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Disturbed Shut Down Message Board Over Ozzfest Criticism

Controversy continues to swirl over seemingly contradictory comments Disturbed lead singer David Draiman has made about the band playing Ozzfest 2006. Apparently, visitors have been peppering the message board at the bands’ official website with non-stop criticism over Draimans’ comments…some demanding an apology.

KNAC.COM’s Jeff Kerby asked Draiman about the reports, in a Seattle radio interview, he said “It looks like at this point that we are confirmed for Ozzfest this summer…”

KNAC.COM: Word on the Internet is that Disturbed has been confirmed for Ozzfest—is this true?

DRAIMAN: We can neither confirm nor deny such information.

KNAC.COM: So any reports stating that you have…?

DRAIMAN: They’re garbage. I haven’t said anything to anybody. I’m not saying it isn’t happening, but I haven’t gotten any official confirmation myself. Some radio station in Seattle decided to speculate or something. Every radio station interview that I’ve done at the station though has been with the whole band, and they’ve heard me every single time, and I’ve never said anything like that. We’re in talks with them, but nothing has been solidified.

Draiman left this message on the bands message board, shortly before it was turned off completely:

“When an apology is warranted, I am the first to offer one. But not in this case. I do not appreciate the idiocy of people criticizing what I am supposed to have said. I am not going to defend myself any more than I already have, as there should be no need to. I have half a mind to do away with this board completely, because instead of being a place where we can joyfully interact with the fans it has become a haven for the holier than thou. People who actually have the audacity to think that they have a right to say how we should conduct ourselves or even the wording that we may choose. The door is open to you too, if you do not approve or want to leave.

I hope that you are proud of youself for once again distancing the band from its one means of limited interaction with its fans. You make me really feel welcome here. And what are we arguing about anyway? Whether or not I remember saying something a certain way? I already said I don’t remember, nor does the rest of the band who have been present at these radio interviews, remember saying it, and already explained how sound bites are created and how editing of radio interviews are done, and even admitted to saying something like ‘It looks like we are’ [confirmed for Ozzfest]. So fucking what? Nothing is good enough for you, short of prostrating myself and apologizing for something that doesn’t even have anything to do with you? Fuck off. Mission accomplished on alienating me from my own band’s board. Time for a sabbatical. Fight amongst yourselves over nothing. I’ll concentrate on the shows, and doing what I love most, not being sucked into this pathetic bullshit. Enjoy.”

To listen to an excerpt from the Seattle radio interview, visit this page at



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