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WHITESNAKE To Record New Songs For Upcoming Live Collection

WHITESNAKE mainman David Coverdale has issued the following update regarding the group’s current and upcoming activities:

“We’re currently planning our next sonic assault on Europe and the world!

“I have recently severed all connections with my management company. WHITESNAKE really should have worked more through 2005, but I felt there was minimal effort made to achieve this, so, it was time to look for more enthusiastic and motivated representation. After all, these people benefit quite substantially from my endeavors. In some cases, better than me!

“I have a feeling we will be dancing the night away and plying our craft around Europe quite a lot in 2006…preaching the ‘Gospel of the Snake… Although my U.S. agent is still looking for something suitable for the Americas… I’ve been very disappointed in how we are perceived in the States by a lot of the promoters…It’s very different from anywhere else in the world. However, it is what it is… and until I can change that perception it will remain…so…I’d better get to work!

“I have just finished putting a deal together with the good people at Geffen and Universal in the States, and they seem very keen on promoting WHITESNAKE after a particularly lethargic period, which doesn’t serve either side well. On my last U.S. tour I didn’t find one… not one, WHITESNAKE CD in any of the stores I checked out… and that, my friends…is not good…not good at all!

“Also, I am hoping to open dialogue with my ol’ pals at EMI… They have the complete WHITESNAKE catalogue for most of the world for some time to come, and I have just discovered the reason for their silence and absence at my recent shows… It was because they felt understandably alienated thro’ not hearing a word from my former management company… not a word in over a year! Once again, it is brought screaming to my attention that total lack of communication in business, in this day & age, is the kiss of death… So…my intention is to embrace all aspects and all the companies with whom WHITESNAKE is involved & communicate with them on a much more regular, personal basis…and start a fire under all our collective arses to work together to successfully promote WHITESNAKE and all the goodies it has to offer!

“My new team and I are also shopping for any interested partners whom would like to be part of the grand WHITESNAKE adventure and get involved with an excellent double CD of quite potent live material recorded over the last 3 years… I will also be recording three or four new WHITESNAKE studio songs to add to the live stuff to make it more interesting… I would like to see that released sometime in 2006… and hopefully, we can find solid financing to record a whole new WHITESNAKE album as soon as possible… Doug [Aldrich, guitar] and I already have a substantial amount of new song ideas at the ready…and that’s without exploring what the rest of the Snakes have up their collective sleeves… I am also about to open dialogue with Geffen, and hopefully, EMI, to put a definitive WHITESNAKE video collection together while I have some time before touring, which will feature all the biggies from the MTV years, the COVERDALE/PAGE vids and some not so well-known clips, but all worth having, nonetheless…”


January 11, 2006 - Posted by | ROCK

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