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THE MERCY CLINIC Frontman: 2006 Will Be ‘Kick-Ass Beginning For Us On A Larger Scale’ – Jan. 1, 2006

THE MERCY CLINIC frontman Patrick Lachman (ex-DAMAGEPLAN, DIESEL MACHINE) has posted the following message on the band’s official forum:

“I know, I’ve been away a lot, so stop yelling at me! I’ve been busy with new tunes, traveling, fighting this flu for almost three weeks, holiday depression, narcolepsy (interrupting my usual insomnia), and the general malaise that comes with the end of a long, mostly shitty year. A few good things did come about, like moving forward in my musical pursuits and creating this new band and new forum for us to connect on. I have to say it’s been a blessing to have the ovewhelming support of all of you here — some old friends, some new friends, but all friends no less. I thank you. We all thank you.

“The first handful of shows have been great. Things are going to pick up even more after the first of the year. January is going to be busy for us. Lots of opportunities to get the word out are coming our way, and we appreciate your help in doing so. Times are changing and so is the music business. Things are becoming more underground, even grassroots as it was years ago. There is a sense of community in the metal world I haven’t felt in a long time. The net has been instrumental in this (despite the occasional handful of shit-talkers, which don’t matter). I see the next year being a kick-ass beginning for us on a larger scale and we’re happy to have you here in the fetal stages. I raise a shot of Jager to you all!

“Anyway, rewards for your patience are on the way in the next couple days — a slammin’ new tune, new photos (courtesy of Chad Lee and Alex Solca), and more of me and the guys checking to harass you and answer you questions. Time to get the boards bumping again, bring out the licks and tricks and let it burn in 2006!”

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, THE MERCY CLINIC also features in its ranks drummer Bevan Davies (DANZIG, COMES WITH THE FALL, JERRY CANTRELL), guitarists Brian Harrah (PROFESSIONAL MURDER MUSIC) and Josh Stinson (DRIST), and bassist Steed Najera (TRIPLE SEVEN). The group, who are currently unsigned, have demoed over an album’s worth of material, including such cuts as “Numb” (mp3), “Drag Me Under”, “We’re Only Human”, “The Day the Sun Refused to Shine”, “Let It Burn” (mp3 clip) and “Can I Become Me?” (mp3 clip).


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