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-A little light on the news again this week, but I’m sure it will pick
up again very soon. Stay tuned for our “Best Of 2005” spiel sometime
next week. Until then, Happy New Year! – Tim

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Band Name: N*O*S Band

Music Style: Rock/Blues/Motown
Email Address:
Website Address:

Description: N*O*S Band (New Old Stock) was named the WMJI (105.7)
Cleveland house band in 2003 (Cleveland’s best classic rock/oldies
band). The band has opened for national acts such as Steppenwolf and
has performed live at numerous large event shows.

Lori Cahan-Simon is a renowned vocalist with an amazing range of vocal
styles. Lori has performed with jazz, R&B, rock and klezmer groups
since she was 14 years old. Lori has recorded numerous CDs in the
various vocal styles that she performs. Lori is also an accomplished
blues harp player and is featured on this recording.

Jefferson Rice has spent a lifetime crafting his unique style of
performance on keyboards and horns including sax and flute. Jefferson
is consistently performing on the road and recording. Jeff contributes
to the band’s vocal section as well.

Mark Augustine stands out as an exceptional guitarist. He brings to
the band a depth of emotion and skill that comes from many years of
performance and recording.

LJ is the backbone of the band. LJ has played drums and percussion for
local and regional blues and rock acts.

Bill Barnett has played bass for over 25 years with rock and jazz
groups both locally and nationally. Mixing the hard driving funk and
rhythm and blues Bill interchanges the four and six string bass to
maximize the heartbeat of the N*O*S Band. Bill is also a vocalist with
the band.

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Band Name: Only Now Existing

Music Style: Rock/Alternative
Email Address:
Website Address:

Only Now Existing’s debut album, VOODOO DOLL, is already creating a
buzz among critics and fans. Completely designed by James Garrett, who
wrote, performed, and produced this concept album in the tradition of
Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead.

Only Now Existing (O N E), is a powerful new cutting-edge band that is
getting bigger and bigger. Their songs are extremely emotional with
great melodies and choruses and it cannot be denied that they are one
of the best new bands out there. The music defies all genres, yet has
been described as “The new face of rock music” and they are making
quite an impact on the scene as “The music of tomorrow.” The singer/
songwriter, James Garrett, has a voice and lyrics like no other I’ve
heard before. It is music with a message and cannot be taken lightly.

O N E was established in late 2001 and has become a huge part of the
NYC scene, making a name for themselves by delivering their incredible
live shows. Their songs have been featured in a variety of independent
films (such as “Dreams In Bleau,” directed by Joe Iurato), and they
are as captivating live as they are on CD. The music is moving and the
lyrics are deep and intense. O N E has worked with some of the best
and most innovative producers in the business, such as Dan Harnett and
Roger Fife. It is inevitable that their drive and compelling rhythms
and melodies will undoubtedly make them one of the biggest bands of
all time. Only Now Existing is a band who’s songs you will not forget
and “…will be hearing a lot more of in the future.”

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Todesbonden – New Album And Concert At Heathen Crusade Metalfest

Todesbonden completed the writing process for the forthcoming album,
GHOST OF A CRESCENT MOON, and will begin the recordings of drums in
the studio at the beginning of February. Markus Stock (Empyrium,
Noekk, The Vision Bleak, Sun Of The Sleepless) will be producing the
album and it will be released through the German label Prophecy
Productions ( ).

Meanwhile, Todesbonden will play at Heathen Crusade Metalfest in
January 21, with Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Primordial, Novembers Doom, The
Chasm, Enshrined, Dumah, Autumn Eternal and Typhus. The festival will
take place on Star Central (4005 Central Ave NE / Columbia Heights, MN
55421). Additional information for this festival, including how to
order tickets, running order, autograph sessions and hotel
information, is available at .

Todesbonden is an atmospheric doom band, which features Laurie Ann
Haus (Autumn Tears, Rain Fell Within, Ephemeral Sun, Ol Sonuf, Garden
Of Shadows) and mixes the melancholy of doom metal with elements of
classic, celtic and renaissence music.

Heathen Crusade Metalfest info:

Bands: Todesbonden, Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Primordial, Novembers Doom,
The Chasm, Enshrined, Dumah, Autumn Eternal and Typhus
Date: Sat. Jan. 21, 2006
Time: Doors open at 12:30pm (it’s an ALL AGES festival)
Venue: Star Central ( )
Address: 4005 Central Ave NE – Columbia Heights, MN 55421
Tickets: $25 in advance / $30 at the door

Related links:

– Heathen Crusade Metalfest –
– Heathen Crusade Metalfest @ MySpace –
– Laurie Ann Haus –
– Laurie Ann Haus @ MySpace –
– Laurie Ann Haus @ Orkut –
– Todesbonden –
– Todesbonden @ MySpace –

Pale Moon Records
+55 53 91236765

*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Power Play Records Announces Today The Signing Of Brampton, Ontario,
Canada Recording Artist Shatterpoint

New York independent metal record label, Power Play Records, is proud
to announce today the official signing of Shatterpoint to a recording

Shatterpoint is an aggressive four-piece heavy thrash metal act
currently residing in the Toronto, Canada area. The band has
established itself as a dominant force in the Toronto metal scene and
has played with such heavy hitters as Amon Amarth and Behemoth.
Shatterpoint consistently draw hordes of ravenous metal fans to their
live shows, eager to hear the band’s intense and bruising brand of
high octane thrash metal.

Fans will be psyched to learn that Shatterpoint is putting the final
touches on their forthcoming full length album, DEAD PRECEDENCE with
producer Greg Dawson, which is slated for world-wide release in early

The band features Shane Drake on lead vocals and rhythm guitars, Greg
Wright on lead guitars, Chris Zeeman on bass, and Jeremy Baxter on

Shatterpoint has formed a strong partnership with Metal Queen
Management (MQM) and look for the band when they perform live at Metal
Queen Management’s Canadian Music Week Festival Showcase on March 4,

For more information on Shatterpoint and a chance to listen to some
samples of their music, check their website at or contact their management:

Metal Queen Management (MQM)
P.O. Box 47038, RPO 425
220 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5B 2P9

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Evergrey Nominated For Swedish Grammy!

Evergrey nominated for another Swedish Grammy. This time in the ‘Best
Music DVD’ Category!

Swedish melodic metallers, Evergrey, have been nominated for a Swedish
“Grammy” in the “Best Music DVD” category for their 2005 release of A
NIGHT TO REMEMBER. Produced by the famed Swedish video director,
Patrick Ulleaus, also known for his work with In Flames, Dimmu Borgir
and Lacuna Coil, the DVD features a show recorded live in the band’s
hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. Joined by the Gothenburg String
Quartet and back up singers, the performance put a fresh new spin on
the band’s hits like “Blinded,” “The Masterplan,” and “A Touch Of
Blessing.” The DVD also contained all the band’s videos to date and
many hours of back stage footage and band shenanigans.

The awards ceremony will take place in Stockholm Sweden on February 7,

Other nominees in the “Best Music DVD” category are ABBA, Cornelis
Vreeswijk, Marit Bergman and Timbuktu.

Evergrey recently returned to Division One Studios to record their as
of yet untitled sixth studio album. The producing and mixing will be
handled by the experienced and extremely successful team Sanken
Sandquist / Stefan Glauman. Their track record includes artists like
Rammstein, Britney Spears, Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.

The band’s vocalist/guitarist/mastermind Tom S. Englund had this to
say regarding the new collaboration, “We feel honored to work with
such amazing producers. We are sure that they will succeed in making
us sound better than ever before.”

Look for Evergrey’s new album in April of 2006.

Inside Out Music America

*** PRESS RELEASE #6 ***
-Bang Your Head!!! Press Newsletter

Vengeance incl. special guest appearance at Bang Your Head!!! 2006

Dutch hard rock veterans Vengeance are the latest addition to this
year’s installment of the Bang Your Head!!! festival, set to take
place June 23-24, 2006 in Balingen, Germany. The band will introduce a
very special surprise guest to join it on stage for a few songs.

In the ’80, Vengeance (back then with Ayreon mastermind Arjen
Lucassen) established themselves as one of the best and most popular
Hard rock acts of their home country. After a short-lived comeback in
2001, the band of singer Leon Goewin finally got together again and
will perform their only German festival appearance this summer at the
Bang Your Head!!! fest.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows so far (9 more acts to
be confirmed):

RIK EMMETT (playing an evening of TRIUMPH music)

All further details about the Bang Your Head!!! may be found at the
BYH!!! homepage at .

Tickets are availaible at ticket-hotline (+49-74 57-94 46 12) and via
homepage . Prices are 59, – Euro (plus
shipping) at presales. Tickets are limited to a number of 20,000. By
this the organizers want to ensure that the special and relaxed
atmosphere of the event won’t suffer.

*** PRESS RELEASE #7 ***
Morningstar Records: New Norwegian Label Started By Members Of
Satyricon Live, Necrophagia, Keep Of Kalessin, Chton, Manes, Max

First release: Bloodthorn – GENOCIDE – Europe, February 2006!

The goal of Morningstar Records is to establish a solid independent
label within quality metal and rock as a label run by musicians for
musicians. Our intention is not to climb the ladder up through the
underground, but to start no-holds-barred from the first release being
GENOCIDE by the Norwegian death metal-band Bloodthorn, their 4th
studio album marking their 10th year from their first release in 1996.

After years of wanting to start a label focusing on the music itself
and not on hype and hunt for profit, Morningstar Records was
established by Keep Of Kalessin mainman Arnt O. Grönbech. Arnt
comments: “I was totally blown away when I heard the new Bloodthorn
album GENOCIDE during their mixing-session in Godt Selskap studio, and
I simply chose to buy the European rights for this crushing album.
This is the album that will give the label a flying start, and prove
the labels right to life!” Morningstar Records will focus on quality
not quantity, and with the Head of Business and two producers from
Godt Selskap Studio (known for recordings by bands like Necrophagia,
Keep Of Kalessin, Griffin, Chton, Manifest etc.) on board, this close
co-operation with Godt Selskap gives Morningstar Records an advantage
by the possibility to secure a professional recording of their artist.
Plastichead is Morningstar Records’ world distributor, and will make
sure the music can be found in most retail stores, as well as
specialist stores, across the globe.

left to right:

Kim Tungvåg (Max Midsun, head of business Godt Selskap studio)
Torstein Parelius (Manes, Chton)
Arnt O. Grönbech (Keep Of Kalessin, Satyricon live)
Knut V. Prytz (Necrophagia, producer Godt Selskap Studio)
Rune Stavnesli (Max Midsun, producer Godt Selskap studio)


Phone: (+47) 45 23 83 34
P.O. Box 8809
N-7481 Trondheim

Press release (PDF download):

HI-RES Morningstar Records Staff picture:


Bloodthorn – GENOCIDE – out February 2006!
USA: Red Stream Inc –

Bloodthorn Booking:
Håkon Grav
Phone: (+47) 976 40 764

Official Myspace profiles:

-Blind Guardian news: Hansi Kursch has posted an update on the band’s
official Web site, . There are plans to
release a three-song EP in the next few months to tide fans over until
the completion of the new studio album. The EP will contain “Fly,”
“Skalds And Shadows” (acoustic version), and “In A Gadda Da Vida.”

-Wolf Hoffmann’s proposed “G3-style” tour featuring Uli Jon Roth and
Michael Schenker has been called off due to scheduling problems with
Schenker. Hoffmann is now reportedly looking at putting together a
“classical multimedia show” for 2007. Hoffmann released the
instrumental solo album CLASSICAL in 1998.

-Katagory V’s new CD THE RISING ANGER is scheduled to be released on
April 25 via Nightmare Records. Check out
for more info.

-Kiss updates… Gene Simmons will reportedly serve as a keynote
speaker at a conference entitled “The Next Big Idea: The Future Of
Branded Entertainment” conference to be held at the Renaissance in
Hollywood, CA, on January 17. (Tickets are only $795.) According to his appearance will be filmed for his “Gene Simmons
Family Jewels” reality show on A&E. On-line reports indicate Gene’s
bio on the conference’s Web site says his new magazine will be called
Gene Simmons Game, and he has a new TV network called NG-TV — “No
Good” TV — set to debut this summer. In former guitarist news, Ace
Frehley recently visited Eddie Trunk in the studio; check out some
pictures at
and . In
more former guitarist news, Vinnie Vincent’s “lost” album GUITARS FROM
HELL will be played this Saturday, January 7, by “The Classic Metal
Show” between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.; for more on the show see . Vincent worked on the album
around 1991 with Robert Fleischman, who sang on the Vinnie Vincent
Invasion’s 1986 self-titled debut. See
for more.

-Updated dates for Loudness in North America are as follows:

3/18 – Galaxy Theater, Santa Ana, CA
3/19 – Key Club, Hollywood, CA
3/20 – The Pound, San Francisco, CA
3/22 – Joe’s On Weed Street, Chicago, IL
3/23 – I-Rock Nightclub, Detroit, MI
3/25 – The Chance Entertainment Complex, Poughkeepsie, NY
3/26 – B.B. King’s, New York, NY
3/27 – Cafe Campus, Montreal, QC
3/29 – The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON
3/31 – Webster Theatre/Underground, Hartford, CT
4/1 – Jaxx, Springfield, VA

-Mad Margritt is starting work on a new album that will be recorded
this spring at the Perris Recording Studio in Houston. In the
meantime, the band will shoot a video this month for inclusion on an
upcoming Perris Records DVD. Upcoming tour dates:

1/6 – The Dixie Tavern, Marietta, GA
1/13 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Marietta, GA
1/27 – 1/28 – The Office, Norcross, GA
2/3 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Greenville, SC
2/4 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Augusta, GA
2/10 – Loco’s, Newnan, GA
2/11 – Loco’s, Carrollton, GA
2/18 – Caps, Bremen, GA
2/24 – The Wild Wing Cafe, North Charleston, SC
2/25 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Marietta, GA
3/3 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Greenville, SC
3/4 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Charleston, SC
3/10 – 3/11 – Gipsons, Douglasville, GA
3/17 – The Wild Wing Cafe, North Charleston, SC
3/18 – Caps, Bremen, GA
3/24 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Charlotte, NC
3/25 – The Wild Wing Cafe, Marietta, GA
3/31 – 4/1 – The Office, Norcross, GA

See and
for more on the band, and see for more
on Perris Records.

Thanks to Eddie Smith,, Kiss Kollector,
Fullshred, and Bill “Baby-O” Kotowski for help gathering some of this

*** REVIEWS ***
Music, 2005
Disc 1: 10 tracks, RT: 54:06
Disc 2: 6 tracks, RT: 64:33
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
Spock’s Beard is one of those bands it has taken me awhile to
appreciate, as it has the capacity to rock hard but ultimately has
more in common with early Genesis than Symphony X. GLUTTONS FOR
PUNISHMENT is a nice double CD set that has captured the band in the
live arena, performing a selection of songs including some fan
favorites but focusing heavily on cuts from the recently released
studio album OCTANE. Following a brief intro, the band launch
dramatically into “The Ballet Of The Impact,” this piece showing a
good command of dynamics. “I Wouldn’t Let It Go” mellows things down a
bit too much but the pace picks up nicely with the hard rockin’
“Surfing Down The Avalanche.” The tone becomes relaxed again with “She
Is Everything” but this is a really good atmospheric song and fits
well after the bombast of “”Surfing Down The Avalanche.” Spock’s Beard
has a way of drawing you into the music with quiet passages that
unexpectedly explode with impressive musicianship, like on the 11-
minute progfest that is “Harms Way.” Several of the musicians get
extra time to display their talents: drummer Jimmy Keegan tears it up
on “NWC,” bassist Dave Meros gets a quick nod on “At The End Of The
Day,” and keyboardist Ryo Okumoto is provided the opportunity to
dazzle and enchant for nearly six minutes on the aptly titled “Ryo’s
Solo.” We’re back to a full-on prog celebration to close the album out
with “The Light,” a real production clearly revealing the depth of the
band members’ skills, especially their knack for clever arrangement.
Some may still lament the absence of Neal Morse on vocals but Nick
d’Virgilio does an admirable job with the singing and I would say the
current lineup is more than capable of delivering what its fans want.
Perhaps nothing here that would speak to hardcore metal and prog metal
fans but for those into keyboard driven, ’70s flavored prog rock I
would recommend this release, as it makes a good introduction to
Spock’s Beard for newcomers to the band while allowing those already
acquainted to hear these songs in a more energetic, passionate
context. – Neal Woodall (

*** OUT ***


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