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Metal = Life – 2CD/DVD Compilation (Hot Topic Foundation/Sub City/Hopeless)

Metal compilations seem all the rage at the moment, and the latest to enter the market is the three disc compilation effort Metal = Life.

This lavishly packaged effort is the combined effort between Sub City Records (A subsidiary of Hopeless Records) and the Hot Topic Foundation (Who’s primary aim is to raise funds to support programs and organizations that encourage the underprivileged in all aspects of the arts), with five percent of the sales generated from this modestly priced compilation going directly towards the non profit charity.

Boasting some thirty two tracks (Over two audio C.D.’s) and eighteen promotional video clips (On the third DVD disc, which runs for close to seventy minutes), Metal = Life is no doubt a release brought to life with a worthy cause in mind, but ultimately it doesn’t quite live up to it’s bold title.

In simple terms, Metal = Life isn’t so much a collection of the latest metal acts on the scene, but rather a collection of the latest metalcore acts out there, with selected tracks from acts such as As I Lay Dying (‘Confined’), Between The Buried And Me (‘Alaska’), Diecast (‘Rise And Oppose’), Crisis (‘Blood Burden’), Into The Moat (‘Dead Before I Stray’), Bullet For My Valentine (‘4 Words (To Choke Upon)’), Nodes Of Ranvier (‘Glass Half Nothing’), Vena Amori (‘Lady Huskies Are One Man Short’), The Banner (‘Venom And Hope’), Heaven Shall Burn (‘The Only Truth’), Most Precious Blood (‘Shark Ethic’), Versus The Mirror (‘Boy Gets What He Wants’), Inked In Blood (‘These Sonnets Of Our Lives’), Break The Silence (‘Comfort In Cold Blood’), Giving Chase (‘Simple Self’) and The Number Twelve Looks Like You (‘Clarissa Explains Cuntainment’) making up the bulk of what’s on offer.

Although there are a few metal tracks (From The Absence, Fight Paris, A Perfect Murder and High On Fire) and punk/emo-rock numbers (From Breather Resist, He Is Legend, Yesterday’s Rising, Chiodos, Underoath, Day Of Contempt, Stretch Armstrong, Madball and Haste The Day) shuffled in amongst the predominant metalcore staples, this compilation effort is fairly biased towards the metalcore side of things.

As for the DVD, the track listing pretty much mirrors the CD component (Apart from the inclusion of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s excellent ‘Unretrofied’ instead of High On Fire’s ‘Devilution’, regardless of the track listing on the packaging), with As I Lay Dying, Chiodos, Underoath, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Fight Paris, Haste The Day, Madball and Thine Eyes Bleed all standing out as the most sticking visually.

Metal = Life offers nothing that wasn’t already available (Apart from the video clips on the DVD), and will only benefit those who are unfamiliar with what’s currently happening in the metalcore scene.

As mentioned before, the biggest misconception about this whole release is its title. Had this compilation been called Metal/Hardcore = Life, it perhaps would have been viewed more favourable. But since it doesn’t adopt the suggested moniker, I am not only disappointed in the fact that there will be some out there that will purchase this product, and will consider this the best representation of what is considered real metal.



January 13, 2006 - Posted by | ROCK

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