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POISON Singer’s New Personalized Celebrity Greeting Receiving Rave Reviews

According to a press release, POISON lead singer and songwriter Bret Michaels is getting rave reviews for his innovative, new personal greetings — a collectible electronic greeting, digitally mastered on CD or DVD which can be personalized for almost every occasion.

The concept was born out of the tremendous amount of requests the singer gets for phone calls or recorded messages from fans and media outlets. The singer, known for being very fan friendly, has tried to fulfill his fans requests for calls to their friends and family when he meets them in person. But given that the singer’s bus was recently shot at and he has received numerous threats, backstage access to this years 20th Anniversary POISON tour may be limited. Michaels‘ staff is hoping that the affordable electronic greetings will satisfy his fans requests and keep the singer safe.

Purchasers of either product can send specifics about their event or occasion along with their order and Michaels will tailor the message specifically to them. The possibilities are endless for the customized greetings and who knows what special surprise Michaels might have up his sleeve for each recipient. There is also an option for a standard greeting either on CD or DVD as well. The standard greetings are limited to Birthday, Anniversary or Holidays at this time. However, due to the overwhelming demand there is talk of expanding the product line in the near future. Unlike the personalized greetings the standard greetings will not vary but according to his representatives Michaels will change location from time to time to keep the product fresh. The digitally mastered greetings come with artwork and will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity assuring the fans that they are getting licensed product from the singer.

During his twenty-year career, Michaels has enjoyed many successes due to his creative nature and inventive ideas.

In addition to the personalized greetings this year the singer has also designed a shirt simply titled “Diabetic.” It is a controversial and revolutionary way to raise awareness of diabetes and remind people they can have a full and successful life. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt will be matched by Michaels and will be used to send a child inflicted with the disease to a diabetic camp in his or her area.

For more information fans can visit the singer’s web site at

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