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JUDAS PRIEST Guitarist TIPTON To Issue Album Of Recordings With COZY POWELL, JOHN ENTWISTLE – Jan. 23, 2006

According to, JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Glenn Tipton will be issuing an album of recordings he made with THE WHO bassist John Entwistle and RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and WHITESNAKE drummer Cozy Powell. The CD, entitled “Edge of the World”, is due on March 7 via Rhino Records. Rhino will also re-release Tipton‘s 1997 album “Baptism of Fire” on the same day.

Glenn Tipton has many unused tracks in the archives from the early ’90s. Tipton recorded many tracks prior to his the release of his “Baptism of Fire” opus with two high-profile rockers both no longer with us, bassist John Entwistle and drummer Cozy Powell.

Speaking with‘s Garry Sharpe-Young in 1994, Cozy Powell mentioned this project. “While I was away (from BLACK SABBATH) I did some things with Glenn Tipton from JUDAS PRIEST,” he said. “Great songwriter. So I put drums down on his album. That was fun, we both have a very similar sense of humor so that was very enjoyable, very relaxed. Glenn is just itching to get out there again and do something. PRIEST can’t find a singer though so I’m working with a singer called John West too so something will hopefully come of that. Right now though I am totally committed to BLACK SABBATH but I have cushion there of my solo album if needs be. John is a great singer, a bit of an undiscovered talent. Maybe me, John, Glenn and Neil Murray. That would be quite a band. It could happen.”

Speaking to Garry in 1997, Glenn Tipton said, “I had a whole album’s worth of material ready actually but I scrapped all of that and decided to re-do it. For all the new stuff I put down my guide vocals, which is what I often do with JUDAS PRIEST anyway before Rob [Halford] sings the real thing, but someone said, you know what, this sounds OK, it has a nice, raw quality. So that’s what I did. The stuff I recorded before ‘Baptism Of Fire’ sounds great. Hopefully one day I can get to release that too.”

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