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Alice Cooper to rock for charity this Xmas

Alice Cooper will spread some holiday cheer with his annual benefit concert in Phoenix on Saturday, December 17th. He’ll host the fifth Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding show at the Dodge Theatre, and performers this year include Styx, Jeff Keith of Tesla, the Tubes featuring Fee Waybill, former Eagles guitarist Don Felder, and original Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine, among many others. Proceeds from the night go to the Solid Rock Foundation, which aids at-risk inner-city children.

The king of shock rock told us that he likes to keep the event loose for the musicians: 
“You know, I try to keep the Christmas Pudding to be like a party. When we get to rehearsal, I just go, ‘Whaddya you guys wanna play?’ I never sit down and say, ‘We want you to play ‘Come Sail Away’ and blah-blah-blah.’ And then they say, ‘Well, let’s play blah-blah-blah,’ and I go, ‘OK!’ And then I go to the Tubes and go, ‘Whaddya you guys wanna play?’ And then I go to my band and say ‘Whadda we want to play?'”

Cooper also told us that his own performance will be extra-special:  “I’ve got a little special treat. In my band, since (guitarist) Ryan Roxie is in Sweden, who do I have playing guitar? None other than Dick Wagner, who played with me for years in the Welcome To My Nightmare show. He’s gonna be playing the other guitar, which is something that you’re never gonna ever see again.”

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December 19, 2005 - Posted by | ROCK

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