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Smoking Gun 12/30/05

Dear Friends:

Dick Clark and that weasel Ryan Seacrest aren’t
the only ones working the countdown angle this
week. Like many other news outfits, we’re also
offering one of those trite, end-of-year “Best of”
lists. Except ours is actually entertaining–it’s a
compilation of 2005’s greatest mug shots. For the
year’s 15 best booking photos, go here:

Teenage boys everywhere can finally rest easy:
Oklahoma cops have arrested the 20-year-old
California adult film actress who allegedly bedded
a 15-year-old after plying him with Ecstasy and
other drugs. Details at:

Not for a second do we believe that “Desperate
Housewives” star Eva Longoria disparaged a San
Antonio policeman as a starstruck “Mexican bike
cop.” The horribly overexposed little diva probably
just called the officer a wetback. Story at:

New prize contest has started, so tell us why Ross
returned the t-shirts and you might win some fine
booty, including throwback DVDs of the original
versions of “King Kong” and “The Producers.” Enter
this way:

Finally, we’re closing the year with another exclusive
raffle for newsletter subscribers. This time, we’re
giving away 20 bottles of a limited edition hot sauce
that we recently had manufactured (and which we’ve
been giving away as a holiday gift to friends of the
site). In recognition of the CIA leak scandal, it’s
labeled “Valerie Flame Hot Sauce.” Look it up if you
don’t get the reference. Anyway, you can start tossing
your name in the hat late Friday morning, when we
should have our raffle page updated. So show up
Friday after 11 AM here:

Have a Happy New Year,

Your pals at TSG


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