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Metal Express Radio

Wazzup Metalheadz!


Welcome to the Metal Express Radio Weekly Update!


Starting off with a “quick” reminder that Metal Express Radio has changed its stream’s URL in order to bring you a more stable feed. Read on for more details …


Metal Express Radio Stream Has Switched To A New URL!

In order to provide a more stable stream and to make listening more accessible to those having problems in the past, Metal Express Radio has just changed its URL!

Tune in to Metal Express Radio by:

1) Clicking here to start up your Ogg Vorbis compatible player and then save it as a bookmark once the radio stream starts.

2) Clicking the TUNE IN HERE box (top right of the Home Page), then clicking the METAL EXPRESS RADIO logo at the top of the next window that pops up, which will connect you to the new URL.

3) Manually copying into your Ogg Vorbis compatible player.

Metal Express Radio also recommends Foobar 2000 to stream MER as a Windows alternative to Winamp. Foobar 2000 is much more stable than Winamp.  Go here to check it out (

Click here for compatible players and troubleshooting tips!!!

On Metal Express Radio This Week:

(click any links for schedules and details)

Special Feature:

This week’s Special Feature is 60 minutes worth of the Best “Chick Metal.”  Listen to a selected list from some of the best female rockers in Metal!

Be sure to tune in each week at 15:00 and 21:00 Central European Time (9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. New York City Time) each Thursday to catch the latest Metal Express Radio exclusive interviews!

Premiere Friday:
Featured is the new live album from Rhapsody, Live IN Canada 2005, this Friday!

Be sure to tune in each week at 15:00 and 21:00 Central European Time (9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. New York City Time) each Friday to catch the latest Metal Express Radio exclusive 30-minute album premiere!


The 6th Hour Show:

Select tracks from the hottest new albums featured every 6th hour every weekday!


Some of the bands presented this week include:

Ambition, Benedictum, Creozoth, Majesty, Mind’s Eye, Oracle Sun, Phenomena, and Toto

Be sure to tune in at 06:00, 12:00, 18:00, and 24:00 Central European Time (6:00 am, Noon, 6:00 pm, and Midnight New York City Time) each weekday (Monday-Friday) to catch a track from the hottest new releases!

Hairbanger’s Hairspray:

The Ripper’s Hairbanger’s Hairspray Show is 60 minutes of music dedicated to that classic 80’s Hard Rock and “Hair Metal” sound, and also includes a cut by some of today’s bands (dubbed “Hair Apparent”) who have tried or seem to have recaptured that 80’s Metal spirit!


This week’s Hair Apparent is the band Midnight Circus.

Be sure to tune in at 14:00 Central European Time (8:00 am New York City Time) every Tuesday!

Hairball John’s Radio Show:
While Hairball John and The Acid Chimp continue their efforts to raise bail from inside a Tijuana jail, legendary rock vocalist Ron Keel will be taking over the show. Ron will be featuring stories and tracks from many of his past projects such as Keel, Saber Tiger, Iron Horse, as well as debuting a brand new track from his upcoming solo release. Be sure not to miss a second of the show as Ron will also be playing some of his favorite songs from artists that he has long admired. So tune in early because this week more than ever you have “The Right To Rock” with guest host Ron Keel!

For more details, check out this link:


Forthcoming Highlights:

  • We know we’ve been promising this one for the last couple of weeks, but our sound engineer assures us that we’ll being airing the Helloween Rockumentary where the band tells all very soon! Don’t miss it!

  • Metal Express has also received their copy of Queensrÿche’s Operation Mindcrime 2 so start requesting tracks and watch for it to be featured as a forthcoming special.

  • Our own Soft Boy will soon be running a weekly new show dedicated to Hard Rock of the 1970’s (Kiss, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, as well as lesser known artists) … and we need your assistance to help us come up with the name of this show!  Send your suggestions to … you may enter as many ideas as you’d like … if we choose your idea, you’ll win an assortment of valuable prizes! 

  • Metal Express Radio will be unveiling some new features on the Web site very soon, stay tuned!


    Did You Know?

    That Metal Express Radio has over 18,000 music tracks on radio rotation from over 2000 Metal and Hard Rock bands? We’ve got cuts we guarantee other Metal Stations simply don’t have!!! For example, tracks from Manic Eden! Who are they? A one album band from 1994 that consisted of Adrian Vandenberg, Rudy Sarzo, and Tommy Aldrige. How about cuts from the ultra-rare An Even More Perfect Union by Icon? Go ahead … challenge another Metal Station with these requests, we dare ya!

Metal Express Interviews

Some of the latest entries are:

In Print: Kataklysm, Zero Hour, Marillion, Seven Witches (Jack Frost)

Streaming Audio: Graham Bonnett, Scott Rockenfield (Queensrÿche/Slave To The System), Ross Valory, Ken Hensley.

The Metal Jukebox

Some of the latest entries include new full tracks from:


Queensrÿche, Stronghold, Ken Hensley, The Tangent, Silent Voices, Gory Blister, Toto, and Stigma (no relation to Stig Nordahl).

You can hear 60 of the newest Metal Releases on the Metal Express Jukebox. One new song is added every 12 hours. Just click and listen! Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts of the song!


The Review Section:

(click the links for details)


CD/DVD Reviews:

Some of the latest entries are:


CREOZOTH – Creozoth

THE TANGENT – A Place In The Queue

SARKOM – Aggravation Of Mind

SENCIROW – Perception Of Fear

FIREBALL MINISTRY – Their Rock Is Not Our Rock

KATAKLYSM – In the Arms Of Devastation


TONY O’HORA – Escape Into The Sun

SHINY MAMA – What Comes Around Goes Around



Live Reviews:
Latest added:
TNT – Oslo, Norway
George Lynch/OHM: – California, USA

Hanoi Rocks – Oslo, Norway

Don’t forget to check out the Classic Reviews as well!


Did You Know?

One new review is added every 12 hours. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts about each review!


Music News:

Some of the bands covered by our roving reporters recently included:

Axl Rose, Circus Maximus, Ian Paice, Rhapsody, CrashDiet, and House Of Lords …


Live and Backstage Pictures:

The latest additions are:

Uriah Heep
Hanoi Rocks


Ticket Give-Aways:

Click the link to see the list for future METAL gigs in Oslo and to win concert tickets to:

1/27/2006: Stonegard/El Caco – Rockefeller
2/4/2006: Children Of Bodom – Rockefeller
2/12/2006: U.D.O. – John Dee
2/25/2006: Amulet – John Dee
3/3/2006: Mayham – Rockefeller
3/23/2006: Monster Magnet – Rockefeller
3/31/2006: Staind – Rockefeller
4/4/2006: Fear Factory – Rockefeller
4/22/2006: King Diamond – Rockefeller
4/27/2006: Theatre Of Tragedy – John Dee


Wait! There’s more….

            Be a real Rocker, crank it to 11 … and visit: 

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