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Death Legend Chuck Schuldiner’s Mom Issues Statement

Jane Schuldiner issues this statement at the Death Website, ( on the 4th anniversary of her son, Chuck Schuldiner:“To friends and fans of Chuck.

First I want to thank you for all the emails telling me of the ways you are remembering Chuck today by lighting candles or saluting him with a drink. Whichever you choose, he would be so pleased by the gesture. I told a friend yesterday of how proud I am that he is remembered by so many, and it is always such a comfort to me on all the Decembers that have passed and those that will come.

Today I am ordering the Leprosy shirts that so many of you have asked for. Kees and Yvonne helped me with that decision and one more shirt also we chose. It will take a week or so for the order to be completed and when it arrives I’ll let Kees and Yvonne know right away. As for the album, we hope to have the good news within a couple of months that it will be resolved and ready to be completed. Things are looking very good for that to be so.

Take care, Jane Schuldiner.”

On December 13th 2001 Chuck Schuldiner died from the brain tumor, which was discovered two and a half years earlier.


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