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GENE SIMMONS’ Vintage 1978 Fire-Breathing Sword Sells For Over $6,000 – Dec. 13, 2005

Backstage Auctions has wrapped up its 2005 live auction schedule with the completion of the “KISS My Auction” event, which featured personal KISS-related items from the private collections of more than a dozen original KISS crew and company members from the glorious days of the 1970s.

The biggest selling item was the original album artwork for “Rock and Roll Over”, which sold for $9,954.00. The artwork, which was created by artist Michael Doret in 1976, was one of the most watched and bid-upon items in the auction. Gene Simmons’ fire-breathing sword sold for $6,043.00 and his famous “$” boots went to the highest bidder for $6,238.00. The auction, which ran well into late Sunday night, experienced a heavy round of bidding on several items from the 1979 KISS show at the Detroit Pontiac Silverdome. Gene’s bloody towel from that show received over 30 bids and finally sold for $2,024.57. “The towel was one of the most interesting items to watch in the end,” explains Backstage Auctions co-founder Jacques van Gool, “because a few of the bidders fiercely going after the towel had attended that show back in 1979, which for a collector makes the item that much more desirable.”

The “KISS My Auction” event brought together KISS fans and collectors from all over the world. “KISS continues to be one of the most highly collectible bands and this auction proves that regardless if you love the band or not, there is no denying that KISS fans and collectors still want a piece of them and will pay just about anything to get it,” explains Kelli van Gool, co-founder of Backstage Auctions.

Backstage Auctions has wrapped up their 2005 auction season but there are always unsold auction items available at the Backstage Auctions online store which is found at their website, Backstage Auctions hosted several major auctions this year for the Motor City Madman (Ted Nugent), classic rock journalists and photographers Steven Rosen, Billy Tompkins and James Fortune and the very successful Rock Art Poster auction which featured over 1000 Bill Graham and Family Dog original posters. Backstage Auctions is already preparing for their 2006 auction line up. “We have scheduled a couple of amazing auctions to kick off next year,” explains Kelli, “and we will be announcing those after the first of the year.”

Backstage Auctions is a leading online auction company specializing in classic rock memorabilia direct from the private collections of music industry professionals. Founded on the principles of combining their client’s career achievements and popularity with the demand and interest of collectors and fans who desire truly authentic and unique collectibles, Backstage Auctions is the place where rock legends live on.


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