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MORE press releases from Detritus!!!

*** PRESS RELEASE #1 ***
-Band Name: Danger

Website Address:
E-mail Address:
Address: Karestad Angemarken, Hovmantorp, Sweden 36051

Music Style: Hard Rock


The pulsing hard rock of Danger is a breathtaking update on the
classic metal sounds of the late ’80s.



It’s in the middle of February. The winter still held a steady grip
over the southern parts of Sweden. The legendary death metal act
Dethronement had parted after a seven year long career, that included
three full-length albums, a bunch of memorable live performances and
the usual amount of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Some of the members
had already moved on with some other projects. Remaining from the
ashes were the two guitar shredders named Johan Jonasson and Robert
Lilja. None of them had really made up any plans about their future in
the music business at that time, so nothing really happened the
following weeks.

In mid March, Johan and Robert attended a local gig in their hometown.
Before they went out for that drunken night out, Johan played a couple
of demo tracks to Robert, and asked him if he was interested in making
something out of that. Robert was indeed interested, and they started
to work on the first nine tracks that would later end up on KEEP OUT.

When spring finally arrived Johan and Robert were on a hunt for band
members. The first one to join was Mathias Nilsson (Mindcollapse,
Deformed). At first Mathias handled the drums as well as playing bass.
The following summer was devoted to rehearsing all the songs as well
as searching for a vocalist.

Although the band hadn’t selected a vocalist, they entered the studio
in September to record the drums. Everything went as planned.

The singer auditions continued, and at that time Mathias suggested
that they should try out Jonas Hallberg (Mindcollapse) on drums. And
so they did, and Jonas fit like a glove from the very beginning. He
joined Danger as a full-time member in December 2003.


January and February were two quiet months but in March they finally
found the vocalist they were looking for. Johan came in touch with
Kristian Wallin through a musicians forum, and Kristian recorded a
demo version of “Out In The Cold.” The band was very satisfied with
the result, and the vocals could finally be recorded in early May.

The following summer a lot of activities followed. Danger kept on
working on their debut album as well as promoting themselves around
the globe. The song “The Fallen One” was actually played at a wedding,
and it suited just fine with its 6/8 beat.

October 7, 2004! That became the official release date for KEEP OUT.
The first edition sold out almost immediately, and it got some
stunning reviews that drew even more attention to the band. Through
all of this, Danger got a lot radio play, some gig offers came rollin’
in and they were offered to sign some large distribution deals in some

In late October Mathias Nilsson announced that he was going to leave
the band. He wanted to play other kinds of metal, and he really wanted
to play the guitar instead. He stayed with the band until early

The end of 2004 was a very unlucky period. The band stood without a
bass player, and couldn’t perform live during this time. Jonas injured
his finger and couldn’t play the drums for some weeks. Johan fell down
the stairs at party and smashed his left elbow. Even he was out of
action for some time. The band rested from playing until after the new


In January Danger tried out several bass players, but it was hard to
find someone who could give the band the priority that was needed.
Most of them were already involved in other projects, but Danger
demanded a full-time commitment. Danger also recorded demo versions of
15 new songs that will end up on the next full-length album.

One day Robert went out for a drunk night at the bar. There he met
Axhell Forsberg, who he knew since a long time back. The two rockers
started talking and Robert said to Axhell that Danger needed a bass
player and it was urgent. Axhell tried out for the job and got it.

In March, Danger were about to begin the next recording adventure.
This time they decided to record the drums in Euphony Studios instead
of their own recording facility. Everything went very well, and they
moved back to Danger Studios to record bass and guitars.

Even though they had begun with the new album, there was a lot of
promotion work left to be done with KEEP OUT. Johan and Robert made
some small but necessary promotion tours. Some new distribution deals
were signed. Danger were also working on getting some merchandise out
to the world.

to be continued…


There are three key elements necessary for the rock band set on world
conquest as a live act. First and foremost you need to develop the
adequate musical skills. The individual members need to know their
instrument of choice as well as have a general understanding of all
the components of rock music. Danger realized this from the start and
have strived for excellence ever since. The band members all have
outstanding skills and extensive experience from several other bands,
playing all different kinds of metal.

Secondly, the band needs to have a message that they want to preach
all over the world through their music. If you feel you have nothing
to say you should get off the stage before someone calls your bluff.
When Danger set out on their mission they all knew that it was true
metal they wanted to preach. They have made their brand of classical
metal, played in a modern way and with a true rock star attitude,
their mark of excellence and are intent on preaching it to those who
are brave enough to listen. If you feel the calling, be prepared to
get rocked of your feet.

Finally, the band needs to have true confidence when performing on
stage. The world is full of people who could have been truly great in
their field had it not been for lack of confidence. You can be the
world’s greatest ball player or boxer in the gym, but when it comes to
competing you freeze and become less than half of what you are. The
same can be said about being a performer on stage. The members of
Danger have already made their commitment and started out heading for
the stars. You can put them next to any world class performer or band
and they will set the stage and give the audience a show seldom seen
in the glorious era of heavy metal.

There are three key elements needed to become the greatest live act in
rock history. For those of you who have difficulty remembering them
all we have made up a term that captures them all in one word. It is
spelled D… A… N… G… E… R… DANGER!!!

*** PRESS RELEASE #2 ***
-Band Name: Super Liquid Courage

Website Address:

Music Style: Alt/Rock/Metal/Post Grunge

Sound Files:


Dark post grunge harmonies with melodic guitars and sonic percussion.
Caught somewhere between heaven and hell. Super Liquid Courage will
take you on a musical trip into the inner depths of your imagination.


We hail from Utah. We have been together for seven years. We all have
varying styles that you can hear in our music.


An explosive mix of styles makes for truly remarkable music. In the
land of pop punk and corporate monotony rock comes an album that will
redefine the word alternative. Made a million miles from mainstream,
DIGITAL FECES captures the essence of what started the original
alternative movement. Pure uncensored creativeness that has been
lacking since the monopoly of the mainstream airwaves and television.
In the spirit of Pink Floyd’s THE WALL, DIGITAL FECES is a daring
glimpse into a disturbed mind that is not enslaved by corporate
brainwashing. It dares to venture into the depths of obscurity to find
itself in a complex array of thoughts and sounds that will disturb and
engulf your ears and imagination.

*** PRESS RELEASE #3 ***
-Band Name: John Tapella

Website Address:

Music Style: Classical Metal

Sound Files:


Classical electric and original progressive guitar shred instrumental


John Tapella — official transcriber for: Line 6, Hal Leonard, Warner
Bros., the Guitar Empire, Satriani, Vai’s PASSION AND WARFARE, Led
Zeppelin, The Hendrix Collection, Johnson, Beck, Reed, Ford,
Hendersen, Sabbath, Winter, Mason, Allman Bros., Papa Roach, Vaughan,
Buddy Guy, B.B. King, and more…

tunes) and GUITAR KNIGHTS (10 tunes).


1. Mozart Requiem (confutatis)
2. Mozart Symphony No. 25
3. Flame
4. Liszt Transcendental Etude No.1
5. Classical Shred
6. Bach Bouree
7. Paganini Caprice No. 16
8. Paganini Caprice No. 24 (excerpt)
9. Paganini Caprice No. 5
10. Daquin Le Coucou
11. Beethoven Symphony No. 5 (excerpt)
12. Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (excerpt)
13. Pachelbel Canon in D
14. Schubert Erlking
15. Dream

“John, This is Peter Hulsart from CT. My wife as well as myself love
your CD. Bravo! Please keep us in mind when you produce a volume two.”


“the CD it rocks” – Ric Jameson radio promotions
“Your CD, I haven’t stopped playing since I got it!” – Joe Matera OMNI
“It’s really well done and has a full rich sound.” – Matt Marx

11 instrumental and vocal tunes performed by John Tapella.


*** PRESS RELEASE #4 ***
-Band Name: Clay Withrow

Website Address:

Music Style: Progressive Metal

Sound Files:


Clay Withrow blends haunting melodies with somber lyrics to form
something distinctly human. His expressive guitars coupled with epic
songwriting explore the abstract corners of turbulent emotions through
unique narratives.


Clay Withrow’s music explores the dark and damp spaces of the human
psyche. Within the confines of his independent studio, Clay
meticulously performs and records each and every one of his original
tracks. Fans of his music enjoy his deeply emotional vocal performance
and propensity to write epic movements. While each track differs
dramatically from the last — sometimes spanning diverse musical
genres — they all become bound by a delicate thread that is Clay’s
unique and varying style.

His forthcoming CD, DISSONANCE RISING, is the story about two brothers
who find emotional salvation through a series of terrible
circumstances. Born into a life of poverty in early 1920s immigrant
America, the brothers lose their mother and father to famine and
disease. Abandoned and left with only each other, they do what they
must to survive but fate turns its cruel knife leaving the two
estranged. DISSONANCE RISING is a unique window into the lives of
these two grown men and how, through happiness, loss and humility,
they find each other at the end of life’s road. Clay’s original vision
of the story came to him when he read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” in
High School. After learning more about the unsanitary conditions of
immigrant workers while attending the University of Oklahoma, he
penned a story set to sorrowful music. The result is the collaboration
between traditional storytelling and reoccurring musical themes that
coalesce to form a tapestry of striking narrative.

As a young child Clay first experienced music by listening to the ’70s
and ’80s pop tunes his mother played in the car. As he grew, his
tastes expanded to include a wide array of film scores that intoned
dark emotive imagery, such as “Batman,” “Schindler’s List” and
“Terminator 2.” His high school band, Dysphoria, played local venues,
incubating his talent and confidence. After entering college Clay was
introduced to several unique musical styles from bands such as Ayreon,
Shadow Gallery and Pain Of Salvation. The progressive rock genre began
to afford Clay the flexibility to explore music like never before.
Already familiar with advanced guitar technique he taught himself to
play the bass, drums and piano so that he could accurately pen lavish
compositions. Over the course of two days in December of 2002 Clay
quickly recorded an eight-song album on his analog four-track mixer.
Consisting of completely improvised selections, the story, which took
place on Christmas Eve (coincidentally the time he recorded the demo)
confronted issues of abuse, abandonment and suicide. While the tracks
were very rough around the edges, it was a striking indication of his
bold new direction. Just one year later Clay emerged from his basement
studio with a brand new demo that aptly summarized his previous
recording efforts. The demo — a seven-minute epic titled “The
Grinding” — quickly became a favorite among fans of independent
progressive music for its brutal intensity and captivating narrative.

Clay’s been writing music since — self-performing, mixing and
producing CDs in his basement studio. His first full-length album,
DISSONANCE RISING, which incorporates a blend of intricate time
signatures layered by a non-linear narrative, will see release in late
2006. Available at , his growing portfolio
reflects his earlier elemental sounds, including original movie scores
for independent films, as well as his own steadily evolving flavor of
melodic progressive metal.


OKLAHOMA CITY — Do-it-yourself progressive rocker Clay Withrow will
release his elaborate, brooding debut single March 21.

The release date will mark his first lunge out of Internet lore and
into the public’s midst. The four-song “The Grinding” single will
augur the release of a full-length album due late 2006.

Dissatisfied of working in traditional lineups with lazy band mates,
Withrow took his garage operation downstairs and emerged years later
with a viscous formula of haunting melodies, intricate drumming and
flowing song structures.

The 24 year-old OU graduate student studied guitar throughout his
childhood, eventually branching into bass, piano, voice and drums.

Cassette tape four-tracks quickly proved insufficient in capturing the
vibrant melodies and movements Withrow wanted to transmit to others
from the confines of his head. He took the plunge and bought all the
studio equipment he thought he’d need, then carved out his distinct
musical style over weekends at his parent’s house in Edmond.

After seven years of shifting through styles and genres, Withrow sat
down at his computer and began the long process of mapping out his
ambitions in MIDI sheet notes. Even in their completed form, Withrow
still faced the task of recording his music instrument by instrument,
laying track after track of riffage atop an empty percussion skeleton.

Cosmic strings of guitar and reeling solos stretch his empty frame to
fasten muscles and tendons. Harpsichords, pianos and synthesized waves
bathe its body in vital fluids. Withrow’s earthbound voice and somber
lyrics wrap his music in something distinctly recognizable as human.

“Music contains textures and colors that are poignant and sensitive.
It can be interpreted in many important ways. That’s what makes music
so impressive.” Withrow says.

Grab clips from the forthcoming one-hour DISSONANCE RISING album off
the official website: .

*** PRESS RELEASE #5 ***
-Band Name: Dust

Website Address:
E-mail Address:
Address: 221 Avenue A #5, New York, NY 10009

Music Style: Dark Heavy Rock/Gothic/Metal


A journey into loss and the feelings that accompany it, from rage
through despair, hurt, loneliness and perhaps ultimately, acceptance.


Dust is artist Jez Ball. The new EP is comprised of 5
beautifully-crafted and melodic songs, and is the result of
collaboration with Nick Barker, former drummer of platinum-selling
Black Metal bands Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. Produced by Greg
Brimson (Rammstein, Paradise Lost, Metallica), Dust breaks new ground
in the field of dark guitar music.

Dust was born in London in 1999. The first EP SUPERMAN, was quickly
snapped up by UK-based label Copro Records. Dust quickly rose to
prominence in the UK metal scene, and various tours followed. SUPERMAN
was well received across Europe, with the UK’s Metal Hammer and
Italy’s Psycho! magazines putting tracks on their covermount CDs.
Following extensive club and radio play (including London’s largest
alternative radio station, XFM), Jez moved to New York to take
advantage of the heady international atmosphere and vibrant
underground club scene, to find inspiration and further exposure.

With elements reminiscent of NIN, The Cure and Rammstein, Dust pushes
the envelope, incorporating elements of Black Metal, Industrial Rock,
Nu-Metal and Goth, yet remaining elusively uncategorizable. One of the
things which makes this EP truly special are the charismatic and
hurt-filled vocals, which are by turns extraordinarily powerful and
intimate. There is an incredible depth of field in the soundscaping
too, literally making the music come alive. Jez says, “I wanted to
include the expressiveness of musical styles outside the normal range
of rock/metal, drawing from such diverse sources as Mongolian throat
singing and the plainsong of early European music. The EP is a journey
into loss and the feelings that accompany it, from rage through
despair, hurt, loneliness and ultimately — even if Jez does not admit
it — acceptance. It’s about expressing that pain, feeling it, and
working through it — instead of burying your head in the sand and
giving up, or taking it out on someone else. It’s not up to me to tell
people how to rebuild their lives, or how to grow. People decide that
for themselves — it’s what makes you who you are.”

Dust’s full length album ANOMIE is currently in production with Greg


Dust Records New EP With Nick Barker

MANHATTAN, NY — Dust has just recorded an EP featuring Nick Barker
(Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth) on drums in the UK in September,
produced by Greg Brimson (Rammstein, Paradise Lost, Metallica) and
engineered by Russ Russell (Napalm Death). We expect it will be
mastered by John Cornfield, and the tentative release date for the US
is Wednesday, January 25th 2006.

Brimson describes the initial album demo as “Pure genius,” with Barker
adding, “It made all the hairs on my body stand up.” Following the
month-long recording, Barker confirmed he has joined Dust. The album
continues in production.

The demo will be available for free download from the Dust’s site at until the date of release.

*** OUT ***


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