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Townshend auctioning unique Gibson

The Who leader Pete Townshend is offering one of his rarest guitars in a charity auction. He’s autographed the production version of the Pete Townshend Gibson Les Paul, which was the last one made before the run of instruments were produced, and there are two certificates of authenticity proving who owned the guitar. It’s on eBay now, along with a Fender Stratocaster copy, which was donated by the ABC Music shop in Surrey, England.

The sale was organized by the students of Esher High School in England for their tsunami appeal, and 50 percent of the money will go to the students to donate; 40 percent will go to his Double O Charity, which helps abused children, as well as people with drug and alcohol addictions; and the last 10 percent will go to ABC Music for a charity of their choice. To learn more about the guitars and the cause, or to make a bid, click here.

The buyer might actually get the guitars in time for the holidays, since the auction closes on December 21st, and three-day shipping is available. But be warned that this isn’t something to be done lightly – the high bid as of last night was $8,900.


December 19, 2005 - Posted by | ROCK

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