with a big smile on their face, we certainly will,” he concludes.


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