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ANTHRAX Drummer Paints Axe For DEAN GUITARS: ‘I Hope DARRELL Likes’ It

ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante has posted the following message on the band’s official web site:

“Where did 2005 go? I think it flew by faster than 2004 did. So here comes 2006, hope it’s a good one for us all… well, not all.

“I want to wish OUR FANS very happy Holidays. I know for most of you it’s been great and for a few others it’s been confusing. 2005 was an odd-numbered year, 2006 is even thus… more linear. You will all be a lot happier this year, we will cometh for you once again….

“There’s NO hard rock/metal radio station in Chicago [Charlie‘s hometown] anymore, the Zone is gone. GOD HELP US!! Please, please, we need a fucking station here! Can Adam Sandler please do a movie about this situation? I can start it for you — you play the role of a die-hard metalhead, you just lost your contact the the hard rock/metal world, YOUR STATION has gone OLDIES!! So you and your friends go down to the station and take the OLDIES DJ hostage. You then demand they return the air waves back to… Oh wait a minute… was this Adam Sandler movie? Oh well, never mind, bring back the ZONE DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I miss Freak.

“I was asked to paint a guitar for Dean Guitars a few months ago. The idea interested me in different ways. I thought it was a great chance to express my artistic side and to get in touch with my emotional side. I had so many ways that I wanted to approach this piece, I could do a Purple Crown design, I could do the Southern design, I could do the history of 3?? I decided to go for 2 different designs, back and front. The guitars will go on tour, be photographed for a book and be auctioned off for charity. I hope Darrell likes what I came up with.”


December 29, 2005 - Posted by | ROCK

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