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John Corabi Records “Home Sweet Home” For Crue Tribute

Former Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi is taking part in a new tribute album to his old band. John is doing a new rendition of Home Sweet Home, which started out as a simple acoustic arrangement much like Motley performed on their ’94 tour. But the track has become something quite a bit more epic. John is very excited about the arrangement and just finished the recording today. In addition to John’s performance, this will be the first Motley tribute to feature songs from the ’94 self-titled CD. Three songs from Corabi’s days with the Crue will appear: Hooligan’s Holiday, Power To The Music, and Misunderstood which will feature John on background vocals. More info to come.

Corabi recently completed writing his autobiography and has issued the following statement. “The book is finally finished. Now all that has to be done is add some photos, edit the beast and we’re off to the races!”

Corabi has these upcoming live appearances:


  • 2/17, 18 – Walker, MN – Northern Lights Casino with RATT
  • 2/25, 26 – Tokyo, Japan – KISS Mini Expo with ESP
  • 3/13 to 27 – Sandestin, FL – Rum Runners with HOOKERS N’ BLOW


February 7, 2006 - Posted by | ROCK

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