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‘Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 5’ To Feature New Music From Ex-WARRIOR SOUL Frontman – Jan. 24, 2006

Perris Records has set a January 31 release date for “Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 5”. The CD, which features “great hard rock/sleaze/glam bands from around the globe,” will include the debut solo release from ANIMAL/ZAN CLAN guitarist Chris Laney and a track from signer Cory Clarke‘s (WARRIOR SOUL, SPACE AGE PLAYBOYS) new band DIRTY RIG.

“Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 5” track listing:

01. CHRIS LANEY (Sweden) – “Instinct Animal”
02. HOLLYWOOD (Sweden) – “Hearts On Fire”
03. DIRTY RIG (USA) – “Suck It”
04. RADIO VIPERS (Italy) – “Pusher”
05. BASTARDZ (Brazil) – “Pills”
06. THE DEADTHINGS (Australia) – “Forever Damned”
07. SWEET CHEATER (USA) – “Dancin On My Grave”
08. GUNSHY (USA) – “Hold On To Your Dreams Tonight”
09. ON PAROLE (Sweden) – “Midnight In Her Eyes”
10. JACK VIPER (UK) – “Merry Go Around”
11. ALTER EGO X (Netherlands) – “Devil Woman”
12. SILVER DIRT (Switzerland) – “Go! She Said”
14. SNOW (Brazil) – “Razorblade Kiss”
15. NICE ‘N’ SLEEZY (UK) – “Rock ‘N’ Roll Addiction”
16. STRAIGHT FORK (USA) – “Women, Whiskey, Weed & Lies”


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