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In Hard Rock 1/2/06

Paul Sabu (SABU) – January 2, 1957
Chris Boltendahl (GRAVE DIGGER) – January 2, 1962
John Paul Jones – January 3, 1946
Michael Fast (PRETTY MAIDS) – January 4, 1964
January 2, 2001: MOTLEY CRUE’s Nikki Sixx’ wife Donna gives birth to a baby girl, Frankie Jean Sixx.

January 3, 1983: TRIUMPH release Never Surrender.

January 4, 1978: OZZY OSBOURNE rejoins BLACK SABBATH, replacing Dave Walker.
January 4, 1986: THIN LIZZY legend Phil Lynott dies of heart failure and pneumonia after a drug overdose.
1990: Adrian Smith leaves IRON MAIDEN and Janick Gers is hired.

1995: it is revealed that METALLICA’s Jason Newsted has joined forces with bassist Scott Reeder (ex-KYUSS), Devin Townsend (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) and drummer Dale Crover (MELVINS). The side-project has recorded a bunch of demos.
1995: MEGADETH leader Dave Mustaine begins work on his debut solo album.

1998: Mark Slaughter mentions that there may be a summer tour in ’98 with SLAUGHTER, QUIET RIOT, WARRANT, FIREHOUSE and L.A. GUNS, set to launch in May. Slaughter appears in the movie Final Rinse performing ‘Tongue And Groove’ in a club scene.
1998: TNT guitarist Ronnie LeTekro and singer Tony Harnell have parted ways.
1998: a new divison of Earache is born called Wicked World concentrating on black, death and speed metal.

2001: GRAVE DIGGER announce a new guitarist, Manni Schmidt (ex-RAGE).
2001: TYPE O NEGATIVE’s Bloody Kisses album reaches platinum status with 1 million copies sold.


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