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METAL BLADE’s ‘Into The Pit’ DualDisc To Arrive In January

On January 30 (January 27 in Germany) Metal Blade Records Europe will release the DualDisc “Into the Pit”. This CD/DVD compilation featuring 10 video clips and 13 audio tracks will feature all the (so-called) metalcore acts on the label’s roster. The set is designed to give you a detailed view of the European side of Metal Blade in the years 2005 and 2006.

The “Into the Pit” DualDisc will be listed on mid-price and should be available in stores and at mailorders for a price of 9,99 Euros or less!

“Into the Pit” track listing:

Side DVD:

01. AS I LAY DYING – Confined
02. UNEARTH – Endless
03. CATARACT – Nothing´s Left
04. THE RED CHORD – Antman
05. BORN FROM PAIN – Rise Or Die
06. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER – A Vulgar Picture
07. NEAERA – Hibernating Reason
08. WINTER SOLSTICE – Following Caligula
09. INTO THE MOAT – Empty Shell
10. SINCE THE FLOOD – Valor And Vengance

Side CD:

01. AS I LAY DYING – Meaning In Tragedy
02. UNEARTH – The Great Dividers
03. CATARACT – As We Speak
04. THE RED CHORD – Fixation On Plastics
05. BORN FROM PAIN – The New Hate
07. NEAERA – The World Devourers
08. WINTER SOLSTICE – Calibrate The Virus
09. INTO THE MOAT – Dead Before I Stry
10. SINCE THE FLOOD – In My Eyes
11. MACHINEMADE GOD – Losses To Lessons
12. LOSA – The Beginning
13. THE RED DEATH – Aftertaste Of The Emaciated

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